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International Symposium on Photoelectronic Detection and Imaging 2013: Optical Storage and Display Technology
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Volume Number: 8913
Date Published: 29 August 2013
: 39 papers (328) pages
ISBN: 9780819497826

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8913
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Bloch FDTD simulation of slow optical wave resonance cavity in optical storage technology
Author(s): Bin Zhang; Zhaohua Lin; Lihua Cai
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Coherent single-detector 3D imaging system
Author(s): Jun Li; Yuping Wang; Rong Li; Yaqin Li
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SIFT implementation based on GPU
Author(s): Chao Jiang; Ze-xun Geng; Xiao-feng Wei; Chen Shen
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Collinear holographic data storage system
Author(s): Xiaodi Tan; Xiao Lin; Anan Wu
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The research for a system of city photonics map based on 3D holographic display technology
Author(s): Xiaoyu Jiang; Pengwei Zhang; Jiaguo Lv; Chuang Pei
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Space target detection in star image based on motion information
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Jian-cun Ren; Shao-cheng Cheng
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Multilayer optical storage for big data center: by pre-layered scheme
Author(s): Hao Ruan; Changyu Bu
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Real-time arbitrary view synthesis method for ultra-HD auto-stereoscopic display
Author(s): Yuanfa Cai; Xinzhu Sang; Chen Duo; Tianqi Zhao; Xin Fan; Nan Guo; Xunbo Yu; Binbin Yan
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Improvement of coding method for high vividness three-dimensional holographic imaging
Author(s): Junmin Leng; Xinzhu Sang; Binbin Yan; Ming Zhang; Xuemei Cao
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Design of the control system for full-color LED display based on MSP430 MCU
Author(s): Xue Li; Hui-juan Xu; Ling-ling Qin; Long-jiang Zheng
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Denoising algorithm based on edge extraction and wavelet transform in digital holography
Author(s): Ming Zhang; Xin-zhu Sang; Jun-min Leng; Xue-mei Cao
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Distance adaptive three-dimensional display based on mobile portable devices
Author(s): Xiao-lei Jin; Xin-zhu Sang; Bin-bin Yan; Jin-hui Yuan
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Design of a system based on DSP and FPGA for video recording and replaying
Author(s): Yan Kang; Heng Wang
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Optical correlation recognition based on LCOS
Author(s): Mingchuan Tang; Jianhong Wu
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A real-time autostereoscopic display method based on partial sub-pixel by general GPU processing
Author(s): Duo Chen; Xinzhu Sang; Yuanfa Cai
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Reconstruction of 3D scenes from sequences of images
Author(s): Bei Niu; Xinzhu Sang; Duo Chen; Yuanfa Cai
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Efficient spatiotemporal matching algorithm for stereo videos
Author(s): Xin Fan; Xin-zhu Sang; Nan Guo; Da-xiong Xu
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Visual fatigue evaluation based on depth in 3D videos
Author(s): Feng-jiao Wang; Xin-zhu Sang; Yangdong Liu; Guo-zhong Shi; Da-xiong Xu
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Synthesis and characterization of ZnTe thin films on silicon by thermal-furnace evaporation
Author(s): Jenn-Sen Lin; Shih-Syun Wei; Yi-Ting Yu; Cheng-Hsing Hsu; Wen-Hua Kao; Wen-Shiush Chen; Ching-Fang Tseng; Chun-Hung Lai; Jian-Ming Lu; Shin-Pon Ju; Jin-Yuan Hsieh
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New image fusion algorithm for auto-stereoscopic display
Author(s): Chunyan Pan; Qing Yang; Liang Xing; Jianjun Li
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The study of diffractive lenses displayed in a phase-only liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Si-jin Ma; Spozmai Panezai; Da-yong Wang; Yun-xin Wang; Lu Rong
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High-immersion three-dimensional display of the numerical computer model
Author(s): Shujun Xing; Xunbo Yu; Tianqi Zhao; Yuanfa Cai; Duo Chen; Zhidong Chen; Xinzhu Sang
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A rapid iterative algorithm of obtaining wave-control data for liquid crystal phased array
Author(s): Jing-yi Zhuo; Ling-jiang Kong; Yan Zhou; Jian-hua Zhou; Xiao-bo Yang
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Design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements with complex profile by interference
Author(s): Juan Liu; Rui Shi; Haozhi Zhao; Yongtian Wang
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Images fusion based on block compressed sensing and multiwavelet transform
Author(s): Sen-lin Yang; Guo-bin Wan; Jing-huai Gao; Bian-lian Zhang; Xin Chong
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Research of infrared laser based pavement imaging and crack detection
Author(s): Hanyu Hong; Shu Wang; Xiuhua Zhang; Genqiang Jing
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The design of freeform surface lens for LED lighting system
Author(s): Zhi-cong Bao; Jun Zhu; Si-si Xiong; Guo-fan Jin
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Data processing method based on surface and tangent vector deviations for freeform surface
Author(s): Wei Hou; Jun Zhu; Tong Yang; Guo-an Jin
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Distortion correction on numerical reconstruction of digital holography on arbitrarily tilted recording planes
Author(s): Juan Wang; Wen Xiao; Feng Pan; Chuan Gao
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A green-color portable waveguide eyewear display system
Author(s): Lingbo Xia; Ke Xu; Zhengming Wu; Yingtian Hu; Zhenzhen Li; Yongtian Wang; Juan Liu
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Overview of fast algorithm in 3D dynamic holographic display
Author(s): Juan Liu; Jia Jia; Yijie Pan; Yongtian Wang
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Compressive sensing imaging with optical Fourier frequency spectrum coding and optical wavelet transform
Author(s): Jiyu Han; Feng Xu; Chinhua Wang
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Blind restoration method of three-dimensional microscope image based on RL algorithm
Author(s): Jin-li Yao; Si Tian; Xiang-rong Wang; Jing-li Wang
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Three dimensional computer-generated holograms with shading effects based on a phase-only spatial light modulator
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Yan Zhao; Liangcai Cao; Guofan Jin
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The E-O curve and phase shift of LCoS panel at different temperature and wavelength
Author(s): Sylvia Hong; Engle Liao; Mike Stover; Li-Yuan Liao; Cheng-Huan Chen
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Sensitivity of volume holographic optical computing
Author(s): Yao Yi; Liang-cai Cao; Tian-xiang Zheng; Wei Guo; Qing-sheng He; Guo-fan Jin
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Image scale measurement with correlation filters in a volume holographic optical correlator
Author(s): Tianxiang Zheng; Liangcai Cao; Qingsheng He; Guofan Jin
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A new algorithm for stripe noises detection and removal in image processing
Author(s): Jin Zhang; Li-Yun Xing; Hong-Liang Cui; Ye Yang; Wei-Qi Wang; Lei Liu
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Design of freeform surface lens for LED of random light distribution in road lighting
Author(s): Si-si Xiong; Jun Zhu; Zhi-cong Bao; Guo-fan Jin
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