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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XVIII
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Volume Number: 8988
Date Published: 8 April 2014
Softcover: 50 papers (454) pages
ISBN: 9780819499011

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8988
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Graphene-based photonic waveguide devices
Author(s): Jin Tae Kim; Hongkyw Choi; Young-Jun Yu; Kwang Hyo Chung; Choon-Gi Choi
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Polymer waveguide end facet roughness and optical input/output coupling loss for OPCB applications
Author(s): Hadi Baghsiahi; Kai Wang; Richard Pitwon; David R. Selviah
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III-V semiconductor waveguides for photonic functionality at 780 nm
Author(s): Jessica O. Maclean; Mark T. Greenaway; Richard P. Campion; Tadas Pyragius; T. Mark Fromhold; Anthony J. Kent; Christopher J. Mellor
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Demonstration of high-performance, sub-micron chalcogenide glass photonic devices by thermal nanoimprint
Author(s): Yi Zou; Loise Moreel; Jie Zhou; Danning Zhang; Hongtao Lin; Lan Li; Qingyang Du; Juejun Hu; Sylvain Danto; Kathleen Richardson; J. David Musgraves; Kevin D. Dobson; Robert Birkmire
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Optical loss and crosstalk in multimode photolithographically fabricated polyacrylate polymer waveguide crossings
Author(s): Hadi Baghsiahi; Kai Wang; David R. Selviah
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Recent progress in continuous-wave Ti:sapphire waveguide lasers
Author(s): Christos Grivas; Costantino Corbari; Gilberto Brambilla
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Er-doped tellurite waveguides for power amplifier applications
Author(s): J. I. Mackenzie; G. S. Murugan; A. W. Yu; J. B. Abshire
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Gain engineering for all-optical microwave and high speed pulse generation in mode-locked fiber lasers
Author(s): Fangxin Li; Amr S. Helmy
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Silicon waveguide optical nonreciprocal devices based on magneto-optical phase shift
Author(s): Tetsuya Mizumoto; Yuya Shoji; Kota Mitsuya
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Femtosecond laser processing in magneto-optical glasses
Author(s): Qiang Liu; Simon Gross; M. J. Withford; M. J. Steel
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Experimental demonstration of anomalous nonreciprocal optical response of 1D periodic magnetoplasmonic nanostructures
Author(s): L. Halagačka; M. Vanwolleghem; F. Vaurette; J. Ben-Youssef; P. Gogol; N. Yam; K. Postava; B. Dagens; J. Pištora
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Efficient magneto-optical mode converter on glass
Author(s): Jean Philippe Garayt; François Parsy; Damien Jamon; Sophie Neveu; François Royer; Elise Ghibaudo; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Polarization-insensitive silicon immersion grating for telecom applications
Author(s): Yuichi Higuchi; Yuzo Ishii; Koichi Hadama; Joji Yamaguchi; Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
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Extraordinary capabilities of optical devices incorporating guided-mode resonance gratings: application summary and recent examples
Author(s): Robert Magnusson; Jae Woong Yoon; Mohammad Shyiq Amin; Tanzina Khaleque; Mohammad Jalal Uddin
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Metamaterial Lüneburg lens for Fourier optics on-a-chip
Author(s): Hamdam Nikkhah; Trevor Hall
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Numerical simulation of grating couplers for mode multiplexed systems
Author(s): Benjamin Wohlfeil; Sven Burger; Christos Stamatiadis; Jan Pomplun; Frank Schmidt; Lars Zimmermann; Klaus Petermann
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Silicon-based products and solutions
Author(s): Y. Painchaud; M. Poulin; F. Pelletier; C. Latrasse; J.-F. Gagné; S. Savard; G. Robidoux; M. -J. Picard; S. Paquet; C. -A. Davidson; M. Pelletier; M. Cyr; C. Paquet; M. Guy; M. Morsy-Osman; M. Chagnon; D. V. Plant
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Photonic integration in indium-phosphide membranes on silicon (IMOS)
Author(s): Jos van der Tol; Josselin Pello; Shrivatsa Bhat; Yuqing Jiao; Dominik Heiss; Gunther Roelkens; Huub Ambrosius; Meint Smit
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Hybrid photonic chip interferometer for embedded metrology
Author(s): P. Kumar; H. Martin; G. Maxwell; X. Jiang
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Introducing photonic devices for 40Gbits/s wavelength division multiplexing transceivers on 300-mm SOI wafers using CMOS processes
Author(s): Charles Baudot; Jean-Marc Fédéli; Delphine Marris-Morini; Boris Caire-Remonnay; Léopold Virot; Ségolène Olivier; André Myko; Philippe Grosse; Gilles Grand; Badhise Ben Bakir; Jean-Michel Hartmann; Nacima Allouti; Sébastien Barnola; Christian Vizioz; Maurice Rivoire; Aurélien Seignard; Nathalie Vulliet; Aurélie Souhaité; Sonia Messaoudène; Ian O'Connor; Laurent Vivien; Sylvie Menezo; Frédéric Boeuf
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Photonic integrated circuit on InP for millimeter wave generation
Author(s): Frederic van Dijk; Marco Lamponi; Mourad Chtioui; François Lelarge; Gaël Kervella; Efthymios Rouvalis; Cyril Renaud; Martyn Fice; Guillermo Carpintero
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ZrO2-TiO2 thin films and resonators for mid-infrared integrated photonics
Author(s): Feipeng Jiang; Ningyuan Duan; Hongtao Lin; Lan Li; Juejun Hu; Lei Bi; Haipeng Lu; Xiaolong Weng; Jianliang Xie; Longjiang Deng
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Bloch mode spatial harmonic decomposition in integrated localized surface plasmon chain
Author(s): M. Février; P. Gogol; V. Yam; R. Megy; B. Dagens
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Ultra-compact and ultra-broadband TE-pass polarizer with a silicon hybrid plasmonic waveguide
Author(s): Xiaowei Gaun; Peipeng Xu; Yaocheng Shi; Daoxin Dai
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Slow-light enhanced nanoscale plasmonic waveguide sensors and switches
Author(s): Y. Huang; P. Dastmalchi; G. Veronis
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Integrated power divider/combiner at hybrid orthogonal junctions
Author(s): Mohamed H. El Sherif; Osman S. Ahmed; Mohamed H. Bakr
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Submicron-integrated plasmonic power splitter
Author(s): Marina Ayad; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Application of atomic layer deposition in nanophotonics
Author(s): Lasse Karvonen; Antti Säynätjoki; Matthieu Roussey; Markku Kuittinen; Seppo Honkanen
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Integrated LiNbO3 photonic crystals
Author(s): Nadège Courjal; Clément Guyot; Gwenn Ulliac; Arnaud Gerthoffer; Fabien Henrot; Wentao Qiu; Fadi Baida; Maria-Pilar Bernal
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Chemical inertness of UV-cured optical elastomers within the printed circuit board manufacturing process for embedded waveguide applications
Author(s): Kevin Kruse; Karl Walczak; Nicholas Thomas; Brandon Swatowski; Casey Demars; Christopher Middlebrook
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Observation of Raman scattering in glass integrated waveguides: a route towards supercontinuum generation
Author(s): Fabien Geoffray; Lionel Bastard; Grégory Grosa; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Precision dicing of optical materials
Author(s): L. G. Carpenter; C. Holmes; P. A. Cooper; J. C. Gates; P. G. R. Smith
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Ion beam irradiated optical channel waveguides
Author(s): I. Bányász; I. Rajta; G. U. L. Nagy; Z. Zolnai; V. Havranek; S. Pelli; M. Veres; L. Himics; S. Berneschi; G. Nunzi-Conti; G. C. Righini
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Optofluidic hybrid platform with integrated solid core waveguides
Author(s): G. Testa; G. Persichetti; P. M. Sarro; R. Bernini
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Sensitivity of Mach-Zehnder interferometer for dissolved gas monitoring
Author(s): Susan Lindecrantz; Firehun T. Dullo; Balpreet S. Ahluwalia; Olav G. Hellesø
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Design and simulation of a semiconductor chip-based visible - NIR spectrometer for Earth observation
Author(s): J. Coote; E. Woolliams; N. Fox; I. D. Goodyer; S. J. Sweeney
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High-contrast GeTe4 waveguides for mid-infrared biomedical sensing applications
Author(s): Vinita Mittal; James S. Wilkinson; Ganapathy Senthil Murugan
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Modified transfer matrix method model for a fiber Bragg grating strain sensor in polarization maintaining single mode optical fiber
Author(s): Joel Quintana; Raymond Rumpf; Virgilio Gonzalez
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Refractive index sensing utilizing photonic crystal nano-beam cavity with slotted stack
Author(s): Peipeng Xu; Kaiyuan Yao; Jiajiu Zheng; Xiaowei Guan; Yaocheng Shi
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Heterogeneous photonic integrated circuits and their applications in computing, networking, and imaging
Author(s): S. J. Ben Yoo
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Stable planar microcavities based on mesoscopic photonic crystals
Author(s): G. Magno; A. Monmayrant; M. Grande; F. Lozes-Dupuy; O. Gauthier-Lafaye; G. Calò; V. Petruzzelli
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Monolithically integrated DWDM DFB laser array fabricated by a modified SAG technique
Author(s): Can Zhang; Song Liang; Liangshun Han; Baojun Wang; Hongliang Zhu; Wei Wang
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Waveguide sensors for liquid using gapped optical fibers
Author(s): Kazutaka Baba; Keita Chiba
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Plasmonic slot nano-waveguides with flattened Luneburg lens based optical couplers
Author(s): Bayaner Arigong; Rongguo Zhou; Hyoungsoo Kim; Yuankun Lin; Hualiang Zhang
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A broadband silicon electro-absorption modulator (EAM) using a Schottky diode
Author(s): Uiseok Jeong; Dongchul Han; Dong Ho Lee; Kyungwoon Lee; J. Kim; Jung Ho Park
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On the resonance frequency of an integrated optical ring resonator with low radius of curvature
Author(s): Diaa Khalil; Amr Wageeh; Salwa El-Sabban; G. A. F. M. Khalaf
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Inverse scattering designs of dispersion-engineered single-mode planar waveguides
Author(s): Alexander R. May; Francesco Poletti; Michalis N. Zervas
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Temperature sensitivity of waveguide Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Firehun Tsige Dullo; Viktor Sokolov; Cyprien Chauvet; Susan Lindecrantz; Stian Andre Solbø; Olav Gaute Hellesø
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High-efficient and broadband nanoabsorbers and nanoreflectors based on metallic dielectric periodical structures
Author(s): Joaquim Junior Isidio Lima; Juarez Caetano da Silva; Vitaly Felix Rodriguez-Esquerre; Cosme Eustaquio Rubio Mercedes
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The performance analysis of an electro-optic polymer modulator
Author(s): Guofang Fan; Yuan Li; Lihua Lei; Qi Wang; Guangming Xu; Haohui Ren; Hongyu Li
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