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Material Technologies and Applications to Optics, Structures, Components, and Sub-Systems
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Volume Number: 8837
Date Published: 2 October 2013
Softcover: 27 papers (296) pages
ISBN: 9780819496874

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8837
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The market of huge monolithic mirror substrates for optical astronomy
Author(s): Thorsten Döhring
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Large silicon carbide optics for manufacturability
Author(s): John W. Pepi; Joseph Robichaud; Gary Milsap
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Aluminum alloy AA-6061 and RSA-6061 heat treatment for large mirror applications
Author(s): T. Newswander; B. Crowther; G. Gubbels; R. Senden
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Cost effective aluminum beryllium mirrors for critical optics applications
Author(s): Carissa Say; Jack Duich; Chris Huskamp; Ray White
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Isotropic behavior of an anisotropic material: single crystal silicon
Author(s): Douglas R. McCarter; Roger A. Paquin
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Optical test results of carbon composite mirrors from MISSE 7A
Author(s): R. C. Romeo; R. N. Martin
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Processing of a stacked core mirror for UV applications
Author(s): Gary W. Matthews; Charles S. Kirk; Steven P. Maffett; H. Philip Stahl; Calvin E. Abplanalp; Ron Eng; William R. Arnold
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Cryogenic optical performance of a lightweighted mirror assembly for future space astronomical telescopes: correlating optical test results and thermal optical model
Author(s): Ron Eng; William R. Arnold; Markus A. Baker; Ryan M. Bevan; Gregory Burdick; Michael R. Effinger; Darrell E. Gaddy; Brian K. Goode; Craig Hanson; William D. Hogue; Jeffrey R. Kegley; Charlie Kirk; Steven P. Maffett; Gary W. Matthews; Richard D. Siler; W. Scott Smith; H. Philip Stahl; John M. Tucker; Ernest R. Wright
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ESA initiatives to improve mechanical design and verification methods for ceramic structures
Author(s): Graham Coe; Stéphanie Behar-Lafenetre; Laurence Cornillon; Michaël Rancurel; David Denaux; Dirk Ballhause; Stefano Lucarelli
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Influence of low-earth orbit exposure on the mechanical properties of silicon carbide
Author(s): David B. Witkin; Iwona A. Palusinski
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Comparison of SiC mirror approaches
Author(s): Keith Carrigan; Michael Riso; Shayna Khatri; Christopher Douglas
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HoneySiC: a new optomechanical material for low-areal cost and density
Author(s): William A. Goodman
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State-of-the-art silicon carbide optical telescope assembly for the JMAPS mission
Author(s): Dan Catropa; Farsh Azad
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Novel reactive chemical mechanical polishing technology for fabrication of SiC mirrors
Author(s): Rajiv K. Singh; Arul Chakkaravarthi Arjunan; Kannan Balasundaram; Puneet Jawali; George Ling; Deepika Singh; William Everson
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Manufacturing and optical testing of 800 mm lightweight all C/SiC optics
Author(s): Hidehiro Kaneda; Masataka Naitoh; Takao Nakagawa; Tadashi Imai; Haruyoshi Katayama; Masahiro Suganuma; Yoshio Tange; Ryota Sato; Keigo Enya; Masaki Kotani; Kenta Maruyama; Takashi Onaka; Takuma Kokusho
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Effect of grain size on microstructure, properties, and surface roughness of reaction bonded SiC ceramics
Author(s): Michael Aghajanian; Craig Emmons; Steve Rummel; Paul Barber; Chris Robb; Doug Hibbard
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Cryogenic silicon carbide mirrors for infrared astronomical telescopes: lessons learnt from AKARI for SPICA
Author(s): Takashi Onaka; Hidehiro Kaneda; Mitsunobu Kawada; Keigo Enya; Takao Nakagawa
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Fabrication of SiC aspheric mirrors with low mid-spatial error
Author(s): Flemming Tinker; Kai Xin
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Correlation of mid-spatial features to image performance in aspheric mirrors
Author(s): Flemming Tinker; Kai Xin
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Development of CFRP mirrors for space telescopes
Author(s): Shin Utsunomiya; Tomohiro Kamiya; Ryuzo Shimizu
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Composite tube and plate manufacturing repeatability as determined by precision measurements of thermal strain
Author(s): Lenn A. Riddle; James R. Tucker; A. Marcel Bluth
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Prediction and measurement of composite tube twist and bending due to thermal loading
Author(s): A. Marcel Bluth; James R. Tucker; Troy Thompson
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Development of transparent polycrystalline beta-silicon carbide
Author(s): Shyam S. Bayya; Guillermo R. Villalobos; Michael P. Hunt; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Bryan M. Sadowski; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Michael Cinibulk; Carmen Carney; Kristin Keller
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Novel rapid polishing process for fabrication of sapphire windows
Author(s): Rajiv K. Singh; Arul Chakkaravarthi Arjunan; Kannan Balasundaram; Jinhyung Lee; George Ling; Deepika Singh
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Silicate and direct bonding of low thermal expansion materials
Author(s): Gerhard Kalkowski; Simone Fabian; Carolin Rothhardt; Paul Zeller; Stefan Risse
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Recent developments in transparent spinel ceramic and composite windows
Author(s): Shyam Bayya; Guillermo Villalobos; Woohong Kim; Jas Sanghera; Geoff Chin; Michael Hunt; Bryan Sadowski; Fritz Miklos; Ishwar Aggarwal
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Investigation of negative index in dispersive, chiral materials via contra-propagating velocities under second-order dispersion (GVD)
Author(s): Monish R. Chatterjee; Tarig Algadey
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