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International Symposium on Photoelectronic Detection and Imaging 2013: Low-Light-Level Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Benkang Chang; Hui Guo
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Volume Number: 8912
Date Published: 29 August 2013
Softcover: 53 papers (380) pages
ISBN: 9780819497819

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8912
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Experimental study of all-weather NIR laser active imaging system
Author(s): Li Yang; Zhigang Gai; Mengde Liu; Jianbin Ba; Jie Zhao; Shibo Chu; Junxian Yang; Chengjie Lu; Yang Zhao
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Infrared simulation of 4-bar target for the static performance evaluation of thermal imaging system
Author(s): Shun-li Han; Peng Zhang; Wei-liang Hu
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Analysis of process parameters of micro fluid-jet polishing on the processing effect
Author(s): Shaozhi Wang; Jian Liu; Linghua Zhang
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Research on the jamming mechanism for intense light bomb by antagonizing low-light level night-vision device
Author(s): Jinxi Che; Zhongmin Li; Jinchun Zhang
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Influence of surfactant on aperture of photo-electro-chemical etching for silicon microchannel plate
Author(s): Feng-yuan Yu; Qing-duo Duanmu; Yao Zhang; Yong-zhao Liang; Jin Chai; Guo-zheng Wang; Ji-kai Yang
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Development of thermal infrared imaging system
Author(s): Xiu-ying Fan; Feng Gu; Fei Guo
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Influences of temperature and etching voltage on the surface morphology of photo-electro-chemical etching for silicon microchannel arrays
Author(s): Yao Zhang; Qingduo Duanmu; Feng-yuan Yu; Yong-zhao Liang; Jin Chai; Guo-zheng Wang; Ji-kai Yang
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Effect of ion barrier film on the noise characteristics of proximity focusing low-light-level image intensifier
Author(s): De Song; Chunyang Liu; Xulei Qin; Shanshan Yu; Kuncheng Fu; Xiaofeng Bai; Xin Wang; Ye Li; Qingduo Duanmu
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Influences of temperature and concentrations on morphology of TMAH anisotropic etching for silicon microchannel plate
Author(s): Yong-zhao Liang; Qing-duo Duanmu; Ji-kai Yang; Guo-zheng Wang; Jin Chai; Fengyuan Yu; Yao Zhang; Shu-xiao Fan
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Several high speed multiplier theory for low-light-level technology
Author(s): Xiancang Li; Liuqiang Zhang; Haijun Xiao; Jun Zhao
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Method of anti-blooming in measurement of low-light-level television
Author(s): Jiali Zhu; Xiaodong Liu; Ping Zhang; Fang Hao; Shiming Zhang
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Influence of range-gated intensifiers on underwater imaging system SNR
Author(s): Xia Wang; Ling Hu; Qiang Zhi; Zhen-yue Chen; Wei-qi Jin
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Author(s): Guoqiang Chen; Junling Zhang; Pan Wang; Jie Zhou; Lei Gao; Ruijun Ding
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Monte Carlo simulations on particle transmission characteristics of BN ion barrier films
Author(s): Bo Sun; Shencheng Fu; Xin Xie; Liu Feng; Gangcheng Jiao; Qingduo Duanmu
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Development of photocathode and device of near-shortwave infrared extension
Author(s): Mei-na Luo; Ting-zhu Bai; Hui Guo
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A fast moving objects detection algorithm based on motion estimation
Author(s): Zhida Li; Changsheng Yu; Shixiong Xie
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Research on silicon microchannel array oxidation insulation technology and stress issues
Author(s): Jin Chai; Mo Li; Yong-zhao Liang; Ji-kai Yang; Guo-zheng Wang; Qing-duo Duanmu
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Analysis and simulation of remote sensor radiance under dawn-dusk illumination conditions
Author(s): Haoyang Li; Pengmei Xu; Yu Wang
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High illumination resolution test of low-light-level image intensifier
Author(s): Xiaofeng Bai; Lei Yin; Yufeng Zhu; Yingping He; Zhuang Miao; Wen Hu; Zhipeng Hou; Hongli Shi
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Characterization study of native oxides on GaAs(100) surface by XPS
Author(s): Liu Feng; Lian-dong Zhang; Hui Liu; Xiang Gao; Zhuang Miao; Hong-chang Cheng; Long Wang; Sen Niu
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Study on electron scrubbing methods of Cs2Te ultraviolet double-MCP image intensifiers
Author(s): Hui Liu; Liu Feng; Lian-dong Zhang; Xiang Gao; Zhuang Miao; Sen Niu; Long Wang; Xiao-hui Zhang
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Simulations on the electron back-scattering characteristics of ion barrier film
Author(s): Shencheng Fu; Bo Sun; Qi Wang; Gangcheng Jiao; Liu Feng; Ye Li
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Measurement conditions study on MCP current gain of the third generation low-light-level image intensifier tube
Author(s): Lei Yin; Xiao-feng Bai; Liu Feng; Ying-ping He; Xiang Gao
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Analysis of first proximity voltage on the property of GEN Ⅲ image intensifier
Author(s): Ni Zhang; Yu-feng Zhu; Dan Li; Jing Nie; Tai-min Zhang; Xiao-jian Liu; Zhao-lu Liu; Wei Cheng; Ling-yun Fu
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Research on detectable threshold of double MCP ultraviolet image intensifier tube
Author(s): Hong-chang Cheng; Qing-duo Duanmu; Feng Shi; Hong-li Shi; Hui Liu; Liu Feng; Ying-ping He; Zhi-peng Hou; Lei Yan; Ling Ren
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Optical testing of cylindrical surfaces with computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Wei Wang; Pei-ji Guo
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Study of infrared point source simulator for generating the multi-decoy
Author(s): Chang-e Zeng; Di Yang; Jian-gang Su; Yan-jun Huang; Zhi-sheng Wang
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Research of data retention in EEPROM cells
Author(s): Wei Cheng; Ni Zhang; Cang-lu Hu; Gang-cheng Jiao; Zhuang Miao; Ling-yun Fu; Feng Liu
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Research on mechanical shock impact of GaAs photocathode photoemission performance
Author(s): Feng Shi; Hong-chang Cheng; Xiao-feng Bai; Lei Yan; Gang-cheng Jiao
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Night vision image fusion for target detection with improved 2D maximum entropy segmentation
Author(s): Lian-fa Bai; Ying-bin Liu; Jiang Yue; Yi Zhang
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Function and its significance of screen luminous efficiency curve
Author(s): Zhao-Lu Liu; Tai-Min Zhang; Ni Zhang; Jing Nie; Hui-ping Hu; Ying Liu
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Technology discussion of reducing the equivalent background illumination of Gen Ⅲ Image Intensifier
Author(s): Yu-feng Zhu; Ni Zhang; Dan Li; Jing Nie; Tai-min Zhang; Xiao-jian Liu; Zhao-lu Liu; Ling-Yun Fu
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Auto-gated power supply for low-light level image intensifier
Author(s): Ye Yang; Qiang Zhi; Bo Yan; Ze Yao; Jun-guo Li; Yu Wang; Xiao-bing Ni; Ling-Yun Fu; Guangxu Deng
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Study on the faint star extraction technology with MEMS gyro aided APS star tracker
Author(s): Fei Xing; Borui Zhao; Ting Sun; Wei Xu; Zheng You
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Research on calculation of cathode electron scattering radius in the generation III image intensifier
Author(s): Yaojin Cheng; Feng Shi; Lei Yan; Zhipeng Hou; Hongli Shi; Feng Liu; Min Li
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Mechanism analysis of Gen Ⅲ LLL image intensifier GaAs cathode photoelectric emission disability
Author(s): Jiangtao Xu; Lei Yan; Yaojin Cheng; Kunye Han; Beibei Liu; Taimin Zhang
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Wet etching of AlGaN/GaN photocathode grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Guanghui Hao; Benkang Chang; Hongchang Cheng
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Analysis of the development and the prospects about vehicular infrared night vision system
Author(s): Jing Li; Hua-ping Fan; Zu-yun Xie; Xiao-hong Zhou; Hong-qiang Yu; Hui Huang
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InGaAs/InP photocathode grown by solid-source MBE
Author(s): Gang-cheng Jiao; Xiao-bing Xu; Lian-dong Zhang; Shu-fei Wang; Cha-xia Peng; Wei Cheng; Cang-lu Hu; Yu-jian Zhou; Chi Feng
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Calculation of integral photoluminescence for the GaAs photocathode bonding assembly
Author(s): Chi Feng; Gangcheng Jiao; Wei Cheng; Chaxia Peng; Zhuang Miao
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Theoretical study on balanced homodyne detection technique in preparation of squeezed states of light
Author(s): Wenyan Qu; Fei Feng; Jia-zheng Song; Tong-yi Zhang
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Application status and development trend of infrared imaging system
Author(s): Weifeng Zhang; Yanli Shi; Rui Hu; Yi Zeng; Min Yan
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Design for transmissive differential image motion seeing monitor system
Author(s): Lun Jiang; Xing Zhao; Shou Feng Tong; Lun Wang
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Readout design for 1×64 quantum dot-in-well photodetector array based on wide dynamic range
Author(s): Xiaoyan Liu; Fangmin Guo
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A high detection probability method for Gm-APD photon counting laser radar
Author(s): Zi-jing Zhang; Yuan Zhao; Yong Zhang; Long Wu; Jian-zhong Su
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Comparison of resolution characteristics between exponential-doping and uniform-doping GaN photocathodes
Author(s): Hong-gang Wang; Yun-sheng Qian; Liu-bing Lu; Hong-chang Cheng; Ben-kang Chang
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The research of relay lens coupling in image intensified camera
Author(s): Xin Sun; Bing-liang Hu; Chun-bo Zou; Qing-lan Bai; Le Wang
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The performance evaluation software for LLL imaging system
Author(s): Fang Zhang; Jiao-bo Gao; Yu Li
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A study on the application of ICCD in low light level remote sensing
Author(s): Zhe Bai; Jian Zhang; Xue-wu Fan; Wen-gang Yang
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The application of auto-gated power supply in ICCD camera
Author(s): Zhe Bai; Jian Zhang; Xue-wu Fan; Shi-ming Xiang
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Design of measurement system for low illuminance CCD’s key performance parameters
Author(s): Xiao-peng Shao; Juan Du; Yang Wang
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Study of uniform dot array beam produced by Airy beam
Author(s): Tai-zhi Fan; Jia Xu
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