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Gallium Nitride Materials and Devices VIII
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Volume Number: 8625
Date Published: 11 April 2013
Softcover: 52 papers (450) pages
ISBN: 9780819493941

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8625
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Application of DERI method to InN/InGaN MQW, thick InGaN and InGaN/InGaN MQW structure growth
Author(s): T. Yamaguchi; K. Wang; T. Araki; T. Honda; E. Yoon; Y. Nanishi
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Semipolar GaN growth on patterned sapphire substrates by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Author(s): K. Yamane; N. Okada; H. Furuya; K. Tadatomo
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Effect of internally focused laser processing of sapphire substrate on bowing management for III-nitride epitaxy
Author(s): Hideo Aida; Hitoshi Hoshino; Hidetoshi Takeda; Chikara Aikawa; Natsuko Aota; Keiji Honjo
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Role and influence of impurities on GaN crystal grown from liquid solution under high nitrogen pressure in multi-feed-seed configuration
Author(s): Michal Boćkowski; Boleslaw Lucznik; Tomasz Sochacki; Mikolaj Amilusik; Elzbieta Litwin-Staszewska; Ryszard Piotrzkowski; Izabella Grzegory
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HVPE-GaN growth on ammonothermal GaN crystals
Author(s): Tomasz Sochacki; Mikolaj Amilusik; Boleslaw Lucznik; Michal Boćkowski; Janusz L. Weyher; Grzegorz Nowak; Bogdan Sadovyi; Grzegorz Kamler; Izabella Grzegory; Robert Kucharski; Marcin Zajac; Robert Doradzinski; Robert Dwilinski
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The source of holes in p-type InxGa1-xN films
Author(s): M. E. Zvanut; W. R. Willoughby; D. D. Koleske
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Defects in nitrides, positron annihilation spectroscopy
Author(s): Filip Tuomisto
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Short period InN/nGaN superlattices: experiment versus theory
Author(s): T. Suski; I. Gorczyca; G. Staszczak; X. Q. Wang; N. E. Christensen; A. Svane; E. Dimakis; T. D. Moustakas
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Defects generation and annihilation in GaN grown on patterned silicon substrate
Author(s): N. Sawaki; S. Ito; T. Nakagita; H. Iwata; T. Tanikawa; M. Irie; Y. Honda; M. Yamaguchi; H. Amano
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Nonlinear absorption in InN under resonant- and non-resonant excitation
Author(s): H. Ahn; M.-T. Lee; Y.-M. Chang; J. L. Peng; S. Gwo
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Raman spectroscopy of GaN and AlGaN nanowires: from ensemble to single nanowire study
Author(s): J. Wang; C. Bayon; F. Demangeot; R. Pechou; A. Mlayah; A. Cros; B. Daudin
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Nanolithography for 3-dimentional nanostructures: enhancement of light output power in vertical light emitting diodes
Author(s): Yang Hee Song; Jun Ho Son; Buem Joon Kim; Jong-Lam Lee
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High efficient InGaN blue light emitting diode with embedded nanoporous structure
Author(s): Wei-Chih Peng; Shih-Pang Chang; Ta-Cheng Hsu
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Low resistivity electrical contacting of porous n-type GaN layers due to reduced workfunction intermetallic seed layers
Author(s): Oleksandr V. Bilousov; Joan J. Carvajal; Colm O'Dwyer; Xavier Mateos; Francesc Díaz; Magdalena Aguiló
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GaN power devices for automotive applications
Author(s): T. Uesugi; Tetsu Kachi
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The effects of proton irradiation on the reliability of InAlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors
Author(s): L. Liu; C. F. Lo; Y. Y. Xi; Y. X. Wang; H.-Y. Kim; J. Kim; S. J. Pearton; O. Laboutin; Y. Cao; J. W. Johnson; I. I. Kravchenko; F. Ren
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Junction temperature measurements and reliability of GaN FETs
Author(s): Martin Kuball; James W. Pomeroy; Miguel Montes Bajo; Marco Silvestri; Michael J. Uren; Nicole Killat
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Traps and defects in pre- and post-proton irradiated AlGaN-GaN high electron mobility transistors and AlGaN Schottky diodes
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Brendan Foran; Nathan Presser; Stephen LaLumondiere; William Lotshaw; Steven C. Moss
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Nonpolar and semipolar GaN, optical gain and efficiency
Author(s): Seoung-Hwan Park; Doyeol Ahn
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True-blue nitride laser diodes grown by plasma assisted MBE on low dislocation density GaN substrates
Author(s): Henryk Turski; Marcin Siekacz; Grzegorz Muzioł; Marta Sawicka; Szymon Grzanka; Piotr Perlin; Tadeusz Suski; Zbig R. Wasilewski; Izabella Grzegory; Sylwester Porowski; Czeslaw Skierbiszewski
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Thin AlGaN cladding, blue-violet InGaN laser diode with plasmonic GaN substrate
Author(s): Szymon Stańczyk; Tomasz Czyszanowski; Robert Kucharski; Anna Kafar; Tadeusz Suski; Łucja Marona; Greg Targowski; Michał Boćkowski; Piotr Perlin
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Picosecond pulse generation in monolithic GaN-based multi-section laser diodes
Author(s): Katarzyna Holc; Thomas Weig; Wilfried Pletschen; Klaus Köhler; Joachim Wagner; Ulrich T. Schwarz
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Intersubband spontaneous emission from GaN-based THz quantum cascade laser
Author(s): W. Terashima; H. Hirayama
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Latest developments in AlGaInN laser diode technology
Author(s): S. P. Najda; P. Perlin; T. Suski; L. Marona; M. Boćkowski; M. Leszczyński; Przemyslaw Wisniewski; R. Czernecki; R. Kucharski; G. Targowski
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Room-temperature optically pumped AlGaN-AlN multiple-quantum-well lasers operating at <260nm grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Zachary Lochner; Tsung-Ting Kao; Yuh-Shiuan Liu; Xiao-Hang Li; Md. Mahbub Satter; Shyh-Chiang Shen; P. Douglas Yoder; Jae-Hyun Ryou; Russell D. Dupuis; Yong Wei; Hongen Xie; Alec Fischer; Fernando A. Ponce
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Tunable light source with GaN-based violet laser diode
Author(s): Masaki Omori; Naoki Mori; Norihiro Dejima
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Prospect of GaN light-emitting diodes grown on glass substrates
Author(s): Jun-Hee Choi; Yun Sung Lee; Chan Wook Baik; Ho Young Ahn; Kyung Sang Cho ; Sun Il Kim; Sungwoo Hwang
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Effects of local structure on optical properties in green-yellow InGaN/GaN quantum wells
Author(s): Jongil Hwang; Rei Hashimoto; Shinji Saito; Shinya Nunoue
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InGaN based multi-double heterostructure light-emitting diodes with electron injector layers
Author(s): F. Zhang; S. A. Hafiz; X. Li; S. Okur; V. Avrutin; Ü. Özgür; H. Morkoç
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Investigation of droop-causing mechanisms in GaN-based devices using fully microscopic many-body theory
Author(s): J. Hader; J. V. Moloney; S. W. Koch
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Changes in the Mg profile and in dislocations induced by high temperature annealing of blue LEDs
Author(s): M. Meneghini; N. Trivellin; M. Berti; T. Cesca; A. Gasparotto; A. Vinattieri; F. Bogani; D. Zhu; C. J. Humphreys; G. Meneghesso; E. Zanoni
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Development of 260 nm band deep-ultraviolet light emitting diodes on Si substrates
Author(s): Takuya Mino; Hideki Hirayama; Takayoshi Takano; Kenji Tsubaki; Masakazu Sugiyama
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High optical power ultraviolet superluminescent InGaN diodes
Author(s): Anna Kafar; Szymon Stańczyk; Grzegorz Targowski; Robert Czernecki; Przemek Wiśniewski; Mike Leszczyński; Tadeusz Suski; Piotr Perlin
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X-ray detectors based on GaN
Author(s): J. Y. Duboz; E. Frayssinet; Sebastien Chenot; J. L. Reverchon; M. Idir
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Electroabsorption and refractive index modulation induced by intersubband transitions in GaN/AlN heterostructure waveguides
Author(s): A. Lupu; M. Tchernycheva; S. Sakr; Y. Kotsar; N. Isac; E. Monroy; F. H. Julien
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High voltage bulk GaN-based photoconductive switches for pulsed power applications
Author(s): J. H. Leach; R. Metzger; E. A. Preble; K. R. Evans
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Thermal properties of InGaN laser diodes and arrays
Author(s): Szymon Stańczyk; Anna Kafar; Grzegorz Targowski; Przemek Wiśniewski; Irina Makarowa; Tadeusz Suski; Piotr Perlin
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Nonradiative recombination due to point defects in GaInN/GaN quantum wells induced by Ar implantation
Author(s): Torsten Langer; Hans-Georg Pietscher; Heiko Bremers; Uwe Rossow; Dirk Menzel; Andreas Hangleiter
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Design and geometry of hybrid white light-emitted diodes for efficient energy transfer from the quantum well to the nanocrystals
Author(s): Oleksii Kopylov; Alexander Huck; Roza Shirazi; Kresten Yvind; Beata Kardynal
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Influence of free-standing GaN substrate on ultraviolet light-emitting-diodes by atmospheric-pressure metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): C. Y. Shieh; Z. Y. Li; C. H. Chiu; P. M. Tu; H. C. Kuo; G. C. Chi
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Numerical analysis of using superlattice-AlGaN/InGaN as electron blocking layer in green InGaN light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Fang-Ming Chen; Bo-Ting Liou; Yi-An Chang; Jih-Yuan Chang; Yih-Ting Kuo; Yen-Kuang Kuo
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Role of nonequivalent atomic step edges in the growth of InGaN by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Henryk Turski; Marcin Siekacz; Marta Sawicka; Zbig R. Wasilewski; Sylwester Porowski; Czesław Skierbiszewski
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Diffusion-assisted current spreading for III-nitride light-emitting applications
Author(s): Pyry Kivisaari; Jani Oksanen; Jukka Tulkki
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Structural and optical characterizations of GaN-based green light-emitting diodes growth using TiN buffer layer
Author(s): C. Y. Shieh; Z. Y. Li; H. C. Kuo; G. C. Chi
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Microwave performance of AlGaN/AlN/GaN-based single and coupled channels HFETs
Author(s): R. A. Ferreyra; X. Li; F. Zhang; C. Zhu; N. Izyumskaya; C. Kayis; V. Avrutin; Ü. Özgür; H. Morkoç
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Linewidth reduction of site-controlled InGaN quantum dots by surface passivation
Author(s): Chu-Hsiang Teng; Lei Zhang; Hui Deng; Pei-Cheng Ku
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Recombination dynamics in non-polar m-plane GaN investigated by time- and polarization-resolved photoluminescence
Author(s): Serdal Okur; Kestutis Jarašiūnas; Shopan din Ahmad Hafiz; Jacob Leach; Tania Paskova; Vitaliy Avrutin; Hadis Morkoç; Ümit Özgür
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GaN-based vertical cavity lasers with semiconductor/dielectric and all dielectric reflectors
Author(s): F. Zhang; S. Okur; S. Hafiz; V. Avrutin; Ü. Özgür; H. Morkoç
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Depth distribution of carrier lifetimes in semipolar (1101) GaN grown by MOCVD on patterned Si substrates
Author(s): N. Izyumskaya; S. Okur; F. Zhang; V. Avrutin; Ü. Özgür; S. Metzner; C. Karbaum; F. Bertram; J. Christen; H. Morkoç
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Investigation of microwave and noise properties of InAlN/GaN HFETs after electrical stress: role of surface effects
Author(s): Congyong Zhu; Fan Zhang; Romualdo A. Ferreyra; Xing Li; Cemil Kayis; Vitaliy Avrutin; Ümit Özgür; Hadis Morkoç
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Surface analysis of free-standing GaN substrates with polar, non-polar, and semipolar crystal orientations
Author(s): O. Romanyuk; P. Jiříček; P. Mutombo; T. Paskova; I. Bartoš
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