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Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging XI
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Volume Number: 8875
Date Published: 14 October 2013
Softcover: 21 papers (190) pages
ISBN: 9780819497253

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8875
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Space-time quantum imaging
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon; Arnold Tunick
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Atom lithography with subwavelength resolution
Author(s): M. Suhail Zubairy; Zeyang Liao; M. Al-Amri
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On using intensity interferometry for feature identification and imaging of remote objects
Author(s): Baris I. Erkmen; Dmitry V. Strekalov; Nan Yu
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Protecting quantum entanglement from amplitude damping
Author(s): Zeyang Liao; M. Al-Amri; M. Suhail Zubairy
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Entangled photon generation in a phase-modulated, quasi-phasematched crystal
Author(s): Paulina S. Kuo; Jason S. Pelc; Oliver Slattery; Yong-Su Kim; Xiao Tang
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Breaking the diffraction limit using entanglement based microscopy
Author(s): Daniel Schlenk; Harald Weinfurter
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Non-invasive high resolving power quantum microscope
Author(s): Sanjit Karmakar; Ronald Meyers; Yanhua Shih
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Toward sub-wavelength lithography with atomic coherence
Author(s): Philip Hemmer; Fahad Al Ghannam; Suhail Zubairy
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Aqueye Plus: a very fast single photon counter for astronomical photometry to quantum limits equipped with an Optical Vortex coronagraph
Author(s): Giampiero Naletto; Cesare Barbieri; Enrico Verroi; Mirco Zaccariotto; Filippo Romanato; Anna Sponselli; Elettra Mari; Mauro Barbieri; Luca Zampieri; Tommaso Occhipinti; Ivan Capraro; Andrea Cardullo
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Correlation functions and matrix permanents
Author(s): Vincenzo Tamma; Florian Nägele
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Some recent progresses in quantum tomography realised at INRIM
Author(s): F. Piacentini; E. A. Goldschmidt; Maria G. Mingolla; I. P. Degiovanni; M. Gramegna; I. R. Berchera; S. V. Polyakov; S. Peters; S. Kück; E. Taralli; L. Lolli; M. Rajteri; M. G. A. Paris; A. Migdall; G. Brida; M. Genovese
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Protecting entanglement from decoherence using weak measurement and quantum measurement reversal
Author(s): Yong-Su Kim; Jong-Chan Lee; Osung Kwon; Yoon-Ho Kim
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The role of quantum memory in quantum information processing
Author(s): Kae Nemoto; Ashley M. Stephens; Simon J. Devitt; Keith A. Harrison; William J. Munro
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A hybrid quantum system of atoms trapped on ultrathin optical fibers coupled to superconductors
Author(s): S. L. Rolston; J. R. Anderson; U. Chukwu; J. Grover; J. B. Hertzberg; J. E. Hoffman; P. Kordell; J. Lee; C. J. Lobb; L. A. Orozco; S. Ravets; P. Solano; K. D. Voigt; F. C. Wellstood; J. D. Wong-Campos; G. Beadie; F. K. Fatemi
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Sub-shot noise measurements with an acousto-optic modulator
Author(s): Jason P. Simon; Yanhua Shih
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Effect of decoherence in quantum reading with phase shift keying signal of entangled coherent states
Author(s): Kentaro Kato; Osamu Hirota
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Software-defined quantum communication systems
Author(s): Travis S. Humble; Ronald J. Sadlier
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Implementation of an m-ary three-stage quantum cryptography protocol
Author(s): Mayssaa El Rifai; Nikhil Punekar; Pramode K. Verma
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Hybridization of superconducting flux qubits and diamond ensembles: a route to local gates for quantum repeaters
Author(s): William J. Munro; Xiaobo Zhu; Yuichiro Matsuzaki; Ashley M. Stephens; Kae Nemoto; Shiro Saito
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Silicon carbide: an advanced platform for next generation quantum devices
Author(s): S. Castelletto; B. C. Johnson; A. Parker
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Non-deterministic quantum CNOT gate with double encoding
Author(s): Amor Gueddana; Moez Attia; Rihab Chatta
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Turbulence-free space-time quantum imaging
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon; Arnold Tunick
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