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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8862

Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation V
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Volume Number: 8862
Date Published: 14 October 2013
Softcover: 30 papers (366) pages
ISBN: 9780819497123

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8862
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improved stray light suppression performance for the solar orbiter/METIS inverted external occulter
Author(s): Federico Landini; Marco Romoli; Gerardo Capobianco; Sebastien Vives; Silvano Fineschi; Giuseppe Massone; Davide Loreggia; Enzo Turchi; Christophe Guillon; Clement Escolle; Maurizio Pancrazzi; Mauro Focardi
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Optimization of baffle configuration for stray light reduction
Author(s): M. Pancrazzi; S. Vivès; F. Landini; C. Guillon; C. Escolle; J. Garcia
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The high energy replicated optics to explore the sun mission: a hard x-ray balloon-borne telescope
Author(s): Steven D. Christe; Albert Shih; Marcello Rodriguez; Alex Cramer; Kyle Gregory; Melissa Edgerton; Jessica Gaskin; Colleen Wilson-Hodge; Jeff Apple; Katherine Stevenson Chavis; Amanda Jackson; Leigh Smith; Kurt Dietz; Brian O'Connor; Alex Sobey; Heather Koehler; Brian Ramsey
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Solar alpha particles damage effects on UV and EUV optical coatings
Author(s): M. Nardello; V. Polito; P. Zuppella; Alain J. Corso; S. Zuccon; Mewael G. Sertsu; P. Nicolosi; S. Fineschi; G. Naletto; E. Antonucci; Maria G. Pelizzo
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Solar chromosphere flare spectrograph
Author(s): Debi Prasad Choudhary; Vasyl Yurchyshyn; Sanjay Gosain
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An off-limb solar adaptive optics system: design and testing
Author(s): Gregory E. Taylor; Thomas R. Rimmele; Jose Marino; R. T. James McAteer
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The Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST) project: a construction update
Author(s): Mark Warner; Joseph McMullin; Thomas Rimmele; Tom Berger
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The Solar Orbiter mission
Author(s): Daniel Müller; O. Chris St. Cyr
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SPICE EUV spectrometer for the Solar Orbiter mission
Author(s): A. Fludra; D. Griffin; M. Caldwell; P. Eccleston; J. Cornaby; D. Drummond; W. Grainger; P. Greenway; T. Grundy; C. Howe; C. McQuirk; K. Middleton; O. Poyntz-Wright; A. Richards; K. Rogers; C. Sawyer; B. Shaughnessy; S. Sidher; I. Tosh; S. Beardsley; G. Burton; A. Marshall; N. Waltham; S. Woodward; T. Appourchaux; A. Philippon; F. Auchere; E. Buchlin; A. Gabriel; J.-C. Vial; U. Schühle; W. Curdt; D. Innes; S. Meining; H. Peter; S. Solanki; L. Teriaca; M. Gyo; V. Büchel; M. Haberreiter; D. Pfiffner; W. Schmutz; M. Carlsson; S. V. Haugan; J. Davila; P. Jordan; W. Thompson; D. Hassler; B. Walls; C. Deforest; J. Hanley; J. Johnson; P. Phelan; L. Blecha; H. Cottard; G. Paciotti; N. Autissier; Y. Allemand; K. Relecom; G. Munro; A. Butler; R. Klein; A. Gottwald
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Novel space coronagraphs: METIS, a flexible optical design for multi-wavelength imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): Silvano Fineschi; Ester Antonucci; Marco Romoli; Alessandro Bemporad; Gerardo Capobianco; Giuseppe Crescenzio; Gianalfredo Nicolini; Giuseppe Massone; Daniele Telloni; Maurizio Focardi; Fedrico Landini; Maurizio Pancrazzi; Luca Poletto; Maria-G. Pelizzo; Vania Da Deppo; J. Dan Moses; Vincenzo Andretta; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Daniele Spadaro; Arkadiusz Berlicki; Michela Uslenghi; Marco Malvezzi; Luca Teriaca; L. Abbo; Enrico Magli
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The solar and heliospheric imager (SoloHI) instrument for the solar orbiter mission
Author(s): Russell A. Howard; Angelos Vourlidas; Clarence M. Korendyke; Simon P. Plunkett; Michael T. Carter; Dennis Wang; Nathan Rich; Donald R. McMullin; Sean Lynch; Adam Thurn; Greg Clifford; Dennis G. Socker; Arnaud F. Thernisien; Damien Chua; Mark G. Linton; David Keller; James R.. Janesick; John Tower; Mark Grygon; Robert Hagood; William Bast; Paulett C. Liewer; Eric M. DeJong; Marco M. C. Velli; Zoran Mikic; Volker Bothmer; Pierre Rochus; Jean-Philippe Halain; Philippe L. Lamy
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Seeing the corona with the solar probe plus mission: the wide-field imager for solar probe+ (WISPR)
Author(s): Angelos Vourlidas; Russell A. Howard; Simon P. Plunkett; Clarence M. Korendyke; Michael T. Carter; Arnaud F. R. Thernisien; Damien H. Chua; Peter Van Duyne; Dennis G. Socker; Mark G. Linton; Paulett C. Liewer; Jeffrey R. Hall; Jeff S. Morrill; Eric M. DeJong; Zoran Mikic; Pierre L. P. M. Rochus; Volker Bothmer; Jens Rodman; Philippe Lamy
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Development and test of an active pixel sensor detector for heliospheric imager on solar orbiter and solar probe plus
Author(s): Clarence M. Korendyke; Angelos Vourlidas; Simon P. Plunkett; Russell A. Howard; Dennis Wang; Cheryl J. Marshall; Augustyn Waczynski; James J. Janesick; Thomas Elliott; Samuel Tun; John Tower; Mark Grygon; David Keller; Gregory E. Clifford
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Technology development for the Solar Probe Plus Faraday Cup
Author(s): Mark D. Freeman; Justin Kasper; Anthony W. Case; Peter Daigneau; Thomas Gauron; Jay Bookbinder; Étienne Brodu; Marianne Balat-Pichelin; Kenneth Wright
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Mechanical design of the Solar Probe Cup instrument on Solar Probe Plus
Author(s): H. Bergner; D. Caldwell; A. W. Case; P. Daigneau; M. Freeman; J. Kasper
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The design, development, and implementation of a solar environmental simulator (SES) for the SAO Faraday Cup on Solar Probe Plus
Author(s): Peter Cheimets; Jay Bookbinder; Mark Freeman; Richard Gates; Thomas Gauron; Giora Guth; Justin Kasper; Kenneth McCracken; William Podgorski
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10 years of degradation trends of the SORCE SIM instrument
Author(s): Stéphane Béland; Jerald Harder; Thomas Woods
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Sounding rocket instrument development at Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville/NASA MSFC
Author(s): Ken Kobayashi; Jonathan Cirtain; Amy Winebarger; Sabrina Savage; Leon Golub; Kelly Korreck; Sergey Kuzin; Robert Walsh; Craig DeForest; Bart DePontieu; Alan Title; William Podgorski; Ryouhei Kano; Noriyuki Narukage; Javier Trujillo-Bueno
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Effect of surface scatter upon the MTF of the solar ultra violet imager (SUVI) telescope
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Narak Choi
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The focusing optics x-ray solar imager (FOXSI): instrument and first flight
Author(s): Säm Krucker; Steven Christe; Lindsay Glesener; Shinnosuke Ishikawa; Brian Ramsey; Mikhail Gubarev; Shinya Saito; Tadayuki Takahashi; Shin Watanabe; Hiroyasu Tajima; Takaaki Tanaka; Paul Turin; David Glaser; Jose Fermin; Robert P. Lin
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Design progress of the solar UV-Vis-IR telescope (SUVIT) aboard SOLAR-C
Author(s): Y. Katsukawa; K. Ichimoto; Y. Suematsu; H. Hara; R. Kano; T. Shimizu; K. Matsuzaki
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The soft x-ray photon-counting spectroscopic imager for the sun
Author(s): Taro Sakao; Noriyuki Narukage; Masumi Shimojo; Kyoko Watanabe; Yoshinori Suematsu; Shinsuke Imada; Shin-nosuke Ishikawa
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Recent advances in electronics and software for the METIS coronagraph aboard solar orbiter
Author(s): M. Focardi; M. Pancrazzi; G. Nicolini; E. Magli; M. Ricci; M. Uslenghi; M. Romoli; F. Landini; E. Antonucci; S. Fineschi; G. Naletto; P. Nicolosi; D. Spadaro; V. Andretta; W. Errico; F. Bigongiari; L. Fontani; Marco Orlandi; Annamaria Colonna
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Detector and imaging systems for the gamma-ray imager/polarimeter for solar flares (GRIPS) instrument
Author(s): Nicole Duncan; Albert Shih; Gordon Hurford; Pascal Saint-Hilaire; Andreas Zoglauer; Hazel Bain; Mark Amman; Steven Boggs; Robert Lin
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Preliminary tolerance analysis of the coronagraphic instrument METIS for the Solar Orbiter ESA mission
Author(s): Vania Da Deppo; Giuseppe Crescenzio; Giampiero Naletto; Silvano Fineschi; Marco Romoli; Ester Antonucci
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Characterization of linear polarizers in the wavelength range 100-150 nm (VUV) for solar physics applications
Author(s): G. Capobianco; M. Malvezzi; S. Fineschi; J. I. Larruquert; A. Giglia; J. A. Aznarez; G. Massone; G. Crescenzio; S. Nannarone; F. Frassetto; J. A. Mendez; L. Rodríguez-de Marcos; P. Miotti
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The visible light source for METIS stray-light tests: preliminary design
Author(s): Massimiliano Tordi; Silvano Fineschi; Giuseppe Crescenzio
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Test of a multilayer-coated EUV grating for I-IV order spectroscopic measurements of the solar corona
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Fabio Frassetto; Paolo Miotti; Angelo Giglia; Alain Jody Corso; Paola Zuppella; Maria-Guglielmina Pelizzo; Silvano Fineschi; Ester Antonucci; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Marco Romoli
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Recent developments of ASPIICS: a giant solar coronagraph for the ESA/PROBA-3 formation flying mission
Author(s): S. Vives; J.-Y. Plesseria; P. Levacher; W. Curdt; C. Guillon
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Development of multilayer coatings for solar orbiter EUV imaging telescopes
Author(s): Franck Delmotte; Evgueni Meltchakov; Sébastien de Rossi; Françoise Bridou; Arnaud Jérome; François Varnière; Raymond Mercier; Frédéric Auchère; Xueyan Zhang; Bruno Borgo; Cydalise Dumesnil; Serge François; Marc Roulliay; Udo Strauch
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