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Advances in Display Technologies III
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Volume Number: 8643
Date Published: 12 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8643
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Aerial LED signage by use of crossed-mirror array
Author(s): Hirotsugu Yamamoto; Ryousuke Kujime; Hiroki Bando; Shiro Suyama
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Real-time pickup and display integral imaging system without pseudoscopic problem
Author(s): Jonghyun Kim; Jae-Hyun Jung; Byoungho Lee
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Measurement of the optical characteristics of electrowetting prism array for three-dimensional display
Author(s): Yunhee Kim; Yoon-Sun Choi; Kyuwhan Choi; Yongjoo Kwon; Jungmok Bae; Alexander Morozov; Hong-Seok Lee
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Curved transflective holographic screens for head-mounted display
Author(s): Mickaël Guillaumée; Seyed Payam Vahdati; Eric Tremblay; Arnaud Mader; Victor J. Cadarso; Jonas Grossenbacher; Jürgen Brugger; Randall Sprague; Christophe Moser
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High-power, red-emitting DBR-TPL for possible 3d holographic or volumetric displays
Author(s): D. Feise; C. Fiebig; G. Blume; J. Pohl; B. Eppich; K. Paschke
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Direct integration of a 4-pixel emissive display into a knit fabric matrix
Author(s): Jared P. Coyle; Bin Li; Genevieve Dion; Adam K. Fontecchio
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A CMOS microdisplay with integrated controller utilizing improved silicon hot carrier luminescent light sources
Author(s): Petrus J. Venter; Antonie C. Alberts; Monuko du Plessis; Trudi-Heleen Joubert; Marius E. Goosen; Christo Janse van Rensburg; Pieter Rademeyer; Nicolaas M. Fauré
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Effect of nanodroplet ink concentration on switching response of reverse-emulsion electrophoretic displays
Author(s): Winston Kuantung Wang; Remy Cromer; Michel Goedert; Maryam Mobed-Miremadi; Sang-Joon John Lee
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Microlens array based LCD projection display with software-only focal distance control
Author(s): Marcel Sieler; Peter Schreiber; Andreas Bräuer
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Compact laser module with a high-speed liquid crystal attenuator for see-through display applications
Author(s): Takaaki Takeishi; Masafumi Ide; Shinpei Fukaya; Seiko Katoh; Takaaki Nozaki
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Design concept of an FLC-NLC combined circular polarization switch for 3D laser pico-projectors
Author(s): Seiko Kato; Takaaki Takeishi; Takaaki Nozaki; Masafumi Ide
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A passive cooling system proposal for multifunction and high-power displays
Author(s): Ilker Tari
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Estimation of True Radiance and Sub Pixel Position of Saturated Point Targets
Author(s): Erez Avrahamov; Nadav Shavit; Zeev Zalevsky
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Scene-based nonuniformity correction algorithm based on optical flow
Author(s): Chen Peng; Qian Chen; Tie-kun Zhao; Fu-yuan Xu; Wei-xian Qian
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The influence of pH of the precursor solution on TiO2 films under hydrothermal synthesis
Author(s): L. Xia; Z. H. Feng; H. T. Dai; S. G. Wang; X. W. Sun
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Lateral ink mobility and fringe field effects across the porous matrix of an electrophoretic display
Author(s): Kelly Li Tsui; Manuel Ahumada; Mateusz Bryning; Michelle Hartono; Sang-Joon John Lee
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