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Advances in X-Ray/EUV Optics and Components VIII
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Volume Number: 8848
Date Published: 18 October 2013
Softcover: 32 papers (284) pages
ISBN: 9780819496980

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8848
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Two-dimensional sub-5-nm hard x-ray focusing with MZP
Author(s): Markus Osterhoff; Matthias Bartels; Florian Döring; Christian Eberl; Thomas Hoinkes; Sarah Hoffmann; Tobias Liese; Volker Radisch; Arno Rauschenbeutel; Anna-Lena Robisch; Aike Ruhlandt; Felix Schlenkrich; Tim Salditt; Hans-Ulrich Krebs
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Thin crystal development and applications for hard x-ray free-electron lasers
Author(s): Taito Osaka; Makina Yabashi; Yasuhisa Sano; Kensuke Tono; Yuichi Inubushi; Takahiro Sato; Kanade Ogawa; Satoshi Matsuyama; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Kazuto Yamauchi
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Design of novel x-ray optical system for rocket experiment
Author(s): L. Pina; R. Hudec; V. Tichy; A. Inneman; D. Cerna; L. Sveda; J. Marsik; V. Marsikova; W. Cash; A. F. Shipley; B. R. Zeiger; T. D. Rogers
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High-speed photon energy tuning of x-rays with high duty cycle by use of Clessidra prism arrays
Author(s): Werner Jark; Arndt Last; Ottó Márkus
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Hard x-ray nanofocusing with refractive x-ray optics: full beam characterization by ptychographic imaging
Author(s): Christian G. Schroer; Florian-Emanuel Brack; Roman Brendler; Susanne Hönig; Robert Hoppe; Jens Patommel; Stephan Ritter; Maria Scholz; Andreas Schropp; Frank Seiboth; Daniel Nilsson; Jussi Rahomäki; Fredrik Uhlén; Ulrich Vogt; Juliane Reinhardt; Gerald Falkenberg
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X-ray tomography of high pressure fuel spray by polycapillary optics
Author(s): Luca Marchitto; Sultan B. Dabagov; Luigi Allocca; Dariush Hampai; Andrea Liedl; Salvatore Alfuso
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Sagittal focusing inducing energy structure in medium to high energy resolution x-ray monochromators
Author(s): Marcelo G. Hönnicke; Fabio Masiello; Steven N. Ehrlich; Edson M. Kakuno; Yong Q. Cai; Jürgen Härtwig
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Aberrations in saw-tooth refractive lenses in short focal length x-ray focusing
Author(s): Mikhail A. Antimonov; Ali M. Khounsary; Sarvjit D. Shastri
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K-B bendable system optimization at FERMI@Elettra FEL: impact of different spatial wavelengths on the spot size
Author(s): L. Raimondi; C. Svetina; N. Mahne; D. Cocco; F. Capotondi; E. Pedersoli; M. Kiskinova; B. Keitel; G. Brenner; E. Plönjes; T. Mey; K. Mann; M. Zangrando
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Development of a numerically controlled elastic emission machining system for fabricating mandrels of ellipsoidal focusing mirrors used in soft x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Yoshinori Takei; Takehiro Kume; Hiroto Motoyama; Kentaro Hiraguri; Hirokazu Hashizume; Hidekazu Mimura
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Two-foci bendable mirrors for the ALS MAESTRO beamline: design and metrology characterization and optimal tuning of the mirror benders
Author(s): Nikolay A. Artemiev; Ken P. Chow; Daniel J. Merthe; Eli Rotenberg; Jeffrey H. Takakuwa; Tony Warwick; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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Optical design of soft x-ray focusing system with ellipsoidal mirror for laboratory-based sources
Author(s): Hiroto Motoyama; Takahiro Saito; Hidekazu Mimura
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Compound focusing for hard-x-ray inelastic scattering
Author(s): Daisuke Ishikawa; Hiroshi Uchiyama; Satoshi Tsutsui; Hiroshi Fukui; Alfred Q. R. Baron
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X-ray mirror metrology using SCOTS/deflectometry
Author(s): Run Huang; Peng Su; James H. Burge; Mourad Idir
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Application of time-invariant linear filter approximation to parametrization of one- and two-dimensional surface metrology with high quality x-ray optics
Author(s): Valeriy V. Yashchuk; Yury N. Tyurin; Anastasia Y. Tyurina
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Correlation analysis of surface slope metrology measurements of high quality x-ray optics
Author(s): Valeriy V. Yashchuk; Nikolay A. Artemiev; Ian Lacey; Daniel J. Merthe
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Error compensation for the calibration of mechanical mirror benders
Author(s): Josep Nicolas; Juan Campos
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Status of multi-beam long trace-profiler development
Author(s): Mikhail V. Gubarev; Daniel J. Merthe; Kiranmayee Kilaru; Thomas Kester; Brian Ramsey; Wayne R. McKinney; Peter Z. Takacs; A. Dahir; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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Suppression of long wavelength reflection from extreme-UV multilayer optics
Author(s): Q. Huang; A. J. R. van den Boogaard; R. van de Kruijs; E. Zoethout; V. V. Medvedev; E. Louis; F. Bijkerk
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Optimization of LaN/B multilayer mirrors for 6.x nm wavelength
Author(s): I. A. Makhotkin; R. W. E. van de Kruijs; E. Zoethout; E. Louis; F. Bijkerk
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Fabrication of x-ray gratings by direct write maskless lithography
Author(s): D. L. Voronov; S. Diez; P. Lum; S. A. Hidalgo; T. Warwick; N. Artemiev; H. A. Padmore
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Damage characteristics of platinum/carbon multilayers under x-ray free-electron laser irradiation
Author(s): Jangwoo Kim; Takahisa Koyama; Hirokatsu Yumoto; Ayaka Nagahira; Satoshi Matsuyama; Yasuhisa Sano; Makina Yabashi; Haruhiko Ohashi; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Kazuto Yamauchi
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Damage threshold investigation using grazing incidence irradiation by hard x-ray free electron laser
Author(s): T. Koyama; H. Yumoto; K. Tono; T. Sato; T. Togashi; Y. Inubushi; T. Katayama; J. Kim; S. Matsuyama; H. Mimura; M. Yabashi; K. Yamauchi; H. Ohashi
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Process-induced inhomogeneities in higher asymmetry angle x-ray monochromators
Author(s): D. Korytár; P. Vagovič; C. Ferrari; P. Šiffalovič; M. Jergel; E. Dobročka; Z. Zápražný; V. Áč; P. Mikulík
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Using organic slab to obtain x-ray tube spectra for quantitative analysis of x-ray fluorescence analysis
Author(s): Song Liu; Qinghui Li
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Multilevel stacked Fresnel zone plate for hard x-rays
Author(s): Levon Haroutunyan; Karapet Trouni; Armen Kuyumchyan
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The Alba ray tracing code: ART
Author(s): Josep Nicolas; Alessandro Barla; Jordi Juanhuix
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Modulation of intensity in defocused beams
Author(s): Josep Nicolas; Gastón García
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Optimization of the soft x-ray transmission microscopy beamline at the ALBA light source
Author(s): Andrea Sorrentino; Eva Pereiro; Ricardo Valcárcel; Salvador Ferrer; Josep Nicolas
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Development of an objective flat-field spectrograph for electron microscopic soft x-ray emission spectrometry in 50-4000 eV
Author(s): T. Imazono; M. Koike; T. Kawachi; N. Hasegawa; M. Koeda; T. Nagano; H. Sasai; Y. Oue; Z. Yonezawa; S. Kuramoto; M. Terauchi; H. Takahashi; N. Handa; T. Murano
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Investigation of high thermal contact conductance at low contact pressure for high-heat-load optical elements of synchrotron radiation
Author(s): T. Takeuchi; M. Tanaka; H. Ohashi; S. Goto
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Engineering optical constants for broadband single layer antireflection coatings
Author(s): S. P. Huber; R. W. E. van de Kruijs; A. E. Yakshin; E. Zoethout; F. Bijkerk
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