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ROMOPTO 2012: Tenth Conference on Optics: Micro- to Nanophotonics III
Editor(s): Valentin I. Vlad
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Volume Number: 8882
Date Published: 21 June 2013
Softcover: 35 papers (302) pages
ISBN: 9780819497444

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8882
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
DNA- and DNA-CTMA: novel bio-nanomaterials for application in photonics and in electronics
Author(s): Mihaela Mindroiu; Ana-Maria Manea; Ileana Rau; James G. Grote; Hyrla C.L. Oliveira; Agnieszka Pawlicka; Francois Kajzar
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Nanoscopy with focused light
Author(s): Stefan W. Hell
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Upconversion luminescence in La3Ga5.5Ta0.5O14 codoped with Er3+ and Yb3+
Author(s): S. Georgescu; A.M. Voiculescu; C. Matei; A. G. Stefan; O. Toma
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Analysis of bulk and nanostructured passive Q-switches for erbium laser oscillators
Author(s): Sorin Miclos; Ion Lancranjan; Roxana Savastru; Dan Savastru
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Generation of high-peak power 532-nm green pulses from composite, all-ceramics, passively Q-switched Nd:YAG/Cr4+:YAG laser
Author(s): Gabriela Salamu; Alina Ionescu; Catalina Brandus; Oana Grigore; Nicolaie Pavel; Traian Dascalu
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Materials micro-processing using femtosecond lasers
Author(s): R. Dabu; M. Zamfirescu; I. Anghel; F. Jipa
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Hydroxyapatite thin films synthesized by Pulsed Laser Deposition onto titanium mesh implants for cranioplasty applications
Author(s): L. Duta; G. E. Stan; A. C. Popescu; G. Socol; F. M. Miroiu; I. N. Mihailescu; A. Ianculescu; I. Poeata; A. Chiriac
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Quantum correlations in two-mode Gaussian open quantum systems
Author(s): Aurelian Isar
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Circular motion of particles by the help of the spin part of the internal energy flow
Author(s): O. V. Angelsky; A. Ya. Bekshaev; P. P. Maksimyak; A. P. Maksimyak; C. Yu. Zenkova; N. V. Gorodynska
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Fabrication of plasmonic structures on LN2 cooled substrates
Author(s): Tomasz Stefaniuk; Piotr Wróbel; Tomasz Szoplik
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Nonlinear refractive properties of 1D periodically nanostructured silicon-on-insulator investigated by reflection I-Scan
Author(s): Tatiana Bazaru Rujoiu; Adrian Petris; Valentin I. Vlad
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Nonlinear optical properties of Rh610 sensitized DNA-CTMA characterized by Z-Scan
Author(s): I. Dancus; V. I. Vlad; A. Petris; I. Rau; F. Kajzar; A. Meghea; A. Tane
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Numerical analysis of a nanowire grating plasmon
Author(s): Ion I. Lăncrănjan; Sorin Miclos; Aurelian Popescu; Dan Savastru; Ion N. Mihăilescu
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A stimulated spontaneous down conversion effect
Author(s): Al. Rusu; L. Rusu
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New and old intensity statistics from large receiving apertures in the atmosphere
Author(s): Anna Consortini
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Analysis of imaging system performance capabilities
Author(s): Harel Haim; Emanuel Marom
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A new method for estimating the degree of coherence of mutually orthogonal linearly polarized interacting waves
Author(s): C. Yu. Zenkova; M. P. Gorsky; I. V. Soltys; P. O. Angelsky
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Linear and nonlinear light bullets: recent developments
Author(s): Dumitru Mihalache
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Analysis of soliton waveguides in lithium niobate at 405nm wavelength
Author(s): S. T. Popescu; A. Petris; V. I. Vlad; E. Fazio
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Cooperative effects between three subsystems in two-photon and Raman resonances
Author(s): Nicolae A. Enaki; Tudor Rosca
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Optical tweezers based on polarization interferometer
Author(s): Oleg V. Angelsky; Andrew P. Maksimyak; Peter P. Maksimyak; Mykola M. Dominikov
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Reflectance and transmittance of a uniaxial thin film with the optic axis perpendicular to the surface
Author(s): P. C. Logofatu
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Optospectral techniques for urban forest state characterization
Author(s): Maria Zoran; Roxana Savastru; Dan Savastru; Marina Tautan; Sorin Miclos; Laurentiu Baschir
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Polarization-singular structure of phase-inhomogeneous layers for diagnostics and classification of their optical properties
Author(s): A. G. Ushenko; A. V. Dubolazov
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Polarization-phase filtering of laser images of biological liquids
Author(s): Yu. A. Ushenko; M. Sidor
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The possibilities of using scale-selective polarization cartography in diagnostics of myocardium pathologies
Author(s): Yu. A. Ushenko; O. Ya. Wanchuliak
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Numerical analysis of laser paint removal from various substrates
Author(s): Dan Savastru; Roxana Savastru; Ion Lancranjan; Sorin Miclos; Constantin Opran
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Generation and biological evaluation of the products formed from the exposure of Phenothiazine to a 266nm laser beam
Author(s): T. Alexandru; M. L. Pascu; B. Danko; V. Nastasa; M. Boni; A. Militaru; I. R. Andrei; A. Staicu; A. Hunyadi; A. Armada; M. Viveiros; L. Amaral
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Spatial-frequency structure and polarization phasometry of coherent images of biological polycrystalline networks
Author(s): Pavlo O. Angelsky; L. Trifonyuk
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Complex degree of mutual coherence of biological liquids
Author(s): V. A. Ushenko
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Assessment of the aerosols distribution in the Bucharest metropolitan area in relation with health effects
Author(s): M. A. Zoran; M. R. Dida
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Analysis of climatic and anthropogenic changes effects on spectral vegetation indices of forested areas
Author(s): Maria Zoran; Roxana Savastru; Dan Savastru; Marina Tautan; Sorin Miclos; Laurentiu Baschir
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Numerical simulation of distributed feed-back fiber laser sensors
Author(s): Roxana Savastru; Ion I. Lancranjan; Dan Savastru; Sorin Miclos
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Multimode optical fiber study for a new radiation dosimeter development
Author(s): Eugenia Badita; Elena Stancu; Florea Scarlat; Catalin Vancea; Maria Dumitrascu; Anca Scarisoreanu
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Spectral manifestations of polarization action of narrow slit
Author(s): Ch. V. Felde; M. V. Oleksyuk; P. V. Polyanskii
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