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MIPPR 2013: Automatic Target Recognition and Navigation
Editor(s): Tianxu Zhang; Nong Sang
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Volume Number: 8918
Date Published: 4 October 2013
Softcover: 47 papers (334) pages
ISBN: 9780819498038

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8918
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An on-line learning tracking of non-rigid target combining multiple-instance boosting and level set
Author(s): Mingming Chen; Jingju Cai
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Bridge recognition based on Gabor filter in forward-looking infrared images
Author(s): Songlin Liu; Gang Sun; Zhaodong Niu; Zengping Chen
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Target detection in SAR images via radiometric multi-resolution analysis
Author(s): Jingwen Hu; Gui-Song Xia; Hong Sun
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A robust texture descriptor based on a gradient orientation and modulus matrix
Author(s): Wenwu Wang; Zhiguo Cao
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Specularity-invariant crop extraction with probabilistic super-pixel Markov random field
Author(s): Zhenghong Yu; Zhiguo Cao; Mengni Ye; Xiaodong Bai; Yanan Li; Yu Wang
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A real-time target detection and false alarm decreasing algorithm for wide field of view infrared surveillance system
Author(s): Weihua Wang; Gang Sun; Yan He; Zengping Chen
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Forward-looking infrared 3D target tracking via combination of particle filter and SIFT
Author(s): Xing Li; Zhiguo Cao; Ruicheng Yan; Tuo Li
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An approach for in-harbor ship detection in complex background
Author(s): Tuo Li; Zhiguo Cao; Xing Li
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Contour-based object detection using generalized Hough transform
Author(s): Bitao Jiang; Lei Ma
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Unsupervised color image segmentation using graph cuts with multi-components
Author(s): Lei Li; Lianghai Jin; Enmin Song; Zhuoli Dong
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Airport runway recognition in complex infrared image using contextual information
Author(s): Zhaodong Niu; Songlin Liu; Dinghe Wang; Da Tang; Zengping Chen
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Building detection based on saliency for high resolution satellite images
Author(s): Ping Yang; Zhiguo Jiang; Hao Feng; Yibing Ma
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A study on the difficulty prediction for infrared target recognition
Author(s): Yueming Qin; Zhiguo Cao; Zhiwen Fang
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An automatic detection method to the field wheat based on image processing
Author(s): Yu Wang; Zhiguo Cao; Xiaodong Bai; Zhenghong Yu; Yanan Li
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Air-ground vehicle detection with a reduced object category specific visual dictionary
Author(s): Lizuo Jin; Yanchao Dong; Qinghan Xu; Feiran Jie
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Extracting roads from remote sensing images with the aid of path morphology and parallelized graph cuts
Author(s): Zhulin Zhang; Shaoguang Zhou
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An improved ViBe background subtraction method based on region motion classification
Author(s): Ying Chu; Jiong Chen; Xia Chen
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A novel parallel beeline detection algorithm based on improved Hough transform
Author(s): Yi Chao; Guangzhou Zhao; Siniu Huang
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SAR vehicle classification based on sparse representation with aspect angle constraint
Author(s): Xiangwei Xing; Kefeng Ji; Huanxin Zou; Jixiang Sun
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Hazard avoidance via descent images for safe landing
Author(s): Ruicheng Yan; Zhiguo Cao; Lei Zhu; Zhiwen Fang
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Edge detection of street trees in high-resolution remote sensing images using spectrum features
Author(s): Haohao Zhao; Pengfeng Xiao; Xuezhi Feng
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A direct method on camera’s ego-motion estimation using normal flows
Author(s): Miao Liu; Ding Yuan
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Human detection and tracking
Author(s): Pengxian Yu; Yaxun Wei
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Contour detection based on the contextual modulation of non-classical receptive field facilitation and suppression
Author(s): Jie Xiao; Zhaoli Guo; Chao Cai
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Image segmentation using region-based MRF combined with boundary information
Author(s): Xu Song; Liang Wu
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A refined ship segmentation method in SAR imagery
Author(s): Kefeng Ji; Xiangwei Xing; Zhi Zhao; Huanxin Zou; Jixiang Sun
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A saliency-based approach to detection of infrared target
Author(s): Yanfei Chen; Nong Sang; Zhiping Dan
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A hybrid concealed object detection method for PMMW images
Author(s): Ye Tian; Yi Chang; Houzhang Fang; Hai Liu; Luxin Yan
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A new method to select aimpoint for airplane target at end term
Author(s): Lijuan Li
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A least trimmed square method for clutter removal in infrared small target detection
Author(s): Kun Bai; Yuehuan Wang
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VC and ACIS/HOOPS based semi-physical virtual prototype design and motion simulation of 2D scanning mirror
Author(s): Xiangyan Liu; Xiaobing Dai; Xudong He; Pengcheng Gao
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Efficient detection of citrus fruits in the tree canopy under variable illumination conditions
Author(s): Jun Lu; Nong Sang
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Salient object detection approach in UAV video
Author(s): Yueqiang Zhang; Ang Su; Xianwei Zhu; Xiaohu Zhang; Yang Shang
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Object recognition with incomplete features based on evidence accumulation
Author(s): Li Zhang; Fan Peng
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Object tracking with particle filter in UAV video
Author(s): Wenshuai Yu; Xiaodong Yin; Bing Chen; Jinhua Xie
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A novel target recognition method based on landmarks dynamic allocation for infrared sequential images
Author(s): Jie Xu; Weidong Yang; Yi Fu; Kang Xiong
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Detecting curvilinear structure using ridge distribution feature and layer growth method
Author(s): Ge Gao; Guoyou Wang; Yu Shi
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Low-resolution airplane detection for satellite images using local edge distribution and modulated filtering
Author(s): Shengxiang Qi; Jie Ma; Yadong Zhu; Wei Yu; Fei Yan; Jinwen Tian
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Restoration for blurred star image using RL method
Author(s): Fei Yan; Jie Ma; Shoubao Liu; Hanlu Shi; Shengxiang Qi; Jinwen Tian; Wenxing Fu
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Ballistic missile precession frequency extraction by spectrogram's texture
Author(s): Longlong Wu; Shiyou Xu; Gang Li; Zengping Chen
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Adaptive aircraft detection in high-resolution SAR images
Author(s): Yihua Tan; Dan Wu; Yansheng Li; Qingyun Li; Jinwen Tian
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Small target detection based on non-linear histogram equalization and confidence measure
Author(s): Hang Li; Yihua Tan; Yansheng Li; Bin Li; Jinwen Tian
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Two factors in targets near-field RCS calculation
Author(s): Ling Wu; Ying-qing Xia
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An E-centrist descriptor based on contour enhancement for pedestrian recognition in video surveillance
Author(s): Yansheng Li; Yihua Tan; Hang Li; Tao Li; Jinwen Tian
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A robust correspondence matching algorithm of ground images along the optic axis
Author(s): Fengman Jia; Zhizhong Kang
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A novel method of ship target detection based on sea-sky-line region extraction
Author(s): Yongfang Zhang; Xiao Sun; Bin Li; Delie Ming
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Small target detection using min-cut for non-balanced graph
Author(s): Airong Sun; Yihua Tan; Jinwen Tian
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