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Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies IX
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Volume Number: 9004
Date Published: 5 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9004
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The past, present, and future of hockey-stick-shaped liquid crystals
Author(s): E-Joon Choi
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Grayscale memory effect and flexoelectric property of highly kinked bent-core liquid crystals
Author(s): Ji-Hoon Lee; Tae-Hoon Yoon; E-Joon Choi
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Twisting and tweezing liquid crystals with lasers
Author(s): Helen F. Gleeson; Mark R. Dickinson; Jennifer E. Sanders; Yiming Yang
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Modeling optical modes of in-plane liquid crystal lasers
Author(s): Jeroen Beeckman; Inge Nys; Kristiaan Neyts
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Miscibility and phase separation in LC semiconductor blends
Author(s): Y. Shimizu; Y. Matsuda; T. Nakao; L. Sosa-Vargas; M. Takahashi; H. Yoshida; A. Fujii; M. Ozaki
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Liquid crystal devices based on photoalignment and photopatterning materials
Author(s): Vladimir Chigrinov
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Nematic colloidal tilings as photonic materials
Author(s): M. Ravnik; J. Dontabhaktuni; M. Cancula; S. Zumer
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In-situ calibration of spatial light modulators in femtosecond pulse shapers
Author(s): B. Döpke; J. C. Balzer; M. R. Hofmann
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Long-pitch cholesteric liquid crystals for display applications
Author(s): Tae-Hoon Yoon; Jae-Won Huh; Byeong-Hun Yu
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Switchable liquid crystal contact lenses: dynamic vision for the ageing eye
Author(s): Harry E. Milton; Helen F. Gleeson; Philip B. Morgan; John W. Goodby; Stephen Cowling; John H. Clamp
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Voltage controlled adaptive holographic interferometer using liquid crystals
Author(s): A. Peigné; U. Bortolozzo; S. Residori; S. Molin; D. Dolfi; J.-P. Huignard
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Polarization-selective Bragg diffractive wavelengths in holographic structures composed of liquid crystal and polymer phases
Author(s): Hiroshi Kakiuchida; Kazuki Yoshimura; Masato Tazawa; Akifumi Ogiwara
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Design of a cholesteric liquid crystal cell for a high-transmittance light shutter
Author(s): Byeong-Hun Yu; Jae-Won Huh; Tae-Hoon Yoon
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Formation of holographic memory for optically reconfigurable gate array by angle-multiplexing recording of multi-circuit information in liquid crystal composites
Author(s): Akifumi Ogiwara; Hikaru Maekawa; Minoru Watanabe; Retsu Moriwaki
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Fabrication of photo responsive multi-bilayered film consisting of azobenzene containing copolymers and polyvinyl alcohol
Author(s): Ryohei Yagi; Yutaka Kuwahara; Hiroyuki Iwamoto; Sun-Nam Kim; Tomonari Ogata; Seiji Kurihara
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Manipulation of small objects in liquid crystals by dynamical disorganizing effect of push-pull-azobenzene-dye
Author(s): Yutaka Kuwahara; Takahiro Oda; Ryo Izumi; Tomonari Ogata; Sun-Nam Kim; Seiji Kurihara
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Thermo-driven light controller by using thermal modulation of diffraction wavelength in holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal grating
Author(s): Akifumi Ogiwara; Hiroshi Kakiuchida
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Focused ion beam for studying cholesteric liquid crystals under submicrometer confinement
Author(s): Eva Enz; Vera La Ferrara; Giusy Scalia
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Molecular wires from discotic liquid crystals
Author(s): Ji Hyun Park; Massimiliano Labardi; Giusy Scalia
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Effects of carbon nanotubes on a very low surfactant concentration lyotropic liquid crystal host
Author(s): Hye Ran Jo; Jun Yamamoto; Jan Lagerwall; Giusy Scalia
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