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UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes and Instruments: Innovative Technologies and Concepts VI
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Volume Number: 8860
Date Published: 24 October 2013
Softcover: 31 papers (336) pages
ISBN: 9780819497109

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8860
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The JWST science instrument payload: mission context and status
Author(s): Matthew A. Greenhouse
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Principal components analysis of a JWST NIRSpec detector subsystem
Author(s): Bernard J. Rauscher; Richard G. Arendt; D. J. Fixsen; Matthew A. Greenhouse; Matthew Lander; Don Lindler; Markus Loose; S. H. Moseley; D. Brent Mott; Yiting Wen; Donna V. Wilson; Christos Xenophontos
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Engineering specifications for large aperture UVO space telescopes derived from science requirements
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Marc Postman; W. Scott Smith
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The High-ORbit Ultraviolet-visible Satellite, HORUS
Author(s): Paul A. Scowen; Brian Cooke; Matthew Beasley; Oswald Siegmund
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Experimental characterization of deployable outer barrel assemblies for large space telescopes
Author(s): Peter A. Warren; Mark J. Silver; Benjamin J. Dobson; Howard A. MacEwen
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In-space infrastructures and the Modular Assembled Space Telescope (MAST)
Author(s): Howard A. MacEwen
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Advancing toward far-infrared interferometry in space through coordinated international efforts
Author(s): D. Leisawitz; A. Baryshev; M. J. Griffin; F. P. Helmich; R. J. Ivison; S. A. Rinehart; G. Savini; H. Shibai
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Optical design and active optics for next generation space telescopes
Author(s): V. Costes; D. Laubier; P. Darre; L. Perret
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Compact infrared camera (CIRC) for earth observation adapting athermal optics
Author(s): Eri Kato; Haruyoshi Katayama; Masataka Naitoh; Masatomo Harada; Ryoko Nakamura; Koji Nakau; Ryota Sato
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A small space telescope to conduct a large spectroscopic survey of galaxies
Author(s): Sara R. Heap; Qian Gong; Tony Hull; Jeffrey Kruk; Lloyd Purves; Massimo Robberto
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Wide-Field InfraRed Survey Telescope (WFIRST) 2.4-meter mission study
Author(s): D. Content; K. Aaron; L. Abplanalp; K. Anderson; R. Capps; Z. Chang; J. Dooley; R. Egerman; R. Goullioud; D. Klein; J. Kruk; G. Kuan; M. Melton; J. Ruffa; M. Underhill; D. Van Buren
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Wide field instrument preliminary design for the Wide Field InfraRed Survey Telescope
Author(s): David A. Content; Nerses V. Armani; Charles L. Baker; Clifton E. Jackson; Duncan M. Kahle; Jeffrey W. Kruk; John P. Lehan; Mark E. Melton; Eric Mentzell; Joseph J. Miko; David J. Palace; Bert A. Pasquale; Hume L. Peabody; Brian S. Smith; Walter F. Smith; Jeffrey W. Stewart; David A. Vaughnn; Augustyn Waczynski; Thomas E. Wallace
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A tolerancing approach taking into account the interferometric alignment scheme of the EUCLID NISP space optics
Author(s): Frank Grupp; Eric Prieto; Norbert Geis; Andreas Bode; Reinhard Katterloher; Christof Bodendorf; Martin Becker; Stephanie Bogner; Ralf Bender
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The relationship between pumped traps and signal loss in buried channel CCDs
Author(s): Neil J. Murray; David J. Burt; David Hall; Andrew D. Holland
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Point-spread function and photon transfer of a CCD for space-based astronomy
Author(s): Edgar A. H. Allanwood; Neil J. Murray; Konstantin D. Stefanov; David J. Burt; Andrew D. Holland
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OSIRIS-REx OCAMS detector assembly characterization
Author(s): J. Hancock; B. Crowther; M. Whiteley; R. Burt; M. Watson; J. Nelson; C. Fellows; B. Rizk; E. Kinney-Spano; M. Perry; M. Hunten
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Multi-level parallel clocking of CCDs for: improving charge transfer efficiency, clearing persistence, clocked anti-blooming, and generating low-noise backgrounds for pumping
Author(s): Neil J. Murray; David J. Burt; Andrew D. Holland; Konstantin D. Stefanov; Jason P. D. Gow; Calum MacCormick; Ben J. Dryer; Edgar A. H. Allanwood
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Narrow bandpass steep edge optical filter for the JAST/T80 telescope instrumentation
Author(s): S. Reichel; U. Brauneck; S. Bourquin; A. Marín-Franch
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Radiation damage to six selected optical materials
Author(s): Frank Grupp; Norbert Geis; Reinhard Katterloher; Ralf Bender
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Benefits of ion milling ULE as compared to glass ceramics
Author(s): J. F. Ellison; G. P. Cox; L. J. Sutton; A. C. Fox; T. M. Rich; T. A. Sebring
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ZERODUR: progress in CTE characterization
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Clemens Kunisch; Thomas Westerhoff
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Overview and recent accomplishments of the advanced mirror technology development (AMTD) for large aperture UVOIR space telescopes project
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Marc Postman; Laura Abplanalp; William Arnold; Ron Eng; Anand Sivaramakrishnan
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Elimination of linear astigmatism in off-axis three-mirror telescope and its applications
Author(s): Seunghyuk Chang
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Pixel-level modelling and verification for the EUCLID VIS CCD
Author(s): A. Clarke; D. Hall; N. Murray; J. Gow; A. Holland; D. Burt
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Calibrating apodizer fabrication techniques for high-contrast coronagraphs on segmented and monolithic space telescopes
Author(s): Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Alexandra Z. Greenbaum; G. Lawrence Carr; Randy J. Smith; Xiaoxiang Xi; Neil T. Zimmerman
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Innovative CCD readout technology for use in large focal plane array development
Author(s): Todd J. Veach; Paul A. Scowen
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ACCESS: thermal mechanical design and performance
Author(s): Mary Elizabeth Kaiser; Matthew J. Morris; Jason Hansen; Scott Jensen; Stephan R. McCandliss; Bernard J. Rauscher; Randy A. Kimble; Jeffrey W. Kruk; Russell Pelton; D. Brent Mott; Yiting Wen; Jonathan P. Gardner; Dominic J. Benford; Bruce E. Woodgate; Edward L. Wright; Paul D. Feldman; H. Warren Moos; Adam G. Riess; Ralph Bohlin; Susana E. Deustua; W. V. Dixon; David J. Sahnow; Robert Kurucz; Michael Lampton; Saul Perlmutter
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A design and trial production of the image slicer unit for the mid-infrared spectrograph
Author(s): Itsuki Sakon; Hirokazu Kataza; Takashi Onaka; Naofumi Fujishiro; Yuji Ikeda; Hitoshi Tokoro; Hiroyuki Nakagawa; Okiharu Kirino; Kenji Mitsui; Norio Okada
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Conceptual opto-mechanical design of a NIR imaging spectrometer for the Korean NEXTSat-1 mission
Author(s): Bongkon Moon; Kwijong Park; Sung-Joon Park; Woong-Seob Jeong; Dae-Hee Lee; Youngsik Park; Uk-Won Nam; Wonyong Han; Jeonghyun Pyo; Wonki Park; Il-Joong Kim; Duk-Hang Lee; Jang-Soo Chae; Goo-Hwan Shin; Norihide Takeyama; Akito Enokuchi
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Self-induced polarization anisoplanatism
Author(s): James B. Breckinridge
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The Geospace Dynamics Observatory: a paradigm-changing geospace mission
Author(s): James Spann; Patrick J. Reardon; Ken Pitalo; Phil Stahl; Randall Hopkins
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The LBT experience of adaptive secondary mirror operations for routine seeing- and diffraction-limited science operations
Author(s): J. C. Guerra; G. Brusa; J. Christou; D. Miller; A. Ricardi; M. Xompero; R. Briguglio; M. Wagner; M. Lefebvre; R. Sosa
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Zapping rocks on Mars: exploring the Red Planet with Curiosity and its laser (Presentation Video)
Author(s): Roger C. Wiens
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