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Next-Generation Optical Networks for Data Centers and Short-Reach Links
Editor(s): Atul K. Srivastava
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Volume Number: 9010
Date Published: 14 March 2014
: 14 papers (118) pages
ISBN: 9780819499233

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Front Matter: Volume 9010
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Data center networks and network architecture
Author(s): Hiroshi Esaki
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A global standardization trend for high-speed client and line side transceivers
Author(s): Hideki Isono
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High-density optical interconnects by using silicon photonics
Author(s): Yutaka Urino; Tatsuya Usuki; Junichi Fujikata; Masashige Ishizaka; Koji Yamada; Tsuyoshi Horikawa; Takahiro Nakamura; Yasuhiko Arakawa
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High-speed low-power short-reach optical interconnects for high-performance computing and servers
Author(s): Daniel M. Kuchta
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Burst switching without guard interval in all-optical software-define star intra-data center network
Author(s): Philip N. Ji; Ting Wang
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Combined CATV and very-high-speed data transmission over a 1550-nm wavelength indoor optical wireless link
Author(s): M. I. Sakib Chowdhury; Mohsen Kavehrad; Weizhi Zhang; Peng Deng
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A 25-Gb/s 100-m multi-mode fiber optical link based on a 1.3um lens-integrated surface-emitting laser and a CMOS receiver
Author(s): Takashi Takemoto; Hiroki Yamashita; Yasunobu Matsuoka; Koichiro Adachi; Yong Lee
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The First Brazilian Integrated 100G DPQPSK Transmitter on a 4x3 mm Silicon Photonic chip
Author(s): Júlio C. R. F. de Oliveira; Alexandre P. Freitas; Fellipe G. Peternella; Leandro Matiolli; Valentino Corso; Flávio Borin; Bernardo B. C. Kyotoku; Neil Guerreiro-Gonzalez
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Silicon photonic Bragg-grating couplers for optical communications
Author(s): Wei Shi; Venkat Veerasubramanian; David V. Plant; Nicolas A. F. Jaeger; Lukas Chrostowski
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Monolithic silicon waveguides in bulk silicon wafers
Author(s): Chia-Ming Chang; Olav Solgaard
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Monolithically integrated Ge CMOS laser
Author(s): Rodolfo Camacho-Aguilera
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Germanium light-emitting diodes on silicon for very-short-reach interconnect
Author(s): Misuzu Sagawa; Katsuya Oda; Kazuki Tani; Yuji Suwa; Jun-ichi Kasai; Tadashi Okumura; Shin-ichi Saito; Tatemi Ido
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Advances in silicon photonics WDM devices
Author(s): Philippe P. Absil; Peter De Heyn; Pieter Dumon; Dries Van Thourhout; Peter Verheyen; Shankar Selvaraja; Guy Lepage; Marianna Pantouvaki; Michal Rakowski; Joris Van Campenhout
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Optimization of spectral band utilization in gridless WDM optical network
Author(s): Indayara B. Martins; Ivan Aldaya; G. Perez-Sanchez; Philippe Gallion
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