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Laser 3D Manufacturing
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Volume Number: 8970
Date Published: 19 March 2014
: 15 papers (118) pages
ISBN: 9780819498830

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Front Matter: Volume 8970
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A synopsis of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) investment in additive manufacture and what challenges remain
Author(s): Michael Maher; Adrien Smith; Jesse Margiotta
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Laser-based additive manufacturing: where it has been, where it needs to go
Author(s): Khershed P. Cooper
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Laser embedding electronics on 3D printed objects
Author(s): Matthew A. Kirleis; Duane Simonson; Nicholas A. Charipar; Heungsoo Kim; Kristin M. Charipar; Ray C. Y. Auyeung; Scott A Mathews; Alberto Piqué
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Fabricating specialised orthopaedic implants using additive manufacturing
Author(s): Paul Unwin
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Photonics21 and the perspectives from the European photonics industry (Presentation Video)
Author(s): Michael Mertin
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Femtosecond laser 3D micromachining and its applications to biochip fabrication (Presentation Video)
Author(s): Koji Sugioka
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Three-dimensional two-photon lithography: an enabling technology for photonic wire bonding and multi-chip integration
Author(s): C. Koos; W. Freude; N. Lindenmann; S. Koeber; T. Hoose; M. R. Billah
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Laser nanolithography and chemical metalization for the manufacturing of 3D metallic interconnects
Author(s): Tomas Jonavičius; Sima Rekštytė; Albertas Žukauskas; Mangirdas Malinauskas
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Three-dimensional ceramic molding process based on microstereolithography for the production of piezoelectric energy harvesters
Author(s): Shoji Maruo; Kenji Sugiyama; Yuya Daicho; Kensaku Monri
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Creation of multimaterial micro- and nanostructures through aqueous-based fabrication, manipulation, and immobilization
Author(s): John T. Fourkas; Farah Dawood; Sijia Qin; Linjie Li; Sanghee Nah; Chad Ropp; Zachary Cummins; Benjamin Shapiro; Edo Waks
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Gas-mediated charged particle beam processing of nanostructured materials
Author(s): C. J. Lobo; A. A. Martin; C. Elbadawi; J. Bishop; I. Aharonovich; M. Toth
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Real-time laser cladding control with variable spot size
Author(s): J. L. Arias; M. A. Montealegre; F. Vidal; J. Rodríguez; S. Mann; P. Abels; F. Motmans
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Post-processing of 3D-printed parts using femtosecond and picosecond laser radiation
Author(s): Ilya Mingareev; Nils Gehlich; Tobias Bonhoff; Wilhelm Meiners; Ingomar Kelbassa; Tim Biermann; Martin C. Richardson
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Rapid manufacture of freeform micro-optics for high power applications
Author(s): Matthew Currie; Roy McBride
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Flexible and robust beam shaping concepts with aspheres
Author(s): U. Fuchs
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