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International Symposium on Photoelectronic Detection and Imaging 2013: Micro/Nano Optical Imaging Technologies and Applications
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Volume Number: 8911
Date Published: 28 August 2013
Softcover: 32 papers (268) pages
ISBN: 9780819497802

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8911
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Inline contaminants detection with optical microfiber in high-power laser system
Author(s): Zhengtong Wei; Zhangqi Song; Yang Yu; Xueliang Zhang; Zhou Meng
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Design and simulation of double annular illumination mode for microlithography
Author(s): Qiang Song; Jing Zhu; Baoxi Yang; Lei Liu; Jun Wang; Huijie Huang
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Design and fabrication of filtering artificial-compound-eye and its application in multispectral imaging
Author(s): Jian Jin; Si Di; Yupei Yao; Ruxu Du
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Exploiting adaptive total variation model for image reconstruction from speckle patterns
Author(s): Changmei Gong; Xiaopeng Shao; Tengfei Wu
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Preparation and characterization of A-site doped Perovskite-type manganese oxides
Author(s): Yingqun Huang; Xiong Li; Xinglai Che; Hailang Ju
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Screw thread parameter measurement system based on image processing method
Author(s): Zhimin Rao; Kanggao Huang; Jiandong Mao; Yaya Zhang; Fan Zhang
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Integrated microfluidic spectroscopic sensor using arrayed waveguide grating
Author(s): Zhixiong Hu; Andrew Glidle; Charles N. Ironside; Marc Sorel; Michael Strain; Jonathan M. Cooper; Huabing Yin
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A review of developments in the preparation methods of tantalum pentoxide film
Author(s): Shuilan Hu; Runling Peng; Yifan Li; Jiabi Chen
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Flat dielectric grating focusing lens with TE-polarized incident light
Author(s): Ting Ma; Xiao-dong Yuan; Wei-min Ye; Wei Xu
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High speed optical nanoscopy by stimulated emission depletion (STED) with galvo mirrors
Author(s): Shuai Li; Cui-fang Kuang; Yi-fan Wang; Xiang Hao; Peng Xiu; Ying-ke Xu; Xu Liu
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Transient x-ray diffraction to measure the dynamic response of shocked lithium fluoride single crystal
Author(s): Hai-rong Wang; Yan Ye; Qing-guo Yang; Mu Li; Sha-li Xiao; Ze-ren Li
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An algorithm for restoring the wafer surface based on B-spline surface reconstruction
Author(s): Nan Wang; Wei Jiang; Wei Yan; Song Hu
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Nano-scale memristor SPICE implementation using ideal operational amplifier model
Author(s): Kaida Xu; Yonghong Zhang; Lin Wang; Mengqing Yuan; William T. Joines; Qing Huo Liu
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A research of a high precision multichannel data acquisition system
Author(s): Ling-na Zhong; Xiao-ping Tang; Wei Yan
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Vector analysis of two-dimensional Ronchi grating in the metrology system
Author(s): Zhengpeng Yao; Tingwen Xing
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Research on generating various polarization-modes in polarized illumination system
Author(s): Jinping Huang; Wumei Lin; Zhenjie Fan
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Broadband infrared absorber based on plasmonic hybrid resonator
Author(s): Qiuqun Liang; Dongliang Hao; Taisheng Wang; Zhenwu Lu; Qiang Sun; Weixing Yu
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Study of the impact of gas temperature and pressure on image quality of lithography objective lens
Author(s): Chao Zhou; Tingwen Xing
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Design of an optical system with large depth of field using in the micro-assembly
Author(s): Rong Li; Jun Chang; Zhi-jing Zhang; Xin Ye; Hai-jing Zheng
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Effect of fabrication errors on binary optical element imaging quality
Author(s): Song Wang; Wei Yang; Shi-bin Wu
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Orthogonal experiment and analysis on process parameters of bowl feed polishing (BFP)
Author(s): Kai Meng; Yongjian Wan; Qinglan Xu; Yang Yang
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Illumination optimization in optical projective lithography
Author(s): Hai-bo Jiang; Ting-wen Xing; Meng Du; An Chen
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Simulation and representation turbulent wavefront according to transformation Gaussian lasers into patterned light fields by diffractive micro-optics elements
Author(s): Yong Qu; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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The focal spot shape and point spread function of liquid crystal microlens with different pattern electrodes
Author(s): Shengwu Kang; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Cross-correlation analysis for live-cell image trajectory
Author(s): Chih-Ming Cheng; Yu-Fen Chang; Chien-ming Wu
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Error analysis for aspheric surface testing system
Author(s): Jie Feng; Chao Deng; Tingwen Xing
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Iterative learning control for synchronization of reticle stage and wafer stage in step-and-scan lithographic equipment
Author(s): Lan-lan Li; Song Hu; Li-xin Zhao; Ping Ma
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Modeling and simulation of nematic liquid crystal microlens with electrically focal-swing over focal plane
Author(s): Zaihong Mei; Shengwu Kang; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Comparative study of wavefront coding imaging with rotational and non-rotational symmetric phase masks
Author(s): Jiangfei Hu; Feng Xu; Xiaonan Zhao; Chinhua Wang
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Absorption enhancement of In0.53Ga0.47As photodetector with rear plasmonic nanostructure
Author(s): Binzong Xu; Jietao Liu; Weimin Wang; Yun Xu; Qing Wang; Guofeng Song; Xin Wei
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Optical surface measurement using phase retrieval hybrid algorithm based on diffraction angular spectrum theory
Author(s): Liang Feng; Zhi-ge Zeng; Yong-qian Wu
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Infrared stop-band filter based on a subwavelength structure
Author(s): Yanqin Song; Chinhua Wang; Yimin Lou; Bing Cao; Xiaofeng Li
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