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Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXI
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik Scholl; Gonzalo Páez
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Volume Number: 8867
Date Published: 14 October 2013
Softcover: 31 papers (352) pages
ISBN: 9780819497178

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Front Matter: Volume 8867
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Rapidly updated hyperspectral sounding and imaging data for severe storm prediction
Author(s): Gail Bingham; Scott Jensen; John Elwell; Joel Cardon; David Crain; Hung-Lung (Allen) Huang; William L. Smith; Hank E. Revercomb; Ronald J. Huppi
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Infrared remote sensing of planetary surfaces: an overview, outstanding questions, and prospects
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold
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Pre-launch calibrations of the Vis-IR Hyperspectral Imager (VIHI) onboard BepiColombo, the ESA mission to Mercury
Author(s): Fabrizio Capaccioni; Gianrico Filacchione; Giuseppe Piccioni; Michele Dami; Leonardo Tommasi; Alessandra Barbis; Iacopo Ficai-Veltroni
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MERTIS on BepiColombo: seeing Mercury in a new light
Author(s): Jorn Helbert; Harald Hiesinger; Mario D'Amore; Ingo Walter; Gisbert Peter; Thomas Säuberlich; Gabriele Arnold; Alessandro Maturilli; Piero D'Incecco
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Pointing and spectral assignemnt design and control for MERTIS
Author(s): I. Walter; T. Säuberlich; M. Lieder; M. Rataj; H. Driescher; J. Helbert; H. Hiesinger
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Developing of MERTIS as an advanced process from the study up to the flight model
Author(s): G. Peter; J. Helbert; H. Hiesinger; Iris Weber; I. Walter; G. Arnold; T. Säuberlich
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Atmospheric chemistry suite (ACS): a set of infrared spectrometers for atmospheric measurements on board ExoMars trace gas orbiter
Author(s): Oleg Korablev; Alexei V. Grigoriev; Alexander Trokhimovsky; Yurii S. Ivanov; Boris Moshkin; Alexei Shakun; Ilia Dziuban; Yurii K. Kalinnikov; Franck Montmessin
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Search for Martian methane with TES data: development of a dedicated radiative transfer code: first results
Author(s): Giuliano Liuzzi; Guido Masiello; Carmine Serio; Sergio Fonti; Francesca Mancarella; Ted L. Roush
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Observing the surface of Venus after VIRTIS on VEX: new concepts and laboratory work
Author(s): Jörn Helbert; Nils Müller; Alessandro Maturilli; Riccardo Nadalini; Suzanne Smrekar; Piero D'Incecco; Mario D'Amore
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In-orbit performance of the AVHRR, HIRS, and AMSU-A instruments on-board the MetOp-A and MetOp-B satellites
Author(s): Douglas Battles; Robert Lambeck; Abelardo Pérez Albiñana; Helmut Bauch; Jörg Ackermann
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A two-laser beam technique for improving the sensitivity of low frequency open path tunable diode laser absorption spectrometer (OP-TDLAS) measurements
Author(s): Israa L. Mohammad; Gary T. Anderson; Youhua Chen
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The SpaceWire-based thermal infrared imager system for asteroid sample return mission HAYABUSA2
Author(s): Hisashi Otake; Tatsuaki Okada; Ryu Funase; Hiroki Hihara; Junpei Sano; Kaori Iwase; Ryoichi Kashikawa; Isamu Higashino; Tetsuya Masuda
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A Doppler-modulated gas correlation approach for measuring neutral temperatures and wind in the upper atmosphere
Author(s): Larry L. Gordley; Benjamin T. Marshall; Shane Roark; Robert Pierce
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ACE-FTS on SCISAT: 10th year on-orbit anniversary
Author(s): Richard L. Lachance; Henry L. Buijs; Marc-André Soucy
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Progress in development of Tropospheric Infrared Mapping Spectrometers (TIMS): GeoCARB Greenhouse Gas (GHG) application
Author(s): John (Jack) B. Kumer; Richard L. Rairden; Aidan E. Roche; Frederic Chevallier; Peter J. Rayner; Berrien Moore
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Determination of technical readiness for an atmospheric carbon imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Joseph Mobilia; John B. Kumer; Alice Palmer; Kevin Sawyer; Yalan Mao; Noah Katz; Jack Mix; Ted Nast; Charles S. Clark; Roel Vanbezooijen; Antonio Magoncelli; Ronald A. Baraze; David L. Chenette
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GeoCARB design maturity and geostationary heritage
Author(s): Kevin Sawyer; Charles Clark; Noah Katz; Jack Kumar; Ted Nast; Alice Palmer
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Capabilities, performance, and status of the SOFIA science instrument suite
Author(s): John W. Miles; L. Andrew Helton; Ravi Sankrit; B. G. Andersson; E. E. Becklin; James M. De Buizer; C. Darren Dowell; Edward W. Dunham; Rolf Güsten; Doyal A. Harper; Terry L. Herter; Luke D. Keller; Randolf Klein; Alfred Krabbe; Pamela M. Marcum; Ian S. McLean; William T. Reach; Matthew J. Richter; Thomas L. Roellig; Göran Sandell; Maureen L. Savage; Erin C. Smith; Pasquale Temi; William D. Vacca; John E. Vaillancourt; Jeffery E. Van Cleve; Erick T. Young; Peter T. Zell
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Metop-BAVHRR IR channel post-launch calibration and verification tests
Author(s): Tiejun Chang; Xiangqian Wu; Fuzhong Weng
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Holographic substrate-guided spectrometer for atmospheric sensing
Author(s): Fedor I. Dimov; X. Winston Xia; Jun Ai; Neven Rakuljic; Chris Griffo; Engin Arik; Anthony B. Davis
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High-operating-temperature MWIR detectors using type II superlattices
Author(s): Z.-B. Tian; T. Schuler-Sandy; S. E. Godoy; H. S. Kim; S. Krishna
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Lidar multi-range integrated Dewar assembly (IDA) for active-optical vision navigation sensor
Author(s): Philip Mayner; Ed Clemet; Jim Asbrock; Isabel Chen; Jonathan Getty; Neil Malone; John De Loo; Mark Giroux
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MTF comparisons between mesa and planar focal plane detector structures
Author(s): Mitchell Perley; Justin Wehner; Dave Buell; Jason Micali; Joe McCorkle; Mark Rehfield; Dave Williams; Andrew Dixon; Neil Malone
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Thermal monitoring of transport infrastructures by infrared thermography coupled with inline local atmospheric conditions survey
Author(s): J. Dumoulin
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A novel apparatus to measure reflected sunlight from the Moon
Author(s): Claire E. Cramer; Gerald T. Fraser; Keith R. Lykke; Allan W. Smith; John T. Woodward
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STORM: sounding and tracking observatory for regional meteorology to launch in 2016
Author(s): Gail Bingham; Scott Jensen; John Elwell; Joel Cardon; David Crain; Hung-Lung (Allen) Huang; William L. Smith; Hank E. Revercomb; Ron Huppi
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Influence of radiation energy transfer on boundary layer temperature drops
Author(s): T. Kranjc; J. Peternelj
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Wavefront recovery Fourier-based algorithm used in a vectorial shearing interferometer
Author(s): Beethoven Bravo-Medina; G. Garcia-Torales; Ricardo Legarda-Sáenz; Jorge L. Flores
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Measurement of phase objects by the use of color phase-shifting technique
Author(s): Oscar E. Castillo; Ricardo Legarda-Sáenz; Jorge L. Flores; G. Garcia-Torales
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Spectral interrogation of a several-hundred-years old painting with a broadband IR camera
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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Advantages of placing an array of telescopes on the Moon to detect extrasolar planets
Author(s): Marija Strojnik ; Gonzalo Paez
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