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Biomedical Applications of Light Scattering VIII
Editor(s): Adam Wax; Vadim Backman
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Volume Number: 8952
Date Published: 11 March 2014
Softcover: 21 papers (180) pages
ISBN: 9780819498656

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8952
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Localized differential heterodyne dynamic light scattering system
Author(s): Li-Dek Chou; Li-Ping Yu; Chien Chou
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Biochemical component identification by light scattering techniques in whispering gallery mode optical resonance based sensor
Author(s): Vladimir A. Saetchnikov; Elina A. Tcherniavskaia; Anton V. Saetchnikov; Gustav Schweiger; Andreas Ostendorf
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Minimally invasive photopolymerization in intervertebral disc tissue cavities
Author(s): Andreas M. Schmocker; Azadeh Khoushabi; Benjamin Gantenbein-Ritter; Samantha Chan; Harald Marcel Bonél; Pierre-Etienne Bourban; Jan Anders Månson; Constantin Schizas; Dominique Pioletti; Christophe Moser
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Method for rapid multidiameter single-fiber reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy through a fiber bundle
Author(s): A. Amelink; C. L. Hoy; U. A. Gamm; H. J. C. M. Sterenborg; D. J. Robinson
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Multi-wavelength and time-domain diffuse optical tomography data processing by using a material basis and Mellin-Laplace transform
Author(s): Lionel Hervé; Anne Planat-Chrétien; Laura Di Sieno; Michel Berger; Agathe Puszka; Alberto Dalla Mora; Davide Contini; Gianluca Boso; Jean-Marc Dinten
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Comparison of two Monte Carlo models of propagation of coherent polarized light in turbid scattering media
Author(s): Alexander Doronin; Andrew J. Radosevich; Vadim Backman; Igor Meglinski
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FDTD simulation of an optical absorber based on CPML absorbing boundary condition
Author(s): Sergio Cantero; Yian Huang; Snow H. Tseng
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A measurement-based analytical approach to the bioluminescence tomography problem
Author(s): Hakan Erkol; Aytac Demirkiran; Esra-Aytac Kipergil; Nasire Uluc; Mehmet B. Unlu
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Optical properties assessment for liquid phantoms using fiber based frequency-modulated light scattering interferometry
Author(s): Liang Mei; Gabriel Somesfalean; Sune Svanberg
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Detecting apoptosis in vivo and ex vivo using spectroscopic OCT and dynamic light scattering
Author(s): Golnaz Farhat; Anoja Giles; Adrian Mariampillai; Victor X. D. Yang; Gregory J. Czarnota; Michael C. Kolios
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Depth-resolved dynamics of aceto-whitening in rabbit cornea studied by 1300nm optical coherence tomography
Author(s): P. Khoo; S. Mittar; D. Kasaragod; Z. Lu; S. J. Matcher
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Diagnostic features in two-dimensional light scattering patterns of normal and dysplastic cervical cell nuclei
Author(s): Dizem Arifler; Calum MacAulay; Michele Follen; Martial Guillaud
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Performance comparison of different metrics for spectroscopic optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Volker Jaedicke; Semih Agcaer; Francisco E. Robles; Marian Steinert; David Jones; Sebastian Goebel; Nils C. Gerhardt; Hubert Welp; Martin R. Hofmann
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A non-invasive diffuse reflectance calibration-free method for absolute determination of exogenous biochemicals concentration in biological tissues
Author(s): Alexander V. Lappa; Artem N. Kulikovskiy; Oleg G. Busarov
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A laminar optical tomography system for the early cervical cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Shanshan Cui; Mengyu Jia; Xueying Chen; Wei Meng; Feng Gao; Huijuan Zhao
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Modeling and experimental validation of angular radiance and distance-dependent radiance in a turbid medium
Author(s): Lingling Liu; Chenxi Li; Huijuan Zhao; Xi Yi; Feng Gao; Wei Meng; Yiming Lu
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An adaptive extended Kalman filter for fluorescence diffuse optical tomography of tumor pharmacokinetics
Author(s): Xin Wang; Linhui Wu; Xi Yi; Limin Zhang; Feng Gao; Huijuan Zhao
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3D reconstruction of internal structure of animal body using near-infrared light
Author(s): Trung Nghia Tran; Kohei Yamamoto; Takeshi Namita; Yuji Kato; Koichi Shimizu
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Mapping local anisotropy axis for scattering media using backscattering Mueller matrix imaging
Author(s): Honghui He; Minghao Sun; Nan Zeng; E. Du; Yihong Guo; Yonghong He; Hui Ma
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Mueller matrix decomposition study on anisotropic medium including cylindrical scatterers and birefringent effect
Author(s): Yihong Guo; Nan Zeng; Honghui He; Celong Liu; E. Du; Yonghong He; Hui Ma
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Non invasive blood flow assessment in diabetic foot ulcer using laser speckle contrast imaging technique
Author(s): A. K. Jayanthy; N. Sujatha; M. Ramasubba Reddy; V. B. Narayanamoorthy
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