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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8885

Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 2013
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Volume Number: 8885
Date Published: 2 December 2013
Softcover: 51 papers (446) pages
ISBN: 9780819497536

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8885
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Defect insensitive 100 J/cm2 multilayer mirror coating process
Author(s): Christopher J. Stolz; Justin E. Wolfe; Paul B. Mirkarimi; James A. Folta; John J. Adams; Marlon G. Menor; Nick E. Teslich; Regina Soufli; Carmen S. Menoni; Dinesh Patel
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Near-ultraviolet absorption-annealing effects in HfO2 thin films subjected to continuous-wave laser irradiation at 355 nm
Author(s): S. Papernov; A. A. Kozlov; J. B. Oliver; T. J. Kessler; B. Marozas
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Investigation of non-quarter wave design on multilayer optical thin film coatings from a heat transfer point of view
Author(s): Mustafa Ocak; Cüneyt Sert; Tuba Ö. Okutucu
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Predictive growth model of LID: light intensification model
Author(s): ChingSeong Tan; D. Patel; X. Wang; D. Schlitz; P. S. Dehkordi; C. S. Menoni; E. K. P. Chong
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Study on the laser induced damage performance of HfO2, Sc2O3, Y2O3, Al2O3 and SiO2 monolayer coatings
Author(s): Meiping Zhu; Kui Yi; Dawei Li; Hongji Qi; Yuanan Zhao; Jie Liu; Xiaofeng Liu; Guohang Hu; Jianda Shao
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Brewster angle thin film polarizing beamsplitter laser damage competition: “S” polarization
Author(s): Christopher J. Stolz; Jeff Runkel
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From ground to space: how to increase the confidence level in your flight optics
Author(s): W. Riede; P. Allenspacher; M. Lammers; D. Wernham; A. Ciapponi; C. Heese; L. Jensen; H. Maedebach; S. Schrameyer; D. Ristau
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Round-Robin experiment on LIDT measurements at 1064 nm in vacuum for space qualification of optics
Author(s): Stefan Schrameyer; Heinrich Mädebach; Lars Jensen; Detlev Ristau; Clemens Heese; Jorge Piris; Alessandra Ciapponi; Bruno Sarti; Paul Allenspacher; Melanie Lammers; Wolfgang Riede; Andrius Melninkaitis; Gintarė Batavičiūtė; Linas Smalakys; Valdas Sirutkaitis
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Method for studying laser-induced damage from sparse defects
Author(s): Sam Richman; Alexander R. Martin; Quentin Turchette; Trey Turner
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Influence of growth behavior on laser-induced bulk damage in deuterated potassium di-hydrogen phosphate (DKDP) crystals
Author(s): Zhi M. Liao; R. Roussell; J. J. Adams; M. Runkel; W. T. Frenk; J. Luken; C. W. Carr
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High-power laser testing of 3D meta-optics
Author(s): A. Pung; I. Raghu Srimathi; Y. Li; E. Johnson; M. D. Shinn; K. J. Lee; R. Magnusson; J. Talghader; L. Taylor; L. Shah; M. Richardson
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Compositional dependent response of silica-based glasses to femtosecond laser pulse irradiation
Author(s): Thomas Seuthe; Moritz Grehn; Alexandre Mermillod-Blondin; Jörn Bonse; Markus Eberstein
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A unified optical damage criterion based on the probability density distribution of detector signals
Author(s): T. Somoskoi; Cs. Vass; M. Mero; R. Mingesz; Z. Bozoki; K. Osvay
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Examination of multi-shot laser induced damage on uncoated fused silica substrates at the surface and in the bulk material using P-polarized 1 ns 1.5 kHz laser pulses at 1064 nm
Author(s): Furqan L. Chiragh; Oleg A. Konoplev; Alexey A. Vasilyev; Demetrios Poulios; Mark A. Stephen; Michael A. Krainak
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A survey of laser plasma target emissions and contamination effects
Author(s): James E. Andrew
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Laser-induced contamination and its impact on laser damage threshold
Author(s): H. Schröder; P. Wagner; D. Kokkinos; W. Riede; A. Tighe
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Phase modulation in high power optical systems caused by pulsed laser-driven particle ablation events
Author(s): Manyalibo J. Matthews; Nan Shen; Alexander M. Rubenchik; John Honig; Jeffrey D. Bude
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Comparison of material response in fused silica and KDP following exit surface laser- induced breakdown
Author(s): Stavros G. Demos; Raluca A. Negres; Rajesh N. Raman; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Michael D. Feit
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Mitigation of laser damage on National Ignition Facility optics in volume production
Author(s): James Folta; Mike Nostrand; John Honig; Nan Wong; Frank Ravizza; Paul Geraghty; Mike Taranowski; Gary Johnson; Glenn Larkin; Doug Ravizza; John Peterson; Brian Welday; Paul Wegner
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Investigation of single-mode fiber output damage by 405nm CW laser light
Author(s): C. P. Gonschior; E. Landrock-Bill; K.-F. Klein; T. Sun; K. T. V. Grattan
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Theory of phase-locking of multi-stable fiber amplifier arrays
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove; Mohammad R. Zunoubi; Christopher J. Corcoran
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Laser damage in dielectric films: What we know and what we don't
Author(s): Wolfgang Rudolph; Luke Emmert; Zhanliang Sun; Dinesh Patel; Carmen Menoni
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General model for nanosecond-laser induced damage in KTiOPO4 crystals
Author(s): Frank Wagner; Guillaume Duchateau; Jean-Yves Natoli; Mireille Commandre
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Understanding the physical and material dynamics of multipulse femtosecond laser interactions with surfaces
Author(s): Troy P. Anderson; Craig Zuhlke; Chris Wilson; Corey Kruse; Natale Ianno; Sidy Ndao; George Gogos; Dennis Alexander
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Application of time-resolved digital holographic microscopy to study femtosecond damage process in thin films
Author(s): Nerijus Šiaulys; Laurent Gallais; Andrius Melninkaitis
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Interaction of laser pulse with confined plasma during exit surface nanosecond laser damage
Author(s): Alexander M. Rubenchik; Michael D. Feit; Stavros G. Demos
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Commissioning and first results of the ELI-beamlines LIDT test station
Author(s): Daniel Kramer; Rui Barros; Tomáš Medřík; Jan Hřebíček; Davorin Peceli; Michal Ďurák; Michaela Kozlova; Bedřich Rus
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How the laser-induced ionization of transparent solids can be suppressed
Author(s): Vitaly Gruzdev
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A theoretical analysis for temperature dependences of laser-induced damage threshold
Author(s): K. Mikami; S. Motokoshi; T. Somekawa; T. Jitsuno; M. Fujita; K. A. Tanaka
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New tools for the dynamical description of laser arrays and other complex systems
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove; Niketh Nair; Alejandro B. Aceves; Mohammad R. Zunoubi
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Modeling femtosecond pulse laser damage on conductors using Particle-In-Cell simulations
Author(s): Robert A. Mitchell; Douglass Schumacher; Enam Chowdhury
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Algorithm for cumulative damage probability calculations in S-on-1 laser damage testing
Author(s): Stefan Schrameyer; Marco Jupé; Lars Jensen; Detlev Ristau
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Laser damage threshold measurements via maximum likelihood estimation
Author(s): Jonathan W. Arenberg; Michael D. Thomas
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Laser calorimetric absorptance testing of samples with varying geometry
Author(s): I. Balasa; L. Jensen; D. Ristau
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Effect of longitudinal laser mode beating in damage probability measurements
Author(s): Gintarė Batavičiūtė; Egidijus Pupka; Viktorija Pyragaitė; Linas Smalakys; Andrius Melninkaitis
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Accelerated life time testing of fused silica for DUV laser applications revised
Author(s): Christian Mühlig; Simon Bublitz
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An empirical investigation of the laser survivability curve: IV
Author(s): Jonathan Arenberg; Wolfgang Riede; Alessandra Ciapponi; Paul Allenspacher; Jon Herringer; Denny Wernham
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Laser-induced damage density of thick optical components
Author(s): L. Lamaignère; T. Donval; R. Diaz; R. Courchinoux
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Photothermal absorption measurements for improved thermal stability of high-power laser optics
Author(s): M. Stubenvoll; B. Schäfer; K. Mann; A. Walter; L. Zittel
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Laser damage comparisons of broad-bandwidth, high-reflection optical coatings containing TiO2, Nb2O5, or Ta2O5 high index layers
Author(s): Ella S. Field; John C. Bellum; Damon E. Kletecka
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Localized planarization of optical damage using laser-based chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Manyalibo J. Matthews; Selim Elhadj; Gabe M. Guss; Arun Sridharan; Norman D. Nielsen; Jae-Hyuck Yoo; Daeho Lee; Costas Grigoropoulos
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Confocal photothermal microscopy of thin films based on etalon and thermal lensing effects
Author(s): Z. Sun; A. Mansoori; X. Zhang; L. A. Emmert; D. Patel; C. S. Menoni; W. Rudolph
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Investigation of subsurface damage impact on resistance of laser radiation of fused silica substrates
Author(s): K. Juškevičius; R. Buzelis; S. Kičas; T. Tolenis; R. Drazdys; G. Batavičiūtė; Egidijus Pupka; L. Smalakys; A. Melninkaitis
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Development of high resistant anti-reflection coating by using Al2O3/SiO2 multilayer
Author(s): Yoshihiro Ochi; Keisuke Nagashima; Hajime Okada; Momoko Tanaka; Ryo Tateno; Yasuyuki Furukawa; Akira Sugiyama
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A comparison of laser-induced-damage-threshold of two types of dielectric polarizing beam splitters
Author(s): Václav Škoda
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Characterization and application of HfO2 - SiO2 mixtures produced by ion-beam sputtering technology
Author(s): S. Kičas; Gintarė Batavičiūtė; Kęstutis Juškevičius; Tomas Tolenis; Ramutis Drazdys; Rytis Buzelis; Andrius Melninkaitis
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Improvements in the laser damage behavior of Ta2O5/SiO2 interference coatings by modification of the top layer design
Author(s): D. Patel; D. Schiltz; P. F. Langton; L. Emmert; L. N. Acquaroli; C. Baumgarten; B. Reagan; J. J. Rocca; W. Rudolph; A. Markosyan; R. R. Route; M. Fejer; C. S. Menoni
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MRF, ELSM and STED: tools to study defects in fused silica optics
Author(s): R. Catrin; D. Taroux; P. Cormont; C. Maunier; J. Neauport
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Performance of multilayer optical coatings under long-term 532nm laser exposure
Author(s): D. Poulios; O. Konoplev; F. Chiragh; A. Vasilyev; M. Stephen; K. Strickler
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Laser-induced damage resistance of 266nm AR coatings
Author(s): Byungil Cho; Andy Lyu; Mark Feldman
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Contamination resistant antireflection nano-textures in fused silica for laser optics
Author(s): Douglas S. Hobbs; Bruce D. MacLeod; Ernest Sabatino; Jerald A. Britten; Christopher J. Stolz
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Optical contamination control in the Advanced LIGO ultra-high vacuum system
Author(s): Margot H Phelps; Kaitlin E. Gushwa; Calum I. Torrie
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