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Head- and Helmet-Mounted Displays XVIII: Design and Applications
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Volume Number: 8735
Date Published: 22 May 2013
: 10 papers (122) pages
ISBN: 9780819495266

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Front Matter: Volume 8735
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Scorpion hybrid optical-based inertial tracker (HObIT)
Author(s): Robert Atac; Eric Foxlin
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Novel method for characterization and compensation for canopy distortion over a large head box
Author(s): Robert Atac; Mark Fischler
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Active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) performance and life test results
Author(s): David A. Fellowes; Michael E. Botkin; Russell S. Draper; Jason Coletta
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Dynamic sunlight filter (DSF) for HMD: controlling background illumination in a passive way
Author(s): Ariela Donval; Noam Gross; Eran Partouche; Ido Dotan; Ofir Lipman; Moshe Oron
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Sampled MTF of fused fiber optic components and bonded assemblies
Author(s): Thomas Carter
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Insight into vergence/accommodation mismatch
Author(s): Martin S. Banks; Joohwan Kim; Takashi Shibata
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Testing and evaluation of a wearable augmented reality system for natural outdoor environments
Author(s): David Roberts; Alberico Menozzi; James Cook; Todd Sherrill; Stephen Snarski; Pat Russler; Brian Clipp; Robert Karl; Eric Wenger; Matthew Bennett; Jennifer Mauger; William Church; Herman Towles; Stephen MacCabe; Jeffrey Webb; Jasper Lupo; Jan-Michael Frahm; Enrique Dunn; Christopher Leslie; Greg Welch
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Advancements in HMD technology: the DARPA-sponsored SCENICC program
Author(s): Randall Sprague; Arthur Zhang; Scott Cookson; Lee Hendricks; Tyrone O’Brien; Joseph Ford; Eric Tremblay; Todd Rutherford; Doug Reinert; Adam Johnson
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HMD digital night vision system for fixed wing fighters
Author(s): Bobby D. Foote
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Optical see-through head-mounted display with occlusion capability
Author(s): Chunyu Gao; Yuxiang Lin; Hong Hua
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