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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8955

Colloidal Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications IX
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Volume Number: 8955
Date Published: 8 April 2014
Softcover: 27 papers (240) pages
ISBN: 9780819498687

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8955
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Lipid-modified dendrimers as a tool for the design of nanoparticle-based multimodal MRI contrast agents
Author(s): Adriano Boni; Mauro Gemmi; Claudia Innocenti; Giuseppe Bardi; Alice Bertero; Giovanni Signore; Angelo Bifone
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Toward efficient modification of large gold nanoparticles with DNA
Author(s): R. Gill; K. Göeken; V. Subramaniam
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Impact of solvent mixture on iron nanoparticles generated by laser ablation
Author(s): M. Chakif; O. Prymak; M. Slota; E. Heintze; E. L. Gurevich; C. Esen; L. Bogani; M. Epple; A. Ostendorf
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Multidentate oligomeric ligands to enhance the biocompatibility of iron oxide and other metal nanoparticles
Author(s): Wentao Wang; Goutam Palui; Xin Ji; Fadi Aldeek; Hedi Mattoussi
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Surface plasmon influence on two-photon luminescence from single gold nanorods
Author(s): Joanna Olesiak-Banska; Katarzyna Brach; Magdalena Klekotko; Marta Gordel; Katarzyna Matczyszyn; Joseph Zyss; Marek Samoc
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Multidentate polymeric ligands for long-term bioimaging using highly stable and functionalized quantum dots
Author(s): Emerson Giovanelli; Eleonora Muro; Mariana Tasso; Gary Sitbon; Mohamed Hanafi; Thomas Pons; Benoît Dubertret; Nicolas Lequeux
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Peptide-modified gold nanoparticles for improved cancer therapeutics
Author(s): Celina Yang; Monique Van Prooijen; Devika B. Chithrani
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Delivery of tobramycin coupled to iron oxide nanoparticles across the biofilm of mucoidal Pseudonomas aeruginosa and investigation of its efficacy
Author(s): Leisha M. Armijo; Michael Kopciuch; Zuzia Olszόwka; Stephen J. Wawrzyniec; Antonio C. Rivera; John B. Plumley; Nathaniel C. Cook; Yekaterina I. Brandt; Dale L. Huber; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Natalie L. Adolphi; Hugh D. C. Smyth; Marek Osiński
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Combining ligand design and photo-ligation to provide optimal quantum dot-bioconjugates for sensing and imaging
Author(s): Naiqian Zhan; Goutam Palui; Malak Safi; Hedi Mattoussi
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Interactions of gold nanoparticles with biological structures
Author(s): Rute Fernandes; Neil Smyth; Antonios G. Kanaras
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Plasmonics with silver nanowires: plasmons affect the energy transfer
Author(s): Aneta Prymaczek; Sebastian Maćkowski
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The use of real-time optical feedback to improve outcomes
Author(s): Isidro B. Magaña; Pratik Adhikari; Raghuvara B. Yendluri; Glenn P. Goodrich; Jon A. Schwartz; D. Patrick O'Neal
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Photoluminescence quantum yield of CdSe-ZnS/CdS/ZnS core-multishell quantum dots approaches 100% due to enhancement of charge carrier confinement
Author(s): Pavel Samokhvalov; Pavel Linkov; Jean Michel; Michael Molinari; Igor Nabiev
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Plasmonic biodegradable gold nanoclusters with high NIR-absorbance for biomedical imaging
Author(s): Robert Stover; Avinash Murthy; Sai Gourisankar; Golay Nie; Miguel Martinez; Thomas Truskett; Konstantin Sokolov; Keith Johnston
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Evaluation of quantum dot-based concentric FRET configurations with a fluorescent dye and dark quencher for multiplexed bioanalyses
Author(s): Erin M. Conroy; W. Russ Algar
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Noncytotoxic Mn-doped ZnSe/ZnS quantum dots for biomedical applications
Author(s): John B. Plumley; Brian A. Akins; Gema J. Alas; Madalyn E. Fetrow; Jane Nguyen; Priyanka Jain; Stephanie Yang; Yekaterina I. Brandt; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Wojciech Ornatowski; Erin D. Milligan; Marek Osiński
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Nanocapsules of perfluorooctyl bromide for theranostics: from formulation to targeting
Author(s): O. Diou; E. Fattal; T. Payen; S. L. Bridal; J. Valette; N. Tsapis
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Investigation of magnetic field enriched surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering performance using Fe3O4@Ag nanoparticles for malaria diagnosis
Author(s): Clement Yuen; Quan Liu
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Iron-oxide colloidal nanoclusters: from fundamental physical properties to diagnosis and therapy
Author(s): Athanasia Kostopoulou; Konstantinos Brintakis; Alessandro Lascialfari; Mavroeidis Angelakeris; Marianna Vasilakaki; Kalliopi Trohidou; Alexios P. Douvalis; Stylianos Psycharakis; Anthi Ranella; Liberato Manna; Alexandros Lappas
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Specific markers, micro-environmental anomalies and tropism: opportunities for gold nanorods targeting of tumors in laser-induced hyperthermia
Author(s): Francesca Tatini; Fulvio Ratto; Sonia Centi; Ida Landini; Stefania Nobili; Ewa Witort; Franco Fusi; Sergio Capaccioli; Enrico Mini; Roberto Pini
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Gold nanoparticles based colorimetric nanodiagnostics for cancer and infectious diseases
Author(s): Paola Valentini; Stefano Persano; Paola Cecere; Stefania Sabella; Pier Paolo Pompa
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Intracellular light-induced release of signaling molecules from gold-coated liposomes
Author(s): Gabriel V. Orsinger; Joshua D. Williams; Marek Romanowski
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Light-addressable amperometric electrodes for enzyme sensors based on direct quantum dot-electrode contacts
Author(s): M. Riedel; G. Göbel; W. J. Parak; F. Lisdat
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Iron oxide nanoparticles in different modifications for antimicrobial phototherapy
Author(s): Elena S. Tuchina; Kristina V. Kozina; Nikita A. Shelest; Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Valery V. Tuchin
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Photoirradiation study of gold nanospheres and rods in Vero and Hela cell lines
Author(s): Poorani Gananathan; Prakasarao Aruna; Singaravelu Ganesan; Manickan Elanchezhiyan
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Thin film mesoscale organization of nanoparticles by using biomolecular peptide tools
Author(s): Emannouil Kasotakis; Athanasia Kostopoulou; Miguel Spuch-Calvar; Maria Androulidaki; Nikos T. Pelekanos; Antonios G. Kanaras; Anna Mitraki; Alexandros Lappas
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Shielding of quantum dots using diblock copolymers: implementing copper catalyzed click chemistry to fluorescent quantum dots
Author(s): Jan-Philip Merkl; Johannes Ostermann; Christian Schmidtke; Hauke Kloust; Robin Eggers; Artur Feld; Christopher Wolter; Anna-Marlena Kreuziger; Sandra Flessau; Hedi Mattoussi; Horst Weller
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