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Terahertz Emitters, Receivers, and Applications IV
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Volume Number: 8846
Date Published: 10 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8846
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Room temperature compact THz sources based on quantum cascade laser technology
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Q. Y. Lu; N. Bandyopadhyay; S. Slivken; Y. Bai
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Injection schemes in THz quantum cascade lasers under operation
Author(s): M. Lindskog; D. O. Winge; A. Wacker
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Gradient index devices for terahertz waves and terahertz surface waves
Author(s): M. Volk; T. Fip; J. Neu; M. Höh; B. Reinhard; R. Beigang; M. Rahm
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Scattering of terahertz radiation in thin layers of dielectric materials
Author(s): Irina N. Fokina; Kirill I. Zaytsev; Valeriy E. Karasik; Konstantin P. Tsapenko
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Room-temperature terahertz oscillation of resonant tunneling diodes
Author(s): Masahiro Asada; Safumi Suzuki
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THz sources using indium phosphide high electron mobility transistors
Author(s): W. R. Deal
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Terahertz emitters based on intracenter transitions in semiconductors
Author(s): James Kolodzey; Jay Prakash Gupta
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Broadband photonic terahertz-wave emitter based on planar-antenna-integrated UTC-PD
Author(s): Hiroshi Ito; Toshihide Yoshimatsu; Tadao Ishibashi
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Highly efficient quantum dot-based photoconductive THz materials and devices
Author(s): E. U. Rafailov; R. Leyman; D. Carnegie; N. Bazieva
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Terahertz emitter based on dipolaritons
Author(s): Oleksandr Kyriienko; Alexey V. Kavokin; Ivan A. Shelykh
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Bipolar THz-lasing structures based on InAs-GaSb coupled quantum wells as an alternative to intersubband lasing
Author(s): L. D. Shvartsman; B. Laikhtman
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Tunable THz source using superconducting tunnel junctions
Author(s): F. Boussaha; A. Féret; C. Chaumont; L. Loukitch; T. Vacelet
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Nanotransistor based THz plasma detectors: low tempeatures, graphene, linearity, and circular polarization studies
Author(s): W. Knap; D. But; N. Diakonova; D. Coquillat; M. S. Vitiello; S. Blin; A. El Fatimy; F. Teppe; A. Tredicucci; T. Nagatsuma; S. Ganichev
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Field effect transistor as detector of THz radiation helicity
Author(s): K. S. Romanov; N. Dyakonova; D. B. But; F. Teppe; W. Knap; M. I. Dyakonov; C. Drexler; P. Olbrich; J. Karch; M. Schafberger; S. Ganichev; Yu. Mityagin; O. Klimenko
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Antenna-coupled microbolometer based uncooled 2D array and camera for 2D real-time terahertz imaging
Author(s): F. Simoens; J. Meilhan; S. Gidon; G. Lasfargues; J. Lalanne Dera; J. L. Ouvrier-Buffet; S. Pocas; W. Rabaud; F. Guellec; B. Dupont; S. Martin; A. C. Simon
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Discrete spectrum terahertz imaging using bow-tie diodes: optimized antenna designs and arrays
Author(s): Linas Minkevičius; Karolis Madeikis; Irmantas Kašalynas; Rimvydas Venckevičius; Dalius Seliuta; Vincas Tamošiūnas; Gintaras Valušis
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Spatial properties of a terahertz beam generated from a two-color air plasma
Author(s): Pernille Klarskov; Tianwu Wang; Jonas D. Buron; Andrew C. Strikwerda; Peter U. Jepsen
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Holography and phase retrieval in terahertz imaging
Author(s): Nikolay V. Petrov; Andrei A. Gorodetsky; Victor G. Bespalov
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3D terahertz synthetic aperture imaging of objects with arbitrary boundaries
Author(s): G. P. Kniffin; L. M. Zurk; S. Schecklman; S. C. Henry
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Effective criteria for the detection and identification of explosive using the spectral dynamics analysis of THz reflected signal in real time
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov
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The dynamic range of THz broadband FET detectors
Author(s): D. B. But; N. Diakonova; C. Drexler; O. Drachenko; K. Romanov; O. G. Golenkov; F. F. Sizov; A. Gutin; M. Shur; S. D. Ganichev; W. Knap
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The dependence of terahertz signal and third harmonic amplitudes on mutual polarization of two-color pump components under optical breakdown of air
Author(s): Alexander Ushakov; Roman Volkov; Andrey Savel'ev; Pavel Chizhov; Vladimir Bukin; Sergey V. Garnov
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Polymer based single mode optical waveguide for spectroscopy applications
Author(s): Maurine Malak; Irène Philipoussis; Hans Peter Herzig; Toralf Scharf
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Transient mobility and photoconductive terahertz emission with GaP
Author(s): Christopher M. Collier; Brandon Born; Xian Jin; Timothy M. Westgate; Max Bethune-Waddell; Mark H. Bergen; Jonathan F. Holzman
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