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PIAGENG 2013: Image Processing and Photonics for Agricultural Engineering
Editor(s): Honghua Tan
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Volume Number: 8761
Date Published: 6 March 2013
: 45 papers (268) pages
ISBN: 9780819495587

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8761
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Application of laser speckle pattern analysis for plant sensing
Author(s): Xu Zhong; Xuezhi Wang; Nicola Cooley; Peter Farrell; Bill Moran
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Research on animation design of growing plant based on 3D MAX technology
Author(s): Yineng Chen; Kui Fang; Weiqiong Bu; Xiaoling Zhang; Menglong Lei
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A novel robust digital image watermarking using LPM and HVS
Author(s): Qiang Zhang; Mingli Zhang; Xiaopeng Wei
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Research on spatial coding compressive spectral imaging and its applicability for rural survey
Author(s): Yuheng Chen; Yiqun Ji; Jiankang Zhou; Xinhua Chen; Weimin Shen
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Dynamic visual image modeling for 3D synthetic scenes in agricultural engineering
Author(s): Li Gao; Juntao Yan; Xiaobo Li; Yatai Ji; Xin Li
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MRF model with adaptive multiresolution for image segmentation
Author(s): Qinling Dai; Chen Zheng; Dingqian Sun; Leiguang Wang
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Halo performance on low light level image intensifiers
Author(s): Dongxu Cui; Ling Ren; Benkang Chang; Feng Shi; Jifang Shi; Yunsheng Qian; Honggang Wang; Junju Zhang
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An efficient license plate character recognition algorithm based on shape context
Author(s): Yan Wan; Xiaotao Xu; Li Yao
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Fish freshness rapid detection based on fish-eye image
Author(s): Feng Wang; Yue Zang; Qiqi Wo; Chen Zou; Nan Wang; Xiaobo Wang; Dadong Li
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A new image fusion technology based on object extraction and NSCT
Author(s): Suxia Xing; Peng Liu
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Monitoring land coverage change in mining area by remote sensing image classification
Author(s): Wei Wang; Li Zhao; Yanbin Wu
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Close-range photogrammetry for the modelling of mouldboard plough surfaces
Author(s): Jianning Yang; Qing Zhou; Qianqian Wang
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Standing tree volume measurement technology based on digital image processing
Author(s): Dianyuan Han
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Design and development of ecological and water quality information extraction system based on multi-source image
Author(s): Qing Li; Zhiguo Pang; Daling Cao
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An improved K-means clustering algorithm in agricultural image segmentation
Author(s): Huifeng Cheng; Hui Peng; Shanmei Liu
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A connected component labeling algorithm for wheat root thinned image
Author(s): ShaoMin Mu; XuHeng Zha; HaiYang Du; QingBo Hao; TengTeng Chang
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Analysis and charting of the sea conditions in Antarctic krill fishing area
Author(s): Shengmao Zhang; Yumei Wu
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Analysis of intrinsic optical bistability in Tm: YSGG laser crystal pumped under avalanche excitation at around 1um
Author(s): Li-Hua Wu; Yu Huang
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Effect of LED lamping on the chlorophylls of leaf mustard
Author(s): Shiqiang Wu; Liang Zhu; Fuli Zhao; Bowen Yang; Zuxin Chen; Ruhai Cai; Jiansheng Chen
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Detection of defects on apple using B-spline lighting correction method
Author(s): Jiangbo Li; Wenqian Huang; Zhiming Guo
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Biomolecular interaction analysis using an optical surface plasmon resonance biosensor with a Marquardt algorithm
Author(s): Wensong Wei; Liang Shi; Huiqin Li; Chenwen Zhu; Linying Mu; Jinbo Hou; Manping Wang; Baiqiong Cao; Jiandong Hu
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Analysis of sampling error in FTIR
Author(s): Ya Kang
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Nondestructive evaluation of soluble solid content in strawberry by near infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Zhiming Guo; Wenqian Huang; Liping Chen; Xiu Wang; Yankun Peng
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Early detection of bruises on apples using near-infrared hyperspectral image
Author(s): Wenqian Huang; Baihai Zhang; Jiangbo Li; Chi Zhang
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A matrix structured LED backlight system with 2D-DHT local dimming method
Author(s): Jia Liu; Yang Li; Sidan Du
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Evaluating a novel application of optical fibre evanescent field absorbance: rapid measurement of red colour in winegrape homogenates
Author(s): Peter G. Lye; Ronald Bradbury; David W. Lamb
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Paddy soil nutrient assessment using visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): A. Gholizadeh; M. M. Saberioon; M. S. M. Amin
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Relation between signal-noise-ratio of UV image intensifier and voltage of MCP
Author(s): Jin Zhou; Yafeng Qiu; Xinglin Wu
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Multi-hop optical label switching with coherent detected spectral amplitude code labels
Author(s): Yongsheng Cao
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Integrated calibration between digital camera and laser scanner from mobile mapping system for land vehicles
Author(s): Guihua Zhao; Hong Chen; Xingquan Li; Xiaoliang Zou
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Higher quantum efficiency GaAs photocathode material with exponential-doping structure
Author(s): Huailin Chen; Wenzheng Yang; Weidong Tang; Xiaoqian Fu; Yujie Du; Junju Zhang
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Study on application of new single photon detection technique application research on agriculture test
Author(s): Qiwen He; Xiangcheng Meng; Jiansheng Peng
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The comparison for leaf nitrogen estimating in rice by chlorophyll meters and reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Fenfang Lin; Ke Wang
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Making vector data and 3D display from relief map by R2V and ArcGIS
Author(s): Yang Wang; Xiaohong Wang; Shengmao Zhang
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Fish measurement using Android smart phone: the example of swamp eel
Author(s): Baisong Chen; Zhuo Fu; Haiying Ouyang; Yingze Sun; Changshui Ge; Jing Hu
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Multi-service terminal adapter based on IP technology applications in rural area
Author(s): Li Gao; Xiaobo Li; Juntao Yan; Xupeng Ren
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Flame image segmentation algorithm based on background subtraction
Author(s): Jie Zhang; Xikang Wang; Ming Lv
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Real-time mobile customer short message system design and implementation
Author(s): Qirui Han; Fang Sun
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A clustering routing algorithm based on improved ant colony clustering for wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Xiaoli Xiao; Yang Li
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3D simulation of tidal creek in Jiangsu coast
Author(s): Yanyan Kang; Xianrong Ding
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Design of the next generation cognitive mobile ad hoc networks
Author(s): Ali Amjad; Huiqiang Wang; Xiaoming Chen
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Development of output signal-to-noise ratio tester for microchannel plate and fluorescent screen component
Author(s): Xinglin Wu; Yafeng Qiu; Jin Zhou; Yunsheng Qian
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Improved strategy of QP decision for hierarchical B pictures structure in SVC
Author(s): Luna Jing; Lini Ma; Chaofu Zhang
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Hole patching strategy with the least mobile nodes in wireless sensor network of agriculture
Author(s): Yong Feng; Jian Liu; Hongyan Xu; Ye Yuan
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The PCNN adaptive segmentation algorithm based on visual perception
Author(s): Yanming Zhao
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