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Terahertz, RF, Millimeter, and Submillimeter-Wave Technology and Applications VI
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Volume Number: 8624
Date Published: 11 April 2013
Softcover: 35 papers (338) pages
ISBN: 9780819493934

Table of Contents
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Front Matter Volume 8624
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Active THz medical imaging using broadband direct detection
Author(s): Zachary D. Taylor; James Garritano; Priyamvada Tewari; Eric Diebold; Shijun Sung; Neha Bajwa; Bryan Nowroozi; Alexander Stojadinovic; Nuria Llombart; Elliott R. Brown; Warren S. Grundfest
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Microfabrication and cold testing of copper circuits for a 50-watt 220-GHz traveling wave tube
Author(s): Colin D. Joye; Alan M. Cook; Jeffrey P. Calame; David K. Abe; Alexander N. Vlasov; Igor A. Chernyavskiy; Khanh T. Nguyen; Edward L. Wright
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A tunable continuous-wave terahertz generator based on 1.3 μm dual-mode laser diode and travelling-wave photodiode
Author(s): Han-Cheol Ryu; Namje Kim; Jung-Woo Park; Sang-Pil Han; Hyunsung Ko; Kiwon Moon; Min Yong Jeon; Kyung Hyun Park
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Sub-mm/THz wave generation/amplification using Cerenkov-transition based device
Author(s): A. I. Nashed; S. K. Chaudhuri; S. Safavi-Naeini
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Room temperature generation of THz radiation in GaN quantum wells structures
Author(s): A. Penot; J. Torres; P. Nouvel; L. Varani; F. Teppe; C. Consejo; N. Dyakonova; W. Knap; Y. Cordier; S. Chenot; M. Chmielowska; J.-P. Faurie; B. Beaumont; P. Shiktorov; E. Starikov; V. Gruzinskis
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Precise manipulation of light properties in optical domain by RF technology
Author(s): Tianxin Yang; Zhou Zhang; Tianhe Wang; Zifei Wang; Zhaoying Wang; Chunfen Ge; Dongfang Jia; Mei Sang
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Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of organic semiconductors
Author(s): Daniel M. Hailu; Hany Aziz; Safieddin Safavi-Naeini; Daryoosh Saeedkia
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3D terahertz beam profiling
Author(s): Pernille Klarskov; Andrew C. Strikwerda; Tianwu Wang; Maksim Zalkovskij; Peter Uhd. Jepsen
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Imaging at 0.2 and 2.5 terahertz
Author(s): Arline M. Melo; Mauricio A. P. Toledo; Francisco C. B. Maia; Andre Rocha; Matheus B. Plotegher; Daniel Pereira; Flavio C. Cruz
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Introducing a 384x288 pixel terahertz camera core
Author(s): C. Chevalier; L, Mercier; F. Duchesne; L. Gagnon; B. Tremblay; M. Terroux; F. Généreux; J.-E. Paultre; F. Provençal; Y. Desroches; L. Marchese; H. Jerominek; C. Alain; A. Bergeron
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Millimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-wave vacuum electronics amplifier development at the US Naval Research Laboratory
Author(s): David K. Abe; Jeffrey P. Calame; Colin D. Joye; Alan M. Cook; John A. Pasour; Simon Cooke; Alexander N. Vlasov; Igor A. Chernyavskiy; Baruch Levush; Khanh T. Nguyen; Dean E. Pershing; David Chernin
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Integrated RF photonic devices based on crystal ion sliced lithium niobate
Author(s): Vincent Stenger; James Toney; Andrea Pollick; James Busch; Jon Scholl; Peter Pontius; Sri Sriram
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IMDD microwave photonic link modeling using Optsim
Author(s): Joseph Haefner; Troy Copenhaver II; Jacob Kurka; Jessika West; Michael Maurer; Christopher Middlebrook
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Toward a widely tunable narrow linewidth RF source utilizing an integrated heterogenous silicon photonic module
Author(s): David W. Grund; Garrett A. Ejzak; Garrett J. Schneider; Janusz Murakowski; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis W. Prather
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Towards integrated continuous wave THz systems
Author(s): Thorsten Göbel; Dennis Stanze; Ute Troppenz; Jochen Kreissl; Bernd Sartorius; Martin Schell
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Widely tunable opto-electronic oscillator based on a dual frequency laser
Author(s): J. Maxin; K. Saleh; G. Pillet; L. Morvan; O. Llopis; D. Dolfi
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Continuous wave terahertz reflection imaging of human colorectal tissue
Author(s): Pallavi Doradla; Karim Alavi; Cecil S. Joseph; Robert H. Giles
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Millimeter and terahertz detectors based on plasmon excitation in InGaAs/InP HEMT devices
Author(s): Nima Nader Esfahani; Robert E. Peale; Walter R. Buchwald; Joshua R. Hendrickson; Justin W. Cleary
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Frequency, amplitude, and phase measurements of GHz and THz sources using unstabilized THz frequency combs
Author(s): Heiko Füser; Mark Bieler
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Fabrication and characterization of suspended graphene membranes for miniature Golay cells
Author(s): Elizabeth Ledwosinska; Abdeladim Guermoune; Mohamed Siaj; Thomas Szkopek
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Design and fabrication of an RF GRIN lens using 3D printing technology
Author(s): J. W. Allen; B.-I. Wu
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An FBG sensor interrogation technique based on a precise optical recirculating frequency shifter driven by RF signals
Author(s): Zifei Wang; Tianxin Yang; Dongfang Jia; Zhaoying Wang; Mei Sang
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Progress towards dual vertical slot modulator for millimeter wave photonics
Author(s): Stephen T. Kozacik; Maciej Murakowski; Matthew Konkol; Suman Addya; David L. K. Eng; Benjamin C. Olbricht; Mathew J. Zablocki; Ahmed Sharkawy; Janusz Murakowski; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis W. Prather
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Flat pulse-amplitude rational-harmonic-mode-locking fiber lasers with GHz pulse repetition rates
Author(s): Tianhe Wang; Tianxin Yang; Dongfang Jia; Zhaoying Wang; Mei Sang; Neng Bai; Guifang Li
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Metamaterial films as narrowband terahertz emitters
Author(s): Brian Kearney; Fabio Alves; Dragoslav Grbovic; Gamani Karunasiri
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High sensitivity metamaterial based bi-material terahertz sensor
Author(s): Fabio Alves; Dragoslav Grbovic; Brian Kearney; Gamani Karunasiri
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Numerical simulation of terahertz plasmons in gated graphene structures
Author(s): A. Satou; V. Ryzhii; F. T. Vasko; V. V. Mitin; T. Otsuji
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Efficient horn antennas for next-generation terahertz and millimeter-wave space telescopes
Author(s): Darragh McCarthy; Neil Trappe; Anthony Murphy; Colm Bracken; Stephen Doherty; Marcin L. Gradziel; Créidhe O'Sullivan
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Low-loss waveguides for THz guidance and devices
Author(s): B. M. A. Rahman; C. Themistos; H. Tanvir; M. Uthman; A. Quadir; C. Markides
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Ultra-broadband wavelength conversion sensor using thermochromic liquid crystals
Author(s): Ichun Anderson Chen; S. W. Park; G. Chen; C. Wang; C. Bethea; R. Martini; D. Woolard
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Antenna-coupled heterostructure field effect transistors for integrated terahertz heterodyne mixers
Author(s): Alessandra Di Gaspare; Valeria Giliberti; Roberto Casini; Ennio Giovine; Florestanto Evangelisti; Dominique Coquillat; Wojciech Knap; Sergey Sadofev; Raffaella Calarco; Massimiliano Dispenza; Claudio Lanzieri; Michele Ortolani
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Realization of an ultra-broadband voltage pulse standard utilizing time-domain optoelectronic techniques
Author(s): Mark Bieler; Heiko Füser
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Electric field sensor based on electro-optic polymer refilled silicon slot photonic crystal waveguide coupled with bowtie antenna
Author(s): Xingyu Zhang; Amir Hosseini; Xiaochuan Xu; Shiyi Wang; Qiwen Zhan; Yi Zou; Swapnajit Chakravarty; Ray T. Chen
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Technological customization of uncooled amorphous silicon microbolometer for THz real time imaging
Author(s): S. Pocas; E. Deronzier; P. Brianceau; P. Imperinetti; G. Dumont; A. Roule; W. Rabaud; J. Meilhan; F. Simoens; V. Goudon; Claire Vialle; A. Arnaud
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Tunable THz wave transmission using liquid metal based devices
Author(s): Rongguo Zhou; Jiangtao Cheng; Yuankun Lin; Hualiang Zhang
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