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Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering XIV
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Volume Number: 8841
Date Published: 18 October 2013
Softcover: 37 papers (362) pages
ISBN: 9780819496911

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8841
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Simultaneous color-mixing and collimation within LED package
Author(s): Ivan Moreno; Nayeli Rodriguez; Jose Carlos Basilio
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Hybrid solid state illuminator
Author(s): Junejei Huang; Yuchang Wang
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Radiance limits of ceramic phosphors under high excitation fluxes
Author(s): Alan Lenef; John Kelso; Yi Zheng; Maxim Tchoul
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Application of heterogeneous microlenses for solid state lighting
Author(s): Wei-Ting Shih; Guo-Dung Su
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Polarization fields for understanding polarization aberrations in optical imaging systems
Author(s): José Sasián
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Design of compact fisheye lens with slope-constrained Q-type aspheres
Author(s): Chen Xu; Dewen Cheng; Weitao Song; Yongtian Wang; Qingfeng Wang
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Analytic formulas of the aspheric terms for convex-plano and plano-convex aspheric lenses
Author(s): Maximino Avendaño-Alejo
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Multi-core and GPU accelerated simulation of a radial star target imaged with equivalent t-number circular and Gaussian pupils
Author(s): Alan W. Greynolds
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Man versus machine: a lens design challenge
Author(s): Donald C. Dilworth; David Shafer
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Design of wearable binoculars with on-demand zoom
Author(s): Robert R. Boye; Ronald S. Goeke; Jeffery P. Hunt; Aaron M. Ison; Bradley H. Jared; Jamin R. Pillars; Michael P. Saavedra; William C. Sweatt; W. Graham Yelton; Edward G. Winrow; Steve L. Wolfley
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A study of optical design of zoom optics
Author(s): Cheng-Mu Tsai; Chih-Ta Yen; Yi-Chin Fang; Chia-An Chen
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A 3D photographic capsule endoscope system with full field of view
Author(s): Mang Ou-Yang; Wei-De Jeng; Chien-Cheng Lai; Yi-Chinn Kung; Kuan-Heng Tao
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Double micro-prism array design for reducing dispersion on prism-based stereo camera system
Author(s): Wen-Shing Sun; Pu-Yi Chu
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Micro-optical elements for optical wireless applications
Author(s): Xian Jin; Daniel Guerrero; Richard Klukas; Jonathan F. Holzman
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Optical architecture of the new generation infrared atmospheric sounder interferometer (IASI-NG)
Author(s): Clement Luitot; Joël Boyadjian; Christian Buil; Frederick Pasternak
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A three-channel miniaturized optical system for multi-resolution imaging
Author(s): Gebirie Y. Belay; Heidi Ottevaere; Youri Meuret; Hugo Thienpont
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Internal structure of bokeh image in camera lenses with aspheric surfaces
Author(s): V. P. Sivokon; M. D. Thorpe
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Backward reflection analysis of transmitting channel of active laser ranging optics
Author(s): Jinsuk Hong; Hae Seog Koh
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Further results in measuring water ice buildup on optical components in cryogenic vacuum chambers
Author(s): Trevor M. Moeller; L. Montgomery Smith; Frank G. Collins; Jesse M. Labello; James P. Rogers; Heard S. Lowry; Dustin H. Crider
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Er3+-doped fiber-based Mach-Zehnder interferometer with mechanically induced long-period fiber gratings
Author(s): G. Pérez-Sánchez; J. A. Alvarez-Chavez
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Ionic polymer metal composite to achieve optical zoom function in a compact camera
Author(s): Wei-Hsiang Chen; Guo-Dung Su
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Fabrication of gapless microlenses on spherical surface by multi-replication process
Author(s): Yi-Shiuan Cherng; Guo-Dung J. Su
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Parametric analysis of the effect of scattered light upon the modulation transfer function
Author(s): James E Harvey
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Freeform mirror polishing for compensation on non-symmetry system aberrations of remote sensing instrument
Author(s): Ching-Hsiang Kuo; Zong-Ru Yu; Cheng-Fang Ho; Wei-Yao Hsu; Fong-Zhi Chen
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Using the toroidal and cylindrical lenses to project the RGB LEDs sources on the lens array with elliptic solid angle calculation for the DLP projector
Author(s): Wen-Shing Sun
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Three dimensional point spread function of a high aperture optical system
Author(s): Volodymyr Borovytsky; Viktoriia Chorna; Alex Solovei
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Enhancement effect of terahertz wave in split ring resonators
Author(s): Qinglong Meng; Bing Zeng; Wenyi Shao; Bin Zhang
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Multiagent system in automatic light power balance in optical networks
Author(s): Martin Šlapák; Miloslav Hůla
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The multichannel spectral device with transmitting analyzed optical signals by the optical fiber for the liquid propellant rocket engine diagnostics
Author(s): Mikhail A. Vaganov; Oleg D. Moskaletz
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Fabrication of subcutaneous veins phantom for vessel visualization system
Author(s): Kai Cheng; Kazuyuki Narita; Yusuke Morita; Eiji Nakamachi; Norihiro Honda; Kunio Awazu
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Near-infrared imaging system for detecting small organic foreign substances in foods
Author(s): Hiroto Tashima; Tsuneaki Genta; Yuya Ishii; Takeshi Ishiyama; Shinichi Arai; Mitsuo Fukuda
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Application of the light field for a simulation to evaluate the MTF of optical lens systems using rendering
Author(s): Shuma Horiuchi; Manabu Yamamoto
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Holographic recording method using shift multiplexing system with spherical reference beam
Author(s): Yuta Nagao; Hiroyuki Kurata; Kaito Okubo; Yu Tsukamoto; Takaaki Matsubara; Shuhei Yoshida; Manabu Yamamoto
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A framework of cloud supported collaborative design in glass lens moulds based on aspheric measurement
Author(s): Yongjian Zhu; Yu Wang; Jingxin Na; Yanan Zhi; Yufeng Fan
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Design for adjustable optical system of liquid filled lens
Author(s): Dein Shaw; Hui-An Hsieh
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Theoretical considerations in radiometer design
Author(s): Jose G. Suarez-Romero; Roberto Salas-Zuñiga
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Design, fabrication, and metrology of polymer gradient-index lenses for high-performance eyepieces
Author(s): James A. Corsetti; Anthony J. Visconti; Kejia Fang; Peter McCarthy; Greg R. Schmidt; Duncan T. Moore
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