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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning III
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Volume Number: 9054
Date Published: 22 April 2014
Softcover: 18 papers (188) pages
ISBN: 9780819499776

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Front Matter: Volume 9054
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Patterning challenges in the fabrication of 12 nm half-pitch dual damascene copper ultra low-k interconnects
Author(s): J. S. Chawla; K. J. Singh; A. Myers; D. J. Michalak; R. Schenker; C. Jezewski; B. Krist; F. Gstrein; T. K. Indukuri; H. J. Yoo
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Line width roughness reduction strategies for patterns exposed via electron beam lithography
Author(s): J. Jussot; E. Pargon; B. Icard; J. Bustos; L. Pain
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Effect of etch pattern transfer on local overlay (OVL) margin in 28nm gate integration.
Author(s): Onintza Ros; Pascal Gouraud; Bertrand Le-Gratiet; Christian Gardin; Julien Ducoté; Erwine Pargon
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Gate double patterning strategies for 10nm node FinFET devices
Author(s): Hubert Hody; Vasile Paraschiv; David Hellin; Tom Vandeweyer; Guillaume Boccardi; Kaidong Xu
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28nm FDSOI high-K metal gate CD variability investigation
Author(s): L. Desvoivres; P. Gouraud; B. Le Gratiet; R. Bouyssou; R. Ranica; C. Gallon; I. Thomas
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Highly selective etch gas chemistry design for precise DSAL dry development process
Author(s): M. Omura; T. Imamura; H. Yamamoto; I. Sakai; H. Hayashi
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Hydrogen plasma treatment: the evolution of roughness in frequency domain
Author(s): P. De Schepper; A. Vaglio Pret; E. Altamirano-Sánchez; Z. el Otell; S. De Gendt
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Line roughness formation during plasma etch: mechanism and reduction
Author(s): Lingkuan Meng; Xiaobin He; Chunlong Li; Junfeng Li; Chao Zhao; Jiang Yan
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Plasma etching and integration challenges using alternative patterning techniques for 11nm node and beyond
Author(s): S. Barnola; P. Pimenta Barros; C. Arvet; C. Vizioz; N. Posseme; A. Gharbi; M. Argoud; R. Tiron; J. Pradelles; L. Desvoivres; S. Barraud
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Etch challenges for DSA implementation in CMOS via patterning
Author(s): P. Pimenta Barros; S. Barnola; A. Gharbi; M. Argoud; I. Servin; R. Tiron; X. Chevalier; C. Navarro; C. Nicolet; C. Lapeyre; C. Monget; E. Martinez
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Large-radius neutral beam enhanced chemical vapor deposition process for non-porous ultra-low-k SiOCH
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Kikuchi; Yasuaki Sakakibara; Seiji Samukawa
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Precision integrated thickness control with gas cluster ion beam etch
Author(s): N. M. Russell; V. Gizzo; J. D. LaRose; B. D. Pfeiffer; R. Dasaka; L. Economikos; R. Wise
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Advanced plasma sources for the future 450mm etch process
Author(s): Y. S. Lee; J. W. Lee; G. J. Park; H. Y. Chang
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A comparison of the pattern transfer of line-space patterns from graphoepitaxial and chemoepitaxial block co-polymer directed self-assembly
Author(s): Dan B. Millward; Gurpreet S. Lugani; Ranjan Khurana; Scott L. Light; Ardavan Niroomand; Philip D. Hustad; Peter Trefonas; Shih-wei Chang; Christopher N. Lee; Dung Quach
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Directed self-assembly of PS-b-PDMS into 193nm photoresist patterns and transfer into silicon by plasma etching
Author(s): Sophie Archambault; Cécile Girardot; Mathieu Salaün; Michael Delalande; Sophie Böhme; Gilles Cunge; Erwine Pargon; Olivier Joubert; Marc Zelsmann
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Litho resist rework influences on Cu metal layer patterning with TiN-hard mask
Author(s): Marcus Dankelmann; Markus Czekalla; Heiko Estel; Jens Hahn; Bee Kim Hong; Mario Lamm; Eric Neubert; Michael Renner; Rainer Scheibel; Maik Stegemann; Jens Schneider
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Spin-on carbon using fullerene derivatives
Author(s): A. Frommhold; A. G. Brown; T. Lada; R. E. Palmer; A. P. G. Robinson
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Dual frequency mid-gap capacitively coupled plasma (m-CCP) for conventional and DSA patterning at 10nm node and beyond
Author(s): Nihar Mohanty; Akiteru Ko; Christopher Cole; Vinayak Rastogi; Kaushik Kumar; Gerard Schmid; Richard Farrell; Todd Ryan; Erik Hosler; Ji Xu; Moshe Preil
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