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Polarization: Measurement, Analysis, and Remote Sensing XI
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Volume Number: 9099
Date Published: 13 June 2014
Softcover: 31 papers (348) pages
ISBN: 9781628410365

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9099
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Snap-shot imaging polarimeter: performance and applications
Author(s): Neal J. Brock; Charles Crandall; James E. Millerd
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Polarization in a snap: imaging polarimetry with micropolarizer arrays
Author(s): Dmitry Vorobiev; Zoran Ninkov; Michael Gartley
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GP-grid image interpolation and denoising for division of focal plane sensors
Author(s): Elad Gilboa; John P. Cunningham; Arye Nehorai; Viktor Gruev
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Fourier domain design of microgrid imaging polarimeters with improved spatial resolution
Author(s): Keigo Hirakawa; Daniel A. LeMaster
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Effects of wildfire smoke on atmospheric polarization
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw; Nathan J. Pust; Elizabeth Forbes
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Increasing detection range and minimizing polarization mixing with circularly polarized light through scattering environments
Author(s): J. D. van der Laan; D. A. Scrymgeour; S. A. Kemme; E. L. Dereniak
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An overview of polarimetric sensing techniques and technology with applications to different research fields
Author(s): Frans Snik; Julia Craven-Jones; Michael Escuti; Silvano Fineschi; David Harrington; Antonello De Martino; Dimitri Mawet; Jérôme Riedi; J. Scott Tyo
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Activity-based intelligence tipping and cueing using polarimetric sensors
Author(s): Christian M. Lewis; David Messinger; Michael G. Gartley
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Preliminary measurements of contrast in polarimetric signatures of humans
Author(s): Van A. Hodgkin; Dawne M. Deaver; Daniel A. LeMaster
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A covariance-based anomaly detector for polarimetric remote sensing applications
Author(s): Joao M. Romano; Dalton Rosario
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LWIR polarimetry for enhanced facial recognition in thermal imagery
Author(s): Kristan P. Gurton; Alex J. Yuffa; Gorden Videen
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Quantification of image registration error
Author(s): Adoum H. Mahamat; Eric A. Shields
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Spatial calibration of full stokes polarization imaging camera
Author(s): M. Vedel; S. Breugnot; N. Lechocinski
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Calibration methodology and performance characterization of a polarimetric hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Joel G. Holder; Jacob A. Martin; Jeremey Pitz; Joseph L. Pezzaniti; Kevin C. Gross
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Phase error in Fourier transform spectrometers employing polarization interferometers
Author(s): Yifan Wang; Michael W. Kudenov; Julia Craven-Jones
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Five-dimensional optical instrumentation: combining polarimetry with time-resolved integral-field spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Rodenhuis; F. Snik; G. van Harten; J. Hoeijmakers; C. U. Keller
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Birefringent snapshot imaging spatial heterodyne spectrometer
Author(s): Bryan D. Maione; David A. Luo; Michael W. Kudenov; Michael J. Escuti; Matthew N. Miskiewicz
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Development of spectropolarimetric imagers from 400 to 1700 nm
Author(s): Neelam Gupta
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Beyond polarization microscopy: Mueller matrix microscopy with frequency demodulation
Author(s): Oriol Arteaga; Ertan Kuntman
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Integrated quantitative fractal polarimetric analysis of monolayer lung cancer cells
Author(s): Suman Shrestha; Lin Zhang; Tri Quang; Tannaz Farrahi; Chaya Narayan; Aditi Deshpande; Ying Na; Adam Blinzler; Junyu Ma; Bo Liu; George C. Giakos
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Polarized light imaging of the human brain: a new approach to the data analysis of tilted sections
Author(s): Hendrik Wiese; David Gräßel; Uwe Pietrzyk; Katrin Amunts; Markus Axer
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Polarization analysis of target imaging in an underwater environment
Author(s): Yalong Gu; Alexander Gilerson; Carlos Carrizo; Amir Ibrahim; Samir Ahmed
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Multiband retardation control using multi-twist retarders
Author(s): Kathryn J. Hornburg; Ravi K. Komanduri; Michael J. Escuti
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Liquid crystals for polarization control in the MWIR
Author(s): Erika K. Petrak; Thomas G. Baur
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First prototypes of vortex retarders obtained by polarization holography
Author(s): P. Piron; P. Blain; M. Décultot; D. Mawet; S. Habraken
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Imaging with photoelastic modulators
Author(s): Shane Nichols; John Freudenthal; Oriol Arteaga; Bart Kahr
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A polarization-sensitive mid-infrared plasmonic absorber for multi-band resonance
Author(s): Yongqian Li; Binbin Wang; Xiaolun Xu; Lei Su; Zili Zhou
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A 250 frames-per-second 640 by 480 pixel division-of-focal-plane polarimeter for the visible spectrum
Author(s): Timothy York; Radoslav Marinov; Viktor Gruev
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Is there spectral variation in the polarized reflectance of leaves?
Author(s): V. C. Vanderbilt; C. S. T. Daughtry; L. L. Biehl
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Design and measurement of a full-stokes spectro-polarimeter with KD*P crystals for land objects
Author(s): Junfeng Hou
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Single-instrument morphology: single-element polarizer (SEP) ellipsometers, reflecsometers, elliptometers, and reflectometers
Author(s): A. R. M. Zaghloul; M Elshazly-Zaghloul
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