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Imaging Spectrometry XVIII
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Volume Number: 8870
Date Published: 10 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8870
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spectral imager based on Fabry-Perot interferometer for Aalto-1 nanosatellite
Author(s): Rami Mannila; Antti Näsilä; Kai Viherkanto; Christer Holmlund; Ismo Näkki; Heikki Saari
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A compact, thermal-infrared spectral imager for chemical-specific detection
Author(s): Marsha Fox; Neil Goldstein; Pajo Vujkovic-Cvijin; Brian Gregor; Steven Adler-Golden; Jason Cline; Benjamin St. Peter; Augustus Lowell; Mark Wilder
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Observing system simulation experiments to evaluate the impact of remotely sensed data on hurricane track and intensity prediction
Author(s): Robert Atlas; George D. Emmitt; Thomas S. Pagano
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Lessons from the 18 years of hyperspectral infrared sounder data
Author(s): H. H. Aumann; E. M. Manning; L. L. Strow
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Requirements for a Moderate-resolution Infrared Imaging Sounder (MIRIS)
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Hartmut H. Aumann; Andrew J. Gerber; Le Kuai; I. Gontijo; Berta DeLeon; Joel Susskind; Lena Iredell; Shyam Bajpai
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Error budget for a calibration demonstration system for the reflected solar instrument for the climate absolute radiance and refractivity observatory
Author(s): Kurtis Thome; Joel McCorkel; Brendan McAndrew
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Using a new GUI tool to leverage LiDAR data to aid in hyperspectral image material detection in the radiance domain on RIT SHARE LiDAR/HSI data
Author(s): Emmett J. Ientilucci
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Imaging FTIR emissivity measurement method
Author(s): Edward M. Burdette; C. Spencer Nichols; Sarah E. Lane; Keith F. Prussing; J. Michael Cathcart
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Spectral image reconstruction by a tunable LED illumination
Author(s): Meng-Chieh Lin; Chen-Wei Tsai; Chung-Hao Tien
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Band selection for hyperspectral remote sensing data through correlation matrix to improve image clustering
Author(s): Hamed Gholizadeh
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Behavioral model and simulator for the Multi-slit Optimized Spectrometer (MOS)
Author(s): Nicholas Tufillaro; Curtiss O. Davis; Tim Valle; William Good; Michelle Stephens; Peter Spuhler
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sCMOS detector for imaging VNIR spectrometry
Author(s): Andreas Eckardt; Ralf Reulke; Horst Schwarzer; Holger Venus; Christian Neumann
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Fabrication of low straylight holographic gratings for space applications
Author(s): Reinhard Steiner; Alexander Pesch; Lars H. Erdmann; Matthias Burkhardt; Alexandre Gatto; Robert Wipf; Torsten Diehl; H. J. P. Vink; B.G. van den Bosch
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Multislit optimized spectrometer: fabrication and assembly update
Author(s): Tim Valle; Chuck Hardesty; William Good; Chris Seckar; Don Shea; Peter Spuhler; Curtiss O. Davis; Nicholas Tufillaro
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The CHROMA focal plane array: a large-format, low-noise detector optimized for imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Richard T. Demers; Robert Bailey; James W. Beletic; Steve Bernd; Sidharth Bhargava; Jason Herring; Paul Kobrin; Donald Lee; Jianmei Pan; Anders Petersen; Eric Piquette; Brian Starr; Matthew Yamamoto; Majid Zandian
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Hyperspectral imaging of rivers and estuaries
Author(s): Curtiss O. Davis; Nicholas Tufillaro
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Overview of hyperspectral remote sensing for mapping marine benthic habitats from airborne and underwater sensors
Author(s): Heidi M. Dierssen
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Investigating coral hyperspectral properties across coral species and coral state using hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Mehrube Mehrubeoglu; Dustin K. Smith; Shane W. Smith; Kevin B. Strychar; Lifford McLauchlan
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On the demands on imaging spectrometry for the monitoring of global vegetation fluorescence from space
Author(s): S. Kraft; U. Del Bello; M. Drusch; A. Gabriele; B. Harnisch; J. Moreno
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Investigating oyster shell thickness and strength using three imaging modalities: hyperspectral imaging, thermal imaging and digital photography
Author(s): Mehrube Mehrübeoglu; Dustin K. Smith; Shane W. Smith; Delbert L. Smee; Petru-Aurelian Simionescu
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Extended hyperspectral imaging system modeling and implementation for subpixel target detection
Author(s): Bo Ding; John P. Kerekes
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Automated endmember determination and adaptive spectral mixture analysis using kernel methods
Author(s): Robert S. Rand; Amit Banerjee; Joshua Broadwater
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Spatial heterodyne spectrometer: modeling and interferogram processing for calibrated spectral radiance measurements
Author(s): Cara P. Perkins; John P. Kerekes; Michael G. Gartley
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Effects of band selection on the hyperspectral classification
Author(s): Charoula Andreou; Vassilia Karathanassi; Gerorgia Diamantopoulou
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