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Thin Film Solar Technology V
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Volume Number: 8823
Date Published: 26 September 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8823
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Crystallographic study of phases present in CuInSe2 absorber layers produced by laser annealing co-electrodeposited precursors
Author(s): H. J. Meadows; A. Bhatia; C. Stefan; S. Schorr; M. A. Scarpulla; P. J. Dale
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CIGS thin film solar cell prepared by reactive co-sputtering
Author(s): Jeha Kim; Ho-Sub Lee; Nae-Man Park
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How does the selenium activity influence CuInSe2 devices grown under Cu-excess?
Author(s): Valérie Deprédurand; Tobias Bertram; Susanne Siebentritt
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Spectrally selective intermediate reflectors for tandem thin-film silicon solar cells
Author(s): A. Hoffmann; U. W. Paetzhold; T. Merdzhanova; A. Lambertz; O. Höhn; C. Ulbrich; K. Bittkau; U. Rau
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Optical and electrical modeling of an amorphous-silicon tandem solar cell with nonhomogeneous intrinsic layers and a periodically corrugated back-reflector
Author(s): Muhammad Faryad; Liu Liu; Theresa S. Mayer; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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A novel light trapping concept for liquid phase crystallized poly-Si thin-film solar cells on periodically nanoimprinted glass substrates
Author(s): V. Preidel; D. Amkreutz; T. Sontheimer; F. Back; E. Rudigier-Voigt; B. Rech; C. Becker
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Study of the effect of the charge transport layer in the electrical characteristics of the organic photovoltaics
Author(s): Ronak Rahimi; Alex Roberts; V. Narang; Vamsi Krishna Kumbham; D. Korakakis
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Characterization of N3 dye Adsorption on TiO2 using quartz-crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring
Author(s): Hannah K. Wayment-Steele; Lewis E. Johnson; Matthew C. Dixon; Malkiat S. Johal
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Natural evolution inspired design of light trapping structure in thin film organic solar cells
Author(s): Chen Wang; Shuangcheng Yu; Wei Chen; Cheng Sun
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Submicron texturing for broadband light management in thin-film PV
Author(s): Henrik Melkonyan; Sueda Saylan; Andreas Heidelberg; Harald Bloess; Marco Stefancich; Jaime Viegas; Marcus Dahlem
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Characterization of printed CZTSSe films for photovoltaic applications
Author(s): Wei Wu; Yanyan Cao; Jonathan V. Caspar; Qijie Guo; Lynda Johnson; Irina Malajovich; H. David Rosenfeld; Kaushik Roy Choudhury; Lee Silverman
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Plasmonic nanodot array optimization on organic thin film solar cells using anodic aluminum oxide templates
Author(s): Kyuyoung Bae; Kyoungsik Kim
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Structural and substructural features of chemically deposited zinc oxide thin films
Author(s): A. S. Opanasyuk; T. O. Berestok; P. M. Fochuk; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Thin multi-junction solar cells of III-V materials to advance solar energy harvesting
Author(s): S. Castelletto; A. Parker
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Structural and interfacial properties of large area n-a-Si:H/i-a-Si:H/p-c-Si heterojunction solar cells
Author(s): Özlem Pehlivan; Deneb Menda; Okan Yilmaz; Alp Osman Kodolbaş; Orhan Özdemir; Özgur Duygulu; Kubilay Kutlu; Mehmet Tomak
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Surface photovoltage as a tool to monitor the effect of hydrogen treatment on a-Si:H/c-Si heterojunction
Author(s): L. Martini; L. Serenelli; R. Asquini; D. Caputo; G. de Cesare; M. Izzi; M. Tucci
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