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29th European Mask and Lithography Conference
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Volume Number: 8886
Date Published: 1 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8886
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The lithographer's dilemma: shrinking without breaking the bank
Author(s): Harry J. Levinson
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Consequent use of IT tools as a driver for cost reduction and quality improvements
Author(s): Stefan Hein; Roberto Rapp; Andreas Feustel
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NXE:3300B platform: imaging applications for Logic and DRAM
Author(s): Eelco van Setten; Guido Schiffelers; Cristina Toma; Jo Finders; Dorothe Oorschot; Joep van Dijk; Sjoerd Lok; Rudy Peeters
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Thermal probe nanolithography: in-situ inspection, high-speed, high-resolution, 3D
Author(s): Felix Holzner; Philip Paul; Michel Despont; Lin Lee Cheong; James Hedrick; Urs Dürig; Armin Knoll
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Scanner grid recipe creation improvement for tighter overlay specifications
Author(s): Eric Cotte; Hariharasudhan Kathiresan; Matthias Ruhm; Bernd Schulz; Uwe Schulze
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Challenges in process marginality for advanced technology nodes and tackling its contributors
Author(s): Aravind Narayana Samy; Roberto Schiwon; Rolf Seltmann; Frank Kahlenberg; Ushasree Katakamsetty
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Experimental approach to EUV imaging enhancement by mask absorber height optimization
Author(s): Natalia Davydova; Robert de Kruif; Haiko Rolff; Brid Connolly; Eelco van Setten; Ad Lammers; Dorothe Oorschot; Norihito Fukugami; Yutaka Kodera
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Actinic characterization and modeling of the EUV mask stack
Author(s): Vicky Philipsen; Eric Hendrickx; Rik Jonckheere; Natalia Davydova; Timon Fliervoet; Jens Timo Neumann
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Recent advances in SEMATECH's mask blank development program, the remaining technical challenges, and future outlook
Author(s): Frank Goodwin; Patrick Kearney; Arun John Kadaksham; Stefan Wurm
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Chemical Semi-Amplified positive E-beam Resist (CSAR 62) for highest resolution
Author(s): M. Schirmer; B. Büttner; F. Syrowatka; G. Schmidt; T. Köpnick; C. Kaiser
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Dose variation and charging due to fogging in electron beam lithography: simulations using CHARIOT Monte Carlo software
Author(s): Sergey Babin; Sergey Borisov; Elena Patyukova
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Extreme long range process effects characterization and compensation
Author(s): Thiago Figueiro; Clyde Browning; Martin J. Thornton; Cyril Vannuffel; Kang-Hoon Choi; Christoph Hohle; Jean-Herve Tortai; Patrick Schiavone
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Status of the AIMS EUV development project
Author(s): Anthony Garetto; Jan Hendrik Peters; Dirk Hellweg; Markus Weiss
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Changing technology requirements of mask metrology
Author(s): Klaus-Dieter Roeth; Mark Wagner; Frank Laske
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Utilization of AIMS Bossung plots to predict Qz height deviations from nominal
Author(s): Anthony Garetto; Doug Uzzel; Krister Magnusson; Jon Morgan; Gilles Tabbone
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Application of Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry to determine line edge roughness on photomasks
Author(s): A. Heinrich; I. Dirnstorfer; J. Bischoff; U. Richter; H. Ketelson; K. Meiner; T. Mikolajick
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Looking for simple engineering solutions in DFM patents
Author(s): Artur Balasinski
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Imaging challenges in 20nm and 14nm logic nodes: hot spots performance in Metal1 layer
Author(s): V. Timoshkov; D. Rio; H. Liu; W. Gillijns; J. Wang; P. Wong; D. Van Den Heuvel; V. Wiaux; P. Nikolsky; J. Finders
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Improving inspectability of sub-2x-nm node masks with complex SRAF
Author(s): In Yong Kang; Gisung Yoon; Jonghee Lee; Donghoon Paul Chung; Byung-Gook Kim; Chan-Uk Jeon; Gregg Inderhees; Trent Hutchinson; Wonil Cho; Jiuk Hur
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Model-based SRAF solutions for advanced technology nodes
Author(s): Srividya Jayaram; Pat LaCour; James Word; Alexander Tritchkov
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