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X-Ray Nanoimaging: Instruments and Methods
Editor(s): Barry Lai
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Volume Number: 8851
Date Published: 14 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8851
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sub-100-nm 3D-elemental mapping of frozen-hydrated cells using the bionanoprobe
Author(s): Si Chen; Ye Yuan; Junjing Deng; Rachel Mak; Qiaoling Jin; Tatjana Paunesku; Sophie C. Gleber; David Vine; Claus Flachenecker; Benjamin Hornberger; Deming Shu; Barry Lai; Jörg Maser; Lydia Finney; Christian Roehrig; Jay VonOsinski; Michael Bolbat; Keith Brister; Chris Jacobsen; Gayle Woloschak; Stefan Vogt
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Status of the Nanoscopium scanning nanoprobe beamline of Synchrotron Soleil
Author(s): A. Somogyi; K. Medjoubi; C. M. Kewish; V. Leroux; M. Ribbens; G. Baranton; F. Polack; J. P. Samama
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A next-generation in-situ nanoprobe beamline for the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Jörg Maser; Barry Lai; Tonio Buonassisi; Zhonghou Cai; Si Chen; Lydia Finney; Sophie-Charlotte Gleber; Ross Harder; Chris Jacobsen; Wenjun Liu; Conal Murray; Curt Preissner; Chris Roehrig; Volker Rose; Deming Shu; David Vine; Stefan Vogt
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Development of achromatic full-field x-ray microscopy with compact imaging mirror system
Author(s): S. Matsuyama; Y. Emi; H. Kino; Y. Sano; Y. Kohmura; K. Tamasaku; M. Yabashi; T. Ishikawa; K. Yamauchi
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Development of large-field high-resolution hard x-ray imaging microscopy and microtomography with Fresnel zone plate objective
Author(s): Yoshio Suzuki; Akihisa Takeuchi; Yasuko Terada; Kentaro Uesugi; Shigeharu Tamura
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Data-processing strategies for nano-tomography with elemental specification
Author(s): Yijin Liu; Korneel H. Cats; Johanna Nelson Weker; Joy C. Andrews; Bert M. Weckhuysen; Piero Pianetta
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Identifying and managing radiation damage during in situ transmission x-ray microscopy of Li-ion batteries
Author(s): Johanna Nelson; Yuan Yang; Sumohan Misra; Joy C. Andrews; Yi Cui; Michael F. Toney
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Development of in-situ full-field spectroscopic imaging analysis and application on Li-ion battery using transmission x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Yu-chen K. Chen-Wiegart; Jiajun Wang; Jun Wang
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Development of in-line furnace for in situ nanoscale resolution x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Christopher Eng; Yu-Chen K. Chen-Wiegart; Jun Wang
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Design optimization of ultra-precise elliptical mirrors for hard x-ray nanofocusing at Nanoscopium
Author(s): Cameron M. Kewish; François Polack; Riccardo Signorato; Andrea Somogyi
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Development of an in-vacuum x-ray microscope with cryogenic sample cooling for beamline P11 at PETRA III
Author(s): Alke Meents; Bernd Reime; Nicolas Stuebe; Pontus Fischer; Martin Warmer; Dennis Goeries; Jan Roever; Jan Meyer; Janine Fischer; Anja Burkhardt; Ismo Vartiainen; Petri Karvinen; Christian David
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NanoMAX: a hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline at MAX IV
Author(s): Ulf Johansson; Ulrich Vogt; Anders Mikkelsen
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Preliminary design of a zone plate based hard X-ray monochromatic diffraction nanoprobe for materials studies at APS
Author(s): Zhonghou Cai; Wenjun Liu; Jonathan Z. Tischler; Deming Shu; Ruqing Xu; Oliver Schmidt
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Simultaneous fast scanning XRF, dark field, phase-, and absorption contrast tomography
Author(s): Kadda Medjoubi; Alain Bonissent; Nicolas Leclercq; Florent Langlois; Pascal Mercère; Andrea Somogyi
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The Maia detector array and x-ray fluorescence imaging system: locating rare precious metal phases in complex samples
Author(s): C. G. Ryan; D. P. Siddons; R. Kirkham; Z. Y. Li; M. D. de Jonge; D. Paterson; J. S. Cleverley; A. Kuczewski; P. A. Dunn; M. Jensen; G. De Geronimo; D. L. Howard; B. Godel; K. A. Dyl; L. A. Fisher; R. H. Hough; Stephen J. Barnes; P. A. Bland; G. Moorhead; S. A. James; K. M. Spiers; G. Falkenberg; U. Boesenberg; G. Wellenreuther
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A universal measure for coherence requirements in diffractive imaging
Author(s): Bo Chen; Brian Abbey; Eugeniu Balaur; Grant van Reissen; Mark Junker; Michael W. M. Jones; Andrew G. Peele; Corey T. Putkunz; David Vine; Harry M. Quiney; Keith A. Nugent
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Optimized cavity-enhanced x-ray sources for x-ray microscopy
Author(s): J. M. J. Madey; E. B. Szarmes; M. R. Hadmack; B. T. Jacobson; J. M. D. Kowalczyk; P. Niknejadi
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Tabletop coherent diffractive imaging of extended objects in transmission and reflection geometry
Author(s): Matthew D. Seaberg; Bosheng Zhang; Daniel E. Adams; Dennis F. Gardner; Henry C. Kapteyn; Margaret M. Murnane
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High efficiency x-ray nanofocusing by the blazed stacking of binary zone plates
Author(s): I. Mohacsi; P. Karvinen; I. Vartiainen; A. Diaz; A. Somogyi; C. M. Kewish; P. Mercere; C. David
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Analysis of impact of sintering temperature on microstructure of LSCF-SDC composite cathodes using nano-CT
Author(s): Yong Guan; Xin Pan; Gang Liu; Zhiting Liang; Shan Chen; Xiaobo Zhang; Ying Xiong; Yangchao Tian; Changrong Xia
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Reconstruction of limited-angle and few-view nano-CT image via total variation iterative reconstruction
Author(s): Zhiting Liang; Yong Guan; Gang Liu; Rui Bian; Xiaobo Zhang; Ying Xiong; Yangchao Tian
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A soft x-ray beamline for quantitative nanotomography using ptychography
Author(s): Grant A. van Riessen; Mark Junker; Nicholas W. Phillips; Andrew G. Peele
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Recent advances in use of atomic layer deposition and focused ion beams for fabrication of Fresnel zone plates for hard x-rays
Author(s): Kahraman Keskinbora; Anna-Lena Robisch; Marcel Mayer; Corinne Grévent; Adriana V. Szeghalmi; Mato Knez; Markus Weigand; Irina Snigireva; Anatoly Snigirev; Tim Salditt; Gisela Schütz
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Full-field x-ray nano-imaging at SSRF
Author(s): Biao Deng; Yuqi Ren; Yudan Wang; Guohao Du; Honglan Xie; Tiqiao Xiao
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