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Lidar Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring XIV
Editor(s): Upendra N. Singh
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Volume Number: 8872
Date Published: 4 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8872
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Approach to space-qualification of the ICESat-2 laser transmitter
Author(s): Floyd Hovis; Nick Sawruk; Mark Stephen; Joel Edelman; Slava Litvinovitch; Ryan Edwards; Joe Rudd; Jim Bautch; Elias Fakhoury
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Space certification and qualification programs for laser diode modules on the NASA ICESat-2 Mission
Author(s): Nicholas W. Sawruk; Mark A. Stephen; Kevin Bruce; Thomas F. Eltringham; Franklin R. Nash; Alfonso B. Piccirilli; Walter J. Slusark; Floyd E. Hovis
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Development of a TRL-5 conductively-cooled 2-micron laser transmitter for coherent doppler wind lidar system
Author(s): Timothy Shuman; Floyd E. Hovis; Upendra N. Singh; Mulugeta Petros; Jirong Yu; Michael J. Kavaya
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2-μm coherent lidar for CO2 and wind measurements
Author(s): Shoken Ishii; Hironori Iwai; Kohei Mizutani; Philippe Baron; Toshikazu Itabe; Hirotake Fukuoka; Takayoshi Ishikawa; Atsushi Sato; Kazuhiro Asai
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Lab demonstration of the hybrid Doppler wind lidar (HDWL) transceiver
Author(s): Catherine T. Marx; Bruce Gentry; Patrick Jordan; Peter Dogoda; Edward Faust; Michael Kavaya
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Two-component wind fields from scanning aerosol lidar and motion estimation algorithms
Author(s): Shane D. Mayor; Pierre Dérian; Christopher F. Mauzey; Masaki Hamada
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Development of a pulsed 2-micron integrated path differential absorption lidar for CO2 measurement
Author(s): Upendra N. Singh; Jirong Yu; Mulugeta Petros; Tamer Refaat; Karl Reithmaier
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Efficient 1.6 micron laser source for methane DIAL
Author(s): Timothy Shuman; Ralph Burnham; Amin R. Nehrir; Syed Ismail; Johnathan W. Hair; Tamer Refaat
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Recent improvements to the Raman-shifted eye-safe aerosol lidar (REAL)
Author(s): Shane D. Mayor; Anna Petrova-Mayor; Bruce Morley; Scott Spuler
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Some new lidar equations for laser pulses scattered back from optically thick media such as clouds, dense aerosol plumes, sea ice, snow, and turbid coastal water
Author(s): Anthony B. Davis
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Profiling the optical parameters of the atmosphere with lidar: measurement or a simulation based on past observations?
Author(s): V. Kovalev; C. Wold; A. Petkov; Wei Min Hao
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Development of an underwater fiber-optic lidar for the characterization of sea water and ice properties
Author(s): Gilles Roy; Pierre Mathieu; Xiaoying Cao; Alain Cinq-Mars; Simon Roy; Georges Fournier; Claudie Marec; Guislain Bécu
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Enhancements to INO's broadband SWIR/MWIR spectroscopic lidar
Author(s): Simon Lambert-Girard; François Babin; Martin Allard; Michel Piché
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Development of a field-widened Michelson spectroscopic filter for a polarized near-infrared high spectral resolution lidar
Author(s): Dong Liu; Yongying Yang; Zhongtao Cheng; Tong Ling; Hanlu Huang; Yudi Zhou; Qiaoshuang Zhang; Bo Zhang; Yibing Shen
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Analysis of the characters of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in water using laser induced fluorescence and spectral fluorescence signature
Author(s): Peng Chen; Zhihua Mao; Haiqing Huang
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Design of a field-widened Michelson interferometer for a near-infrared high spectral resolution lidar
Author(s): Hanlu Huang; Dong Liu; Yongying Yang; Zhongtao Cheng; Shitong Wang; Tong Ling; Yibing Shen
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A spectroscopic transmittance analytical modeling for field-widened Michelson interferometer employed by high spectral resolution lidars
Author(s): Zhongtao Cheng; Dong Liu; Yongying Yang; Hanlu Huang; Shitong Wang; Tong Ling; Yibing Shen
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Photon counting detector for satellite laser ranging with sub-picosecond timing stability
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Ivan Prochazka; Jan Kodet
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ICESat-2 laser technology development
Author(s): Ryan Edwards; Nick W. Sawruk; Floyd E. Hovis; Patrick Burns; Theodore Wysocki; Joe Rudd; Brooke Walters; Elias Fakhoury; Vincent Prisciandaro
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