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Reliability, Packaging, Testing, and Characterization of MOEMS/MEMS, Nanodevices, and Nanomaterials XIII
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Volume Number: 8975
Date Published: 19 March 2014
Softcover: 21 papers (216) pages
ISBN: 9780819498885

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8975
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Implementation of wireless battery-free microgyrosensor by utilizing one-port SAW delay line and an antenna with double resonant frequencies
Author(s): C. Fu; O. Elmarzia; K. Lee
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Design and fabrication of net flux radiometers for Mars exploration
Author(s): Christian Proulx; Linh Ngo Phong; François Châteauneuf
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Low spring index, large displacement Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) coil actuators for use in macro- and micro-systems
Author(s): Brad Holschuh; Dava Newman
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MEMS tactile display: from fabrication to characterization
Author(s): Norihisa Miki; Yumi Kosemura; Junpei Watanabe; Hiroaki Ishikawa
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Characterization of gallium nitride microsystems within radiation and high-temperature environments
Author(s): Heather C. Chiamori; Minmin Hou; Caitlin A. Chapin; Ashwin Shankar; Debbie G. Senesky
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Improved test setup for MEMS mechanical strength investigations and fabrication process qualification
Author(s): T. Bandi; X. Maeder; A. Dommann; H. Shea; A. Neels
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Investigation of a novel approach for the cross-linking characterization of SU-8 photoresist materials by means of optical dispersion measurements
Author(s): Ch. Taudt; T. Baselt; E. Koch; P. Hartmann
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Measuring Young's modulus using a self-mixing laser diode
Author(s): Ke Lin; Yanguang Yu; Jiangtao Xi; Yuanlong Fan; Huijun Li
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Wafer-level radiometric performance testing of uncooled microbolometer arrays
Author(s): Denis G. Dufour; Patrice Topart; Bruno Tremblay; Christian Julien; Louis Martin; Carl Vachon
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Measurements of thermal conductivity of La0.95Sr0.05CoO3 nanofibers using MEMS devices
Author(s): Weihe Xu; Hamid Hadim; Yong S. Chu; Yong Shi; Evgeny Nazaretski
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Heterogeneous MEMS device assembly and integration
Author(s): Patrice Topart; Francis Picard; Samir Ilias; Christine Alain; Claude Chevalier; Bruno Fisette; Jacques E. Paultre; Francis Généreux; Mathieu Legros; Jean-François Lepage; Christian Laverdière; Linh Ngo Phong; Jean-Sol Caron; Yan Desroches
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Contact resistance evolution of highly cycled, lightly loaded micro-contacts
Author(s): Christopher Stilson; Ronald Coutu
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Studies on the dynamics of vacuum encapsulated 2D MEMS scanners by laser Doppler vibrometry
Author(s): Joachim Janes; Ulrich Hofmann
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Evaluation of silicon tuning-fork resonators under space-relevant radiation conditions
Author(s): T. Bandi; J. Baborowski; A. Dommann; H. Shea; F. Cardot; A. Neels
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HALT to qualify electronic packages: a proof of concept
Author(s): Rajeshuni Ramesham
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The mechanical properties and stabilities of pristine, hydrogenated, and fluorinated silicene under tension
Author(s): Chuang-hua Yang; Zhong-Yuan Yu; Peng-Fei Lu; Yu-min Liu; Saima Manzoor; Ming Li; Shuai Zhou
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Effective data processing in the frequency-domain based self-mixing approach for measuring alpha factor
Author(s): Yan Gao; Yanguang Yu; Ke Lin; Jiangtao Xi
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Optical properties of plasmonic nanoantenna arrays based on H-shaped nanoparticles with extended arms
Author(s): Mustafa Turkmen; Erdem Aslan
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Acoustic and optoelectronic nature and interfacial durability of modified CNT and GnP-PVDF composites with nanostructural control
Author(s): Joung-Man Park; Dong-Jun Kwon; Zuo-Jia Wang; Lawrence DeVries
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Electrothermally tunable MEMS filters
Author(s): A. V. S. S. Prasad; Venkatesh K. P.; Navakanta Bhat; Rudra Pratap
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Quantitative thermal characterization of microelectronic devices by using CCD-based thermoreflectance microscopy
Author(s): Dong Uk Kim; Seon Young Ryu; Jun Ki Kim; Ki Soo Chang
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