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MIPPR 2013: Multispectral Image Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis
Editor(s): Xinyu Zhang; Jianguo Liu
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Volume Number: 8917
Date Published: 4 October 2013
Softcover: 47 papers (342) pages
ISBN: 9780819498021

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8917
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ring patterned electrode driven by electrical signal liquid crystal microlens with focus tunable
Author(s): Shengwu Kang; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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ISAR imaging at low SNR level based on polarimetric whitening filter
Author(s): Yang Liu; Gang Li; Biao Tian; Zeng-Ping Chen
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A tunable liquid crystal Fabry-Perot hyperspectral imaging device in mid-infrared wavelength range
Author(s): Anbang Fu; Huaidong Zhang; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Tianyu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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Adaptive bad pixel correction algorithm for IRFPA based on PCNN
Author(s): Hanbing Leng; Zuofeng Zhou; Jianzhong Cao; Bo Yi; Aqi Yan; Jian Zhang
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Image sensors with electrically tunable spatial resolution based on liquid crystal microlens array with three-layered patterned electrode
Author(s): Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Tianxu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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Low-frequency ultra-wide-band SAR system calibration
Author(s): Hanhua Zhang; Fulai Liang; Peng Yu Wang; Qian Song
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Design and implementation of film coating for tunable liquid crystal Fabry-Perot filter working in mid-infrared spectral region
Author(s): Huaidong Zhang; Anbang Fu; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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A jamming strategy against synthetic aperture radar with varieties of squint angles and wide beams
Author(s): Xiaohong Lin; Guoyi Xue; Peiguo Liu
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Hyperspectral imaging sensor array based on diffractively driving infrared beams with chosen wavelength into designated subsensors
Author(s): Yong Qu; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Tianxu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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ISAR imaging compensation of high speed targets based on integrated cubic phase function
Author(s): Biao Tian; Zengping Chen; Shiyou Xu; Yang Liu
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Simulation of nematic liquid crystal focal-swing microlens and analysis of the disclination lines
Author(s): Zaihong Mei; Shengwu Kang; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Modeling and simulation of THz detectors based on electrical resonant metamaterial micro-nano-structures
Author(s): Hongwu Ji; Jun Luo; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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A coaxial visible and infrared dual-band imager
Author(s): Tao Hu; Zhijun Liu; Jianrong Cui; Xianyi Ren
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Analysis and evaluation for the robustness of feature detection algorithm in medium-wave infrared scene
Author(s): Yan Tang; Weidong Yang; Ge Zhao; Lamei Zou
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The efficiency and polarization of the terahertz pulses generated by tilted-pulse-front pumping scheme
Author(s): Sen-Cheng Zhong; Long-Yao Peng; Li-Guo Zhu; Kun Meng; Qiao Liu; De-Tian Wang; Ze-Ren Li
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Research on real-time infrared simulation of ground scene
Author(s): Ying Dai; Bin Chen; Delie Ming
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From digital camera to computational photography
Author(s): Henri Maître
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Detection and velocity measurement on high-speed moving object based on single satellite multispectral image
Author(s): Chunyu Shi; Qiang Zhou
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No-reference image quality assessment using shearlet transform
Author(s): Yuming Li; Hanqiang Cao; Zijian Xu
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Adaptive CFAR detection of ship targets in high resolution SAR imagery
Author(s): Zhi Zhao; Kefeng Ji; Xiangwei Xing; Huanxin Zou
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Digital watermarking algorithm research of color images based on quaternion Fourier transform
Author(s): Mali An; Weijiang Wang; Zhen Zhao
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Haze removal from a single image
Author(s): Lirong Li; Hongshi Sang; Chun Chang; Zhe Min
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Anomaly detection of surface object associated with underground nuclear explosion based on spectral matching
Author(s): Peizhong Wang; Hui Bian; Weidong Yan; Xinlu Ma; Gang Zheng
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Resistor array infrared nonuniformity correction based on sparse grid
Author(s): Xudong He; Jiang Qiu; Qiao Zhang; Huijie Du; Hongming Zhao
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A robust motion deblurring method using salient edge prediction on transfer region
Author(s): Weijun Zhang; Sheng Zhong; Jianhui Wang
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A new filtering approach of lidar data based on topographic change detection
Author(s): Xiaodong Zhang; Peng Chen; Biao Sun; Yao Wang
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Improving performance of LMS non-uniformity correction by sigma filter
Author(s): Chaobing Liang; Hongshi Sang
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Lossless grey image compression using a splitting binary tree
Author(s): Tao Li; Xin Tian; Cheng-Yi Xiong; Yan-Sheng Li; Yun Zhang; Jin-Wen Tian
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Remote sensing image classification algorithm based on image activity measure for image compression applications
Author(s): Xin Tian; Lin Wu; Tao Li; Cheng-Yi Xiong; Song Li
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A unified dehazing approach for infrared images
Author(s): Tao Fang; Zhiguo Cao; Ruicheng Yan
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A new denoising method combines median filter with adaptive weighted median filter
Author(s): Haixia Xiao; Jianguo Liu
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Simulation and analysis on SAR imaging of channel topography changes in the Pearl River Estuary
Author(s): Xiaozhen Wang; Huaguo Zhang; Bin Fu; Weibing Guan; Aiqin Shi
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High accuracy calibration for vehicle-based laser scanning and urban panoramic imaging and surveying system
Author(s): Chanjun Chen; Hua Liu; Yong Liu; Xiangyu Zhuo
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Semantic segmentation based on neural network and Bayesian network
Author(s): Wenying Ge; Guoying Liu
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Clustered DPCM with removing noise spectra for the lossless compression of hyperspectral images
Author(s): Jiaji Wu; Jianglei Xu
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Image mosaic at pixel level
Author(s): Nian Zhu; Jun Zhang; Senyuan Fu; Fei Hou; Xiaomao Liu; Jinwen Tian
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Monitoring ground deformation in Urumqi using small baseline time series InSAR technique
Author(s): Hong'an Wu; Yonghong Zhang; Ming Guo; Jufeng Lu
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A new self-adaptive image enhancement method based on piecewise linear transformation
Author(s): Guangzhou Zhao; Kun Zhang; Wenhua Wang; Siniu Huang; Haifeng Liu; Xiaochun Song
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Super-resolution optical image restoration for ground-based large telescope
Author(s): Shixue Zhang
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Automatic registration of terrestrial point clouds based on panoramic reflectance images and efficient BaySAC
Author(s): Zhizhong Kang
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Ladar imaging detection of salient map based on PWVD and Rényi entropy
Author(s): Yuannan Xu; Yuan Zhao; Rong Deng; Yanbing Dong
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Robust multi-scale edge detection for noisy images
Author(s): Yongsheng Wang; Nong Sang
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Digital watermarking algorithm based on HVS in wavelet domain
Author(s): Qiuhong Zhang; Ping Xia; Xiaomei Liu
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A new visible watermarking technique applied to CMOS image sensor
Author(s): Pingping Yu; Yan Shang; Chunming Li
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Semantic segmentation based on multi-stage region-level clustering
Author(s): Guoying Liu; Hongyu Zhou
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Color transfer processing based on YCbCr color space
Author(s): Weise Wang; Junsheng Shi
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Implementation of multispectral image fusion system based on SoPC
Author(s): Lingfei Meng; Zhihui Wang
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