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Photonic Instrumentation Engineering
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Volume Number: 8992
Date Published: 4 April 2014
Softcover: 23 papers (210) pages
ISBN: 9780819499059

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8992
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Automated design tools for biophotonic systems
Author(s): Giacomo Vacca; Hannu Lehtimäki; Tapio Karras; Sean Murphy
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Miniature near-infrared spectrometer for point-of-use chemical analysis
Author(s): Donald M. Friedrich; Charles A. Hulse; Marc von Gunten; Eric P. Williamson; Christopher G. Pederson; Nada A. O'Brien
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Influence of laser frequency noise on scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer based laser Doppler velocimetry
Author(s): Peter John Rodrigo; Christian Pedersen
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SPR based three channels fiber optic sensor for aqueous environment
Author(s): Roli Verma; Banshi D. Gupta
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Fiber optic surface plasmon resonance based ethanol sensor
Author(s): Roli Verma; Banshi D. Gupta
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Graphene-based all-fiber-optic temperature sensor
Author(s): Huihui Lu; Zhengwen Tian; Shaoshen Jin; Jianhui Yu; Guozhen Liao; Jun Zhang; Jieyuan Tang; Yunhan Luo; Zhe Chen
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Compact large-aperture Fabry-Perot interferometer modules for gas spectroscopy at mid-IR
Author(s): Uula Kantojärvi; Aapo Varpula; Tapani Antila; Christer Holmlund; Jussi Mäkynen; Antti Näsilä; Rami Mannila; Anna Rissanen; Jarkko Antila; Rolf J. Disch; Torsten A. Waldmann
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Measuring the refractive index with precision goniometers: a comparative study
Author(s): Stefan Krey; Dennis Off; Aiko Ruprecht
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Point-spread function-based characterization of optical systems
Author(s): Y. G. Soskind; R. P. Walvick; C. D. Giranda; D. N. Laslo; R. Gifford
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Automated assembly of camera modules using active alignment with up to six degrees of freedom
Author(s): K. Bräuniger; D. Stickler; D. Winters; C. Volmer; M. Jahn; S. Krey
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Automated multi-point analysis with multi-angle photometric spectroscopy
Author(s): Travis C. Burt; Jeffrey Comerford; Cameron Bricker; Andrew Hind; David L. Death
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High-performance high-speed spectrum analysis of laser sources with SWIFTS technology
Author(s): Fabrice Thomas; Mikhaël De Mengin; Céline Duchemin; Etienne Le Coarer; Christophe Bonneville; Thierry Gonthiez; Alain Morand; Pierre Benech; Jean-Baptiste Dherbecourt; Eléonore Hardy; Eric Morino; Renaud Puget; Bruno Martin
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Image transport using Anderson localized modes in disordered optical fibers
Author(s): Salman Karbasi; Ryan J. Frazier; Karl W. Koch; Thomas Hawkins; John Ballato; Arash Mafi
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Viewports for vacuum applications: correlation between viewport thickness and stress induced birefringence
Author(s): André Becker; J. Weber; M. Flämmich; U. Bergner
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Absolutely referenced distance measurement by combination of time-of-flight and digital holographic methods
Author(s): Markus Fratz; Claudius Weimann; Harald Wölfelschneider; Christian Koos; Heinrich Höfler
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Ultrahigh wavelength range (300nm-2µm) polarization-independent 500gs/s single-shot pulse all-optical real time oscilloscope (ORTO)
Author(s): Jean-François Gleyze; Steve Hocquet; Dominique Monnier Bourdin; Patrice Le Boudec; Romain Arnaud; Bruno Chassagne; Alain Jolly; Denis Penninckx
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Spectroscopy-based photonic instrumentation for the manufacturing industry: contactless measurements of distances, temperatures, and chemical composition
Author(s): B. Noharet; E. Zetterlund; O. Tarasenko; M. Lindblom; J. Gurell; A. Bengtson; P. Lundin
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Developing dual-beam laser Doppler interferometry system for opto-piezoelectric materials based ultrasonic parking sensors and optofluidics sensors
Author(s): Po-Cheng Lai; Chih-Kung Lee
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Impact of primary aberrations on coherent lidar performance
Author(s): Qi Hu; Peter John Rodrigo; Theis F. Q. Iversen; Christian Pedersen
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Improvement of image quality by polarization mixing
Author(s): Ryosuke Kasahara; Izumi Itoh; Hideaki Hirai
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Single-snapshot 2D color measurement by plenoptic imaging system
Author(s): Kensuke Masuda; Yuji Yamanaka; Go Maruyama; Sho Nagai; Hideaki Hirai; Lingfei Meng; Ivana Tosic
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Six-axis interferometric coordinates measurement system for nanometrology
Author(s): Jan Hrabina; Josef Lazar; Petr Klapetek; Miroslav Valtr; Ondrej Cip; Jindrich Oulehla; Martin Cizek; Miroslava Hola; Mojmir Sery
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Interferometric measurement system for cost effective e-beam writer
Author(s): Šimon Řeřucha; Martin Šarbort; Martin Čížek; Jan Hrabina; Josef Lazar; Ondřej Číp
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