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High Contrast Metastructures III
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Volume Number: 8995
Date Published: 28 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8995
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-index contrast/photonic crystal gratings: a wealth of new photonic functionality
Author(s): Pierre Viktorovitch; Xavier Letartre; Badhise Ben Bakir; Sylvie Menezo
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High-refractive-index gratings for spectroscopic and laser applications
Author(s): Uwe D. Zeitner; Frank Fuchs; E.-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tünnermann
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1550-nm wavelength-tunable HCG VCSELs
Author(s): Christopher Chase; Yi Rao; Michael Huang; Connie Chang-Hasnain
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Investigation on the angular dependent reflectance of coupled high-contrast gratings
Author(s): Stefanie Kroker; Thomas Käsebier; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tünnermann
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GaAs/AlOx high contrast gratings for 980nm VCSELs
Author(s): M. Gebski; M. Dems; J. Chen; W. Qijie; Dao Hua Z.; T. Czyszanowski
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High-contrast gratings for long-wavelength laser integration on silicon
Author(s): Corrado Sciancalepore; Antoine Descos; Damien Bordel; Hélène Duprez; Xavier Letartre; Sylvie Menezo; Badhise Ben Bakir
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GaN-based surface-emitting lasers using high-contrast grating
Author(s): Tien-Chang Lu; Shing-Chung Wang; Tzeng-Tsong Wu; Shu-Hsien Wu; Yu-Cheng Syu
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Fano resonance membrane reflector surface-emitters and filters on silicon
Author(s): Weidong Zhou; Zhenqiang Ma
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Engineering of angular dependence of high-contrast grating mirror for transverse mode control of VCSELs
Author(s): Fumio Koyama
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Subwavelength grating reflectors in MEMS tunable Fabry-Perot infrared filters with large aperture
Author(s): Steffen Kurth; Karla Hiller; Marco Meinig; Jan Besser; Mario Seifert; Martin Ebermann; Norbert Neumann; Florian Schlachter; Thomas Gessner
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Characterization of planar microlenses made of high contrast gratings
Author(s): Annett B Klemm; Daan Stellinga; Emiliano R. Martins; Liam Lewis; Liam O’Faolain; Thomas F. Krauss
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Optomechanics with high-contrast gratings
Author(s): Utku Kemiktarak; Corey Stambaugh; Haitan Xu; Jacob Taylor; John Lawall
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High-contrast grating MEMS optical phase-shifters for two-dimensional free-space beam steering
Author(s): Mischa Megens; Byung-Wook Yoo; Trevor Chan; Weijian Yang; Tianbo Sun; Connie J. Chang-Hasnain; Ming C. Wu; David A. Horsley
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Output beam profile control of slow-light Bragg reflector waveguide deflector with high-contrast sub-wavelength grating
Author(s): Xiaodong Gu; Fumio Koyama
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Subwavelength metastructures for dispersion engineering in planar waveguide devices
Author(s): Robert Halir; Alejandro Ortega-Moñux; Pavel Cheben; Alejandro Maese-Novo; Diego Pérez-Galacho; Carlos Alonso-Ramos; Íñigo Molina-Fernández; J. Gonzalo Wangüemert-Pérez; Jens H. Schmid; Dan-Xia Xu; Siegfried Janz
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Grating-based guided-mode resonance devices and degradation of their performance in real-life conditions
Author(s): Aliaksandra Ivinskaya; René Bergmann; Jan Kafka; Fridolin Okkels; Mogens Havsteen Jakobsen
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High-order grating coupler for high-efficiency vertical to in-plane coupling
Author(s): Arvinder Singh Chadha; Yichen Shuai; Weidong Zhou
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Epitaxial thin films for hyperbolic metamaterials
Author(s): D. Fullager; H. Alisafaee; R. Tsu; M. A. Fiddy
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Unidirectional optical coupling for plasmonic waveguide based on metallic-dielectric high-contrast gratings
Author(s): Fan Lu; Kun Li; Zhonghua Wang; Zhijun He; Dalin Liu; Anshi Xu
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Giant field enhancement in structured dielectrics film
Author(s): V. Mocella; S. Romano
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