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MIPPR 2013: Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
Editor(s): Zhiguo Cao
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Volume Number: 8919
Date Published: 4 October 2013
Softcover: 46 papers (330) pages
ISBN: 9780819498045

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8919
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Change detection based on auto-encoder model for VHR images
Author(s): Yuan Xu; Shiming Xiang; Chunlei Huo; Chunhong Pan
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A robust feature-based registration method of multimodal image using phase congruency and coherent point drift
Author(s): Renbo Xia; Jibin Zhao; Yunpeng Liu
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The study on the feedback of large scale content-based video retrieval
Author(s): Xiang-dong Qi; Da-wei Liu; Jin-lin Wang
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BP network for atorvastatin effect evaluation from ultrasound images features classification
Author(s): Mengjie Fang; Xin Yang; Yang Liu; Hongwei Xu; Huageng Liang; Yujie Wang; Mingyue Ding
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Saliency detection based on manifold learning
Author(s): Zhi Yang; DeHua Li; Jie Wang; Xuan Li
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Cloud detection based on HSI color space and SWT from high resolution color remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Zhong Chen; Tao Deng; Heng Zhou; Song Luo
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Three-dimensional reconstruction using ISAR sequences
Author(s): Gang Li; Yang Liu; Longlong Wu; Shiyou Xu; Zengping Chen
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The clustering algorithm of marine environment vector field data based on “Velocity-Direction” histogram
Author(s): Junda Zhang; Xiao-an Tang; Libing Jiang
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Salient region detection Using Wasserstein distance measure based on nonlinear scale space
Author(s): Lei Zhu; Zhiguo Cao
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Star sensor calibration based on interior-exterior parameters and error compensation
Author(s): Shoubao Liu; Jie Ma; Fei Yan; Yadong Zhu; Jinwen Tian; Wenxing Fu
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Template match using local feature with view invariance
Author(s): Cen Lu; Gang Zhou
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Face recognition under variable illumination via sparse representation of patches
Author(s): Shouke Fan; Rui Liu; Weiguo Feng; Ming Zhu
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Statistics of the number of students in the classroom based on frequency domain analysis and seat detection
Author(s): Xunxun Wei; Rui Liu; Wenke Zhang; Ming Zhu
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Face recognition based on dense correspondences
Author(s): Wenke Zhang; Rui Liu; Jianmei Shuai; Ming Zhu
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Morphology based field rice density detection from rice transplant stage to rice jointing stage
Author(s): X. D. Bai; Z. G. Cao; Y. Wang; M. N. Ye; Z. H. Yu; Y. N. Li
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Action recognition by mid-level discriminative spatial-temporal volume
Author(s): Feifei Chen; Nong Sang
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Shadow detection and removal based on the saliency map
Author(s): Zhiwen Fang; Zhiguo Cao; Chunhua Deng; Ruicheng Yan; Yueming Qin
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Registration of vehicle based panoramic image and LiDAR point cloud
Author(s): Changjun Chen; Liang Cao; Hong Xie; Xiangyu Zhuo
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Similarity-based global optimization of buildings in urban scene
Author(s): Quansheng Zhu; Jing Zhang; Wanshou Jiang
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A hybrid approach for text detection in natural scenes
Author(s): Runmin Wang; Nong Sang; Ruolin Wang; Xiaoqin Kuang
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An image rectification method on image sequence of monocular motion vision
Author(s): Yunting Li; Jun Zhang; Wenwen Hu; Xiaomao Liu; Jinwen Tian
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A novel method for constructing low-dimensional linear discriminative subspace
Author(s): Hongwen Huo; Jing Feng; Jufu Feng
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A moving ship detection based on edge information of single image and background subtraction
Author(s): Tingyan Shi; Lichun Yang; Zhicheng Liu
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Combination approach of highly conflicting evidence based on weighted distance of evidence
Author(s): Zhicheng Liu; Jiazhou He; Hui Qiao
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Learning and fusing multiple cues for indoor video segmentation
Author(s): Chunlei Shi; Wenjia Yang; Zhi Chai
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Gender recognition based on face geometric features
Author(s): Jie Xiao; Zhaoli Guo; Chao Cai
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Non-public vehicle traffic-violation detection using mobile cameras
Author(s): Huini Fu; Yang Hu; Rui Huang
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ATR algorithm performance evaluation based on the simulation image and real image
Author(s): Lamei Zou; Zhiguo Cao; Weidong Yang
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Planar feature fitting based on Multi-BaySAC algorithm
Author(s): Zhen Li; Zhizhong Kang
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A shadow detection method via online self-modeling
Author(s): Jun Wang; Yue-huan Wang; Man Jiang; Meng-meng Song
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Better image texture recognition based on SVM classification
Author(s): Kuan Liu; Bin Lu; Yaxun Wei
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Density estimation using KNN and a potential model
Author(s): Yonggang Lu; Jiangang Qiao; Li Liao; Wuyang Yang
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Robust and rapid matching of oblique UAV images of urban area
Author(s): Xiongwu Xiao; Bingxuan Guo; Yueru Shi; Weishu Gong; Jian Li; Chunsen Zhang
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Camera self-calibration technique based on hierarchical reconstruction and bundle adjustment
Author(s): Chunsen Zhang; Pengfei Fen
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A method of 3D reconstruction from multiple views based on graph theoretic segmentation
Author(s): Yi Li; Hanyu Hong; Xiuhua Zhang; Haoyu Bai
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Path-based similarity with instance-level constraints for SemiBoost
Author(s): Xiangrong Zhang; Jianshen Yu; Ting Wang; Biao Hou; L. C. Jiao
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Modeling urban LIDAR point clouds with combined 2D TIN and 3D tetrahedron structure
Author(s): Jun Wu; Honggang Liao; Menmen Chen; Zhiyong Peng
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High-quality edge match with simplified SGM algorithm
Author(s): Jun Wu; Zexin Yao; Zhiyong Peng
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Real-time and reliable human detection in clutter scene
Author(s): Yumei Tan; Xiaoshu Luo; Haiying Xia
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The prediction research of steam reheating temperature in power plants based on LS-SVM
Author(s): Zhenbing Liu; Shujie Jiang; Huihua Yang; Xipen Pan
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Image denoising via group Sparse representation over learned dictionary
Author(s): Pan Cheng; Chengzhi Deng; Shengqian Wang; Chunfeng Zhang
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Gradient-based registration of rotated, scaled, and translated images
Author(s): Xiangguo Li
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Transfer learning for bimodal biometrics recognition
Author(s): Zhiping Dan; Shuifa Sun; Yanfei Chen; Haitao Gan
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Multi-focus image fusion based on local energy of wavelet transform
Author(s): Musheng Chen; Zhishan Cai
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Compressed sensing image processing in the wavelet transform domain
Author(s): Zhen-kun Lu; Ping Gong; Jin-hu Peng
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Range image registration based on weighted iterative closest point algorithm
Author(s): Xianfeng Wu; Zhijun Liu
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