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MIPPR 2013: Parallel Processing of Images and Optimization and Medical Imaging Processing
Editor(s): Jianguo Liu
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Volume Number: 8920
Date Published: 4 October 2013
Softcover: 25 papers (186) pages
ISBN: 9780819498052

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8920
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hardware architecture design of image restoration based on time-frequency domain computation
Author(s): Bo Wen; Jing Zhang; Zipeng Jiao
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A FPGA-based architecture for real-time image matching
Author(s): Jianhui Wang; Sheng Zhong; Wenhui Xu; Weijun Zhang; Zhiguo Cao
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Real-time target detection technology of large view-field infrared image based on multicore DSP parallel processing
Author(s): Gang Sun; Songlin Liu; Weihua Wang; Zengping Chen
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Hardware-efficient implementation of DFT using the first-order moments-based cyclic convolution structure
Author(s): Li Cao; Jianguo Liu; Jun Xiong; Chao Pan
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An improved particle swarm optimization algorithm for high dimension image matching
Author(s): Sunni Hua; Qiuze Yu; Yuhao Zhou
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A novel fast algorithm for discrete Hartley transform of type-III base on the split-radix and first-order moments
Author(s): Xia Hua; Jianguo Liu
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Modified scale factor of differential evolution
Author(s): Yu Xie; Chunxia Zhao; Haofeng Zhang; Debao Chen
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An improved scheduling algorithm for 3D cluster rendering with platform LSF
Author(s): Wenli Xu; Yi Zhu; Liping Zhang
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An improved image super-resolution algorithm
Author(s): Kai Xie; Xing Huo
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Optimization of min-max vehicle routing problem based on genetic algorithm
Author(s): Xia Liu
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A particle-inspired Monte Carlo tree estimation method in Bayesian filtering
Author(s): Hong Wu; Dehua Li; Qingguang Li; Hui Shen
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GPU-parallel implementation of the autoregressive model interpolation for high-resolution remote sensing images
Author(s): Jiaji Wu; Zhan Song; Gwanggil Jeon
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Achieving the image interpolation algorithm on the FPGA platform based on ImpulseC
Author(s): Ge Jia; Xianrong Peng
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Accelerated algorithms for low-rank matrix recovery
Author(s): Shuiping Zhang; Jinwen Tian
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A new method for RGB to CIELAB color space transformation based on Markov chain Monte Carlo
Author(s): Yajun Chen; Ding Liu; Junli Liang
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A novel retinal vessel extraction algorithm based on matched filtering and gradient vector flow
Author(s): Lei Yu; Mingliang Xia; Li Xuan
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Respiratory motion compensation algorithm of ultrasound hepatic perfusion data acquired in free-breathing
Author(s): Kaizhi Wu; Xuming Zhang; Guangxie Chen; Fei Weng; Mingyue Ding
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The improved algorithm for three-dimensional artery reconstruction of monoplane x-ray angiographic images
Author(s): Yining Huang; Tianxu Zhang; Jinfeng Ma; Yaxun Wei
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Effective connectivity of facial expression network by using Granger causality analysis
Author(s): Hui Zhang; Xiaoting Li
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PLSA-based pathological image retrieval for breast cancer with color deconvolution
Author(s): Yibing Ma; Jun Shi; Zhiguo Jiang; Hao Feng
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Research of x-ray automatic image mosaic method
Author(s): Bin Liu; Shunan Chen; Lianpeng Guo; Wanpeng Xu
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Biological fiducial point based registration for multiple brain tissues reconstructed from different imaging modalities
Author(s): Huiqun Wu; Gangping Zhou; Xingyun Geng; Xiaofeng Zhang; Kui Jiang; Lemin Tang; Guomin Zhou; Jiancheng Dong
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Carotid artery phantom designment and simulation using field II
Author(s): Yuan Lin; Xin Yang; Mingyue Ding
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A method for cell image segmentation using both local and global threshold techniques
Author(s): Yuexiang Li; Siu-Yeung Cho
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A fast reconstruction algorithm for bioluminescence tomography based on smoothed l0 norm regularization
Author(s): Xiaowei He; Jingjing Yu; Guohua Geng; Hongbo Guo
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