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High-Power Laser Materials Processing: Lasers, Beam Delivery, Diagnostics, and Applications III
Editor(s): Friedhelm Dorsch
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Volume Number: 8963
Date Published: 25 February 2014
Softcover: 34 papers (300) pages
ISBN: 9780819498762

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8963
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dynamical behavior of laser-induced nanoparticles during remote processing
Author(s): Tobias Scholz; Klaus Dickmann; Andreas Ostendorf
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Development of a double beam process for joining aluminum and steel
Author(s): Sascha Frank
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Trends and basic investigations in high power laser material processing
Author(s): David Havrilla; Marco Holzer; Patrick Haug; Jeremy Meyer; Volker Rominger; Thomas Harrer; Johannes Bührle; Michael Fritz; Severin Luzius
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Characteristics of the heat resistant FBG sensor under laser cladding condition
Author(s): A. Nishimura; T. Terada
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Laser hardening of AISI 52100 bearing steel with a discrete fiber laser spot
Author(s): Donato Sorgente; Ottavio Corizzo; Antonio Ancona; Leonardo D. Scintilla; Gianfranco Palumbo; Luigi Tricarico
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Non-conventional laser surface hardening for axisymmetric components
Author(s): Erica Liverani; Nadine Battiato; Alessandro Ascari; Alessandro Fortunato
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Robust focusing optics for high-power laser welding
Author(s): Blake McAllister
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Superior power handling in fiber optic cables for multi-kW lasers
Author(s): Ola Blomster; Mats Blomqvist; Stuart Campbell; Magnus Pålsson
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Beamshaping for high-power lasers using freeform refractive optics
Author(s): Roy McBride; Natalia Trela; Matthew O. Currie; Duncan Walker; Howard J. Baker
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Industrial performance analysis of the fast axis collimator
Author(s): M. Forrer; H. Moser; D. Kura; M. Grössl; H. Forrer
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Monolithical aspherical beam expanding systems
Author(s): U. Fuchs
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Manufacturing process to improve roughness on aspheric surfaces
Author(s): S. Kionkte
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Intra-fiber mode combining schemes, demonstrating high power brightness preservation and coherent-coupling brightness enhancement
Author(s): Yariv Shamir; Roey Zuitlin; Yaakov Glick; Matitya Aviel; Noam Shafir; Revital Feldman; Asaf Dahan; Benayahu Urbach; Daniel Levy; Eyal Shekel; Yoav Sintov
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Lasers for welding and their potential in production at GE
Author(s): Marshall G. Jones
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Laser beam drilling of metal-based composites
Author(s): H. Riegel; M. Merkel; A. Öchsner
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Laser-dispersing of forging tools using AlN-ceramics
Author(s): C. Noelke; M. Luecke; S. Kaierle; V. Wesling; L. Overmeyer
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High power beam analysis
Author(s): Oren Aharon
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Cognition for robot scanner based remote welding
Author(s): U. Thombansen; Michael Ungers
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Tracking the course of the manufacturing process in selective laser melting
Author(s): U. Thombansen; Alexander Gatej; M. Pereira
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Seam tracking with texture based image processing for laser materials processing
Author(s): S. Krämer; W. Fiedler; A. Drenker; P. Abels
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Online NIR diagnostic of laser welding processes and its potential for quality assuring sensor systems
Author(s): Friedhelm Dorsch; Holger Braun; Steffen Keβler; Dieter Pfitzner; Volker Rominger
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Cutting and drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) by 70W short pulse nanosecond laser
Author(s): Peter Jaeschke; Klaus Stolberg; Stefan Bastick; Ewa Ziolkowski; Markus Roehner; Oliver Suttmann; Ludger Overmeyer
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Remote laser cutting of CFRP: influence of the edge quality on fatigue strength
Author(s): Johannes W. Stock; Michael F. Zaeh; Justinian P. Spaeth
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Highest performance in 3D metal cutting at smallest footprint: benchmark of a robot based system vs. parameters of gantry systems
Author(s): Torsten Scheller; André Bastick; Robert Michel-Triller; Christon Manzella
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High power single-mode fiber laser and its application to metal and non-metal materials
Author(s): Taizo Miyato; Takashi Kayahara; Akira Fujisaki; Koichi Furukawa; Masafumi Matsushita; Mayu Muramatsu; Yoshihisa Harada; Hiroyuki Niino
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Experimental investigation on fiber laser cutting of aluminium thin sheets
Author(s): Leonardo Daniele Scintilla
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Aberration beam shaping in laser cutting with large aspect ratios
Author(s): V. I. Yurevich; S. G. Gorny; I. V. Polyakov; A. A. Afonyushkin
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Experimental comparison of the oxygen-assist laser cutting with a fiber and CO2-laser under the condition of minimal roughness
Author(s): A. M. Orishich; V. B. Shulyatyev; A. G. Malikov; A. A. Golyshev
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Development of laser cladding system with process monitoring by x-ray imaging
Author(s): Takaya Terada; Tomonori Yamada; Akihiko Nishimura
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Analysis of the molten/solidified zone in selective laser melted parts
Author(s): Sabina Luisa Campanelli; Giuseppe Casalino; Nicola Contuzzi; Andrea Angelastro; Antonio D. Ludovico
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Detection of nanoscale defects in optical films by photothermal reflectance microscopy
Author(s): Ki Soo Chang; Woo June Choi; Dong Uk Kim; Jun Ki Kim
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In-line process control for laser welding of titanium by high dynamic range ratio pyrometry and plasma spectroscopy
Author(s): B. Lempe; C. Taudt; T. Baselt; F. Rudek; R. Maschke; F. Basan; P. Hartmann
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New method of measurement laser beam on focal plane
Author(s): Minshi Liu; Xiaoman Wang; Bin Wang; Yupeng Jiang
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Laser-assisted friction stir welding of aluminum alloy lap joints: microstructural and microhardness characterizations
Author(s): Giuseppe Casalino; Sabina L. Campanelli; Nicola Contuzzi; Andrea Angelastro; Antonio D. Ludovico
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