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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning II
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Volume Number: 8685
Date Published: 16 April 2013
Softcover: 23 papers (220) pages
ISBN: 9780819494672

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8685
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Extension of patterning technologies down to sub-10nm half pitch
Author(s): Shoji Mimotogi
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Etch correction and OPC: a look at the current state and future of etch correction
Author(s): Ian Stobert; Derren Dunn
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Towards an integrated line edge roughness understanding: metrology, characterization, and plasma etching transfer
Author(s): Evangelos Gogolides; Vassilios Constantoudis; George Kokkoris
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Line edge and width roughness smoothing by plasma treatment
Author(s): P. De Schepper; T. Hansen; E. Altamirano-Sanchez; A. Vaglio Pret; W. Boullart; S. De Gendt
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Advanced plasma etch for the 10nm node and beyond
Author(s): E. A. Joseph; S. U. Engelmann; H. Miyazoe; R. L. Bruce; M. Nakamura; T. Suzuki; M. Hoinkis
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A new method based on AFM for the study of photoresist sidewall smoothening and LER transfer during gate patterning
Author(s): Marc Fouchier; Erwine Pargon; Benjamin Bardet
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15nm HP patterning with EUV and SADP: key contributors for improvement of LWR, LER, and CDU
Author(s): K. Xu; L. Souriau; D. Hellin; J. Versluijs; P. Wong; D. Vangoidsenhoven; N. Vandenbroeck; H. Dekkers; X. P. Shi; J. Albert; C. L. Tan; J. Vertommen; B. Coenegrachts; I. Orain; Y. Kimura; V. Wiaux; W. Boullart
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Tall FIN formation for FINFET devices of 20nm and beyond using multi-cycles of passivation and etch processes
Author(s): Dae-han Choi; Dae Geun Yang; Puneet Khanna; Chang Maeng; Owen Hu; Hongliang Shen; Andy Wei; Sung Kim
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Patterning and etch challenges for future DRAM and other high aspect ratio memory device fabrication
Author(s): N. R. Rueger; A. McGinnis; F. Good; A. J. Schrinsky; M. Kiehlbauch
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STT MRAM patterning challenges
Author(s): Werner Boullart; Dunja Radisic ; Vasile Paraschiv; Sven Cornelissen; Mauricio Manfrini; Koichi Yatsuda; Eiichi Nishimura; Tetsuya Ohishi; Shigeru Tahara
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Properties of RLSA microwave surface wave plasma and its applications to finFET fabrication
Author(s): Lee Chen; Qingyun Yang
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Characterization of silicon etching in synchronized pulsed plasma
Author(s): M. Darnon; M. Haass; G. Cunge; O. Joubert; S. Banna
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Cut-process overlay yield model for self-aligned multiple patterning and a misalignment correction technique based on dry etching
Author(s): Pan Zhang; Yijian Chen
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Pattern transfer of directed self-assembly (DSA) patterns for CMOS device applications
Author(s): Hsin-Yu Tsai; Hiroyuki Miyazoe; Sebastian Engelmann; Sarunya Bangsaruntip; Isaac Lauer; Jim Bucchignano; Dave Klaus; Lynne Gignac; Eric Joseph; Joy Cheng; Dan Sanders; Michael Guillorn
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Noble approaches on double-patterning process toward sub-15nm
Author(s): Hidetami Yaegashi; Kenichi Oyama; Arisa Hara; Sakurako Natori; Shohei Yamauchi; Masatoshi Yamato
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Double patterning with dual hard mask for 28nm node devices and below
Author(s): Hubert Hody; Vasile Paraschiv; Emma Vecchio; Sabrina Locorotondo; Gustaf Winroth; Raja Athimulam; Werner Boullart
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Spin-on-carbon hardmask based on fullerene derivatives for high-aspect ratio etching
Author(s): A. Frommhold; R. E. Palmer; A. P. G. Robinson
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Evaluating spin-on carbon materials at low temperatures for high wiggling resistance
Author(s): Michael Weigand; Vandana Krishnamurthy; Yubao Wang; Qin Lin; Douglas Guerrero; Sean Simmons; Brandy Carr
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Sub-30nm TiN/Ti/HfOx pillar formed by tone reverse processes for RRAM applications
Author(s): Wei-Su Chen; Peng-Sheng Chen; Hong Chih Chen; Hung-Wen Wei; Frederick T. Chen; Tzu-Kun Ku
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Characteristics of selective PMMA etching for forming a PS mask
Author(s): M. Satake; T. Iwase; M. Kurihara; N. Negishi; Y. Tada; H. Yoshida
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Yield enhancement of 3D flash devices through broadband brightfield inspection of the channel hole process module
Author(s): Jung-Youl Lee; Il-Seok Seo; Seong-Min Ma; Hyeon-Soo Kim; Jin-Woong Kim; DoOh Kim; Andrew Cross
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Evaluation of an advanced dual hard mask stack for high resolution pattern transfer
Author(s): J. Paul; M. Rudolph; S. Riedel; X. Thrun; S. Wege; C. Hohle
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The importance of lithography and advanced etch techniques for nanofabrication of MOS capacitor with HfO2
Author(s): Melkamu A. Belete
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