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International Symposium on Photoelectronic Detection and Imaging 2013: Terahertz Technologies and Applications
Editor(s): Marco Rahm; Konstantin Vodopyanov; Wei Shi; Cunlin Zhang
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Volume Number: 8909
Date Published: 28 August 2013
Softcover: 44 papers (342) pages
ISBN: 9780819497789

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8909
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Signature analysis of ballistic missile warhead with micro-nutation in terahertz band
Author(s): Ming Li; Yue-song Jiang
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Simulation for the radiation of Terahertz Horn Antenna with mixed-mode excitation source
Author(s): Xiang-qin Zhu; Jian-guo Wang; Guang-qiang Wang; Zai-gao Chen; Li-bing Cai
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Transmission characteristics of 0.14 THz terahertz waves in metal overmoded waveguides
Author(s): Guang-qiang Wang; Jian-guo Wang; Xue-feng Wang; Chang-jiang Tong; Shuang Li; Xi-cheng Lu
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A calibration approach for terahertz wave measurements at frequencies from 0.11 THz to 0.17 THz
Author(s): Xue-feng Wang; Jian-guo Wang; Guang-qiang Wang; Chang-jiang Tong; Shuang Li
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Progress of terahertz functional subwavelength devices -modulator, isolator and sensor
Author(s): Fei Fan; Sheng-Jiang Chang
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Design of a micromachined terahertz electromagnetic crystals (EMXT) channel-drop filter on silicon-substrate
Author(s): Kai Zhou; Yong Liu; Liming Si; Xin Lv
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A novel method about 0.14THz power divider based on 3dB directional coupler
Author(s): Xiaoke Kang; Peng Chen; Xianjin Deng; Zhang Chen
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Experimental study on the effect of boundary condition for transmission properties of periodical metal hole arrays in terahertz range
Author(s): Jiaming Xu; Le Xie; Chunmei Gao; Zhou Li; Lin Chen; Yiming Zhu
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Terahertz symmetric resonant cavities sensor based on parallel-palte waveguide
Author(s): ChunMei Gao; Lin Chen; JiaMing Xu; YiMing Zhu
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Gaussian beam scattering from a hemispherical boss
Author(s): Hui-Yu Li; Qi Li; Zheng-Jun Liu; Yong-Peng Zhao; De-Ying Chen; Qi Wang
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A study of trapped mode resonances in asymmetric X-shape resonator for frequency selective surface
Author(s): Kejian Chen; Hong Liu; Yiqi Wang; Yiming Zhu
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Terahertz plasmon polariton formed in a Fabry–Pérot cavity and a grating-coupled two-dimensional electron gas
Author(s): Yong-dan Huang; Hua Qin; Bao-shun Zhang; Jing-bo Wu; Gao-chao Zhou; Biao-bing Jin
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Characterization of terahertz emission from laser-induced air plasma under different pump power
Author(s): Yi-man Luo; Liang-liang Zhang; Ji Zhao; Cun-lin Zhang
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Perfect invisible terahertz cloak
Author(s): Zhou Li; XiaoFei Zang; JiaMing Xu; YiMing Zhu
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A high Q terahertz one-dimensional photonic crystal cavity and its applications
Author(s): Tao Chen; Pingan Liu; Jianjun Liu; Zhi Hong
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Analysis of terahertz generation characteristic affected by injured photoconductive antenna
Author(s): Hui Li; Wen-hui Fan; Jia Liu
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The study of quasi-optical system used in a passive near-field tetrahertz imaging system
Author(s): Zhuo Wang; Wei-wen Zhu; Wen-si Zhang; Cheng-jiang Zhang; Qing Ding; Xian-ting Bi; Jui-feng Wu
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Study on silicon nanostructure based solar cell by ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy
Author(s): Longyao Peng; Liguo Zhu; Hao Tang; Kun Meng; Sencheng Zhong; Zeren Li; Rongzhu Zhang
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Characteristics of chiral and racemic ketoprofen drugs using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Yong Du; Jianjun Liu; Zhi Hong
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Development of the data acquisition and control system for a portable THz time-domain spectrometer
Author(s): Weibo Gao; Yingxin Wang; Ziran Zhao
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Fringe removal for continuous-wave terahertz imaging based on cartoon-texture decomposition
Author(s): Lingbo Qiao; Yingxin Wang; Ziran Zhao; Zhiqiang Chen
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Switchable terahertz metamaterials with dual resonance
Author(s): Xu Zhao; Jun He; Cunlin Zhang
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Retrieval of atmospheric parameters by radiometer at frequency of terahertz
Author(s): Jiang-man Li; Li-xin Guo; Le-Ke Lin; Hai-ying Li; Yi-yang Zhao; Ting-ting Shu; Xian-hai Cheng
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Passive terahertz imaging for security application
Author(s): Lan-tao Guo; Chao Deng; Yuan-meng Zhao; Cun-lin Zhang
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Design of 0.35THz 2D photonic crystal bandpass filter
Author(s): Qi Chen; Yi-xia Zhang; Xiao-yang He; Jian Zhang
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Measurement precision analysis for terahertz absorption spectrum of explosive materials by using terahertz transmissione spectroscopy
Author(s): Zhe Yang; Qingyan Yin; Hongguang Li
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Terahertz ISAR imaging in noise backgroud
Author(s): Liang-Sheng Li; Sheng Li; Hong-cheng Yin
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The study on the continuum absorption of THz wave in atmosphere
Author(s): Hai-ying Li; Zhen-sen Wu; Le-Ke Lin; Chang-sheng Lu; Zhen-wei Zhao
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The application of reduced absorption cross section on the identification of the compounds with similar function-groups
Author(s): Fei Yu; Jian Zuo; Kai-jun Mu; Zhen-wei Zhang; Liang-liang Zhang; Lei-wei Zhang; Cun-lin Zhang
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FDTD-based computed terahertz wave propagation in multilayer medium structures
Author(s): Wan-li Tu; Shun-cong Zhong; Hai-zi Yao; Yao-chun Shen
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Far-infrared characteristics of NaCl and alkali halide
Author(s): Te Ji; Zeng-yan Zhang; Min Chen; Ti-qiao Xiao
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Cherenkov phase-matched terahertz wave generation and its spectroscopic applications
Author(s): Koji Suizu; Takuya Akiba; Naoya Kaneko; Hirohisa Uchida; Katsuya Miyamoto; Takashige Omatsu
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Anti-camouflage capacity study of THz
Author(s): Jia-chun Wang; Da-peng Zhao; Jia-ming Shi; Yi-min Lu; Zong-sheng Chen; Qi-chao Wang
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A 46μm AlGsAs/GaAs terahertz quantum-well infrared photodetector
Author(s): Xi-hui Liu; Kai-sheng Liao; Xiao-hao Zhou; Zhi-feng Li; Ning Li
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Ion-implanted Si:P blocked-impurity-band photodetectors for far-infrared and terahertz radiation detection
Author(s): Kaisheng Liao; Ning Li; Xihui Liu; Liang Huang; Qiaoyu Zeng; Xiaohao Zhou; Zhifeng Li
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Light control terahertz modulator based on the semiconductor material
Author(s): Hailin Cui; Lei Jiao; Qingli Zhou; Lijuan Li
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The research of progress of terahertz metamaterial modulators
Author(s): Li-juan Li; Lei Jiao; Hai-lin Cui; Jingsuo He
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The research of resonant frequency and modulation depth of Metamaterial THz modulator
Author(s): Lei Jiao; Li-juan Li; Hai-lin Cui; Jing-suo He
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Research on the influence of waveguide’s exposure steepness on 0.345THz FWGTWT’s performance
Author(s): Fang Zhang; Zhiwei Dong; Ye Dong
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Research of room-temperature continuous-wave terahertz imaging array based on microbolometer
Author(s): Bo Su; Guoteng Duan; Hai-lin Cui; Cun-lin Zhang
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Design of 1-THz field effect transistor detectors in 180-nm standard CMOS process
Author(s): Zhao-yang Liu; Li-yuan Liu; Nan-jian Wu
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Mid-infrared (Mid-IR) optical frequency comb spectroscopy method for trace gas detection
Author(s): Miao Zhu
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A continuous-wave THz imaging system
Author(s): Ting-Hang Pei; Yang-Tung Huang; Yu-Jiu Wang; Wei-Zen Chen; Chien-Nan Kuo; Yu-Ting Cheng
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Application of laser diode in airplane engine nozzle temperature measurement system
Author(s): Yuan-fei Xia; Qiang Ren; Xue-yuan Li
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