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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology XVIII
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Volume Number: 8612
Date Published: 26 March 2013
: 17 papers (190) pages
ISBN: 9780819493811

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Front Matter: Volume 8612
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design of microcantilever sensors using SLM based holographic lithography
Author(s): Joseph L. Lawson; Nathan J. Jenness; Robert Clark
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Graphene-based inkjet printing of flexible bioelectronic circuits and sensors
Author(s): Dogan Sinar; George K. Knopf; Suwas Nikumb
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Laser direct write system for fabricating seamless roll-to-roll lithography tools
Author(s): Joseph E. Petrzelka; David E. Hardt
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Plateau-Rayleigh instability triggered transformation in thin chromium film on glass substrate under nanosecond laser irradiation
Author(s): Mindaugas Gedvilas; Karolis Ratautas; Bogdan Voisiat; Kęstutis Regelskis; Gediminas Raciukaitis
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Silicon backside machining using a nanosecond 2-µm Tm:fiber laser
Author(s): Lawrence Shah; Tobias Bonhoff; Thomas Ferhat; Ashraf F. El-Sherif; Mark Ramme; Christina C. C. Willis; Matthieu Baudelet; Pankaj Kadwani; Christian Gaida; Martin Gebhardt; Ilya Mingareev; Martin Richardson
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Use of laser transfer processing for producing Al-Bi doped silicon electronic devices
Author(s): Pablo Romero; Nerea Otero; Cristina Leira; Ivette Coto
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Doping method to glass material using a CO2 laser
Author(s): K. Nakamura; T. Tamaki
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Deep silicon etch for biology MEMS fabrication: review of process parameters influence versus chip design
Author(s): T. Magis; S. Ballerand; A. Bellemin Comte; Olivier Pollet
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Eliminating stiction in NEMS and MEMS release: parameter optimization for an HF vapor process operating at room temperature and ambient pressure
Author(s): O. Pollet; R. Segaud; C. Marcoux; F. de Crecy
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Fabrication of thin vertical mirrors through plasma etch and KOH:IPA polishing for integration into MEMS electrostatic actuators
Author(s): M. Q. Huda; T. M. F. Amin; Y. Ning; G. McKinnon; J. Tulip; W. Jäger
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High-quality surface micromachining of LiNbO3 by ion implantation-assisted etching
Author(s): Simone Sugliani; Pietro De Nicola; Giovanni Battista Montanari; Alessio Nubile; Angela Menin; Fulvio Mancarella; Paolo Vergani; Andrea Meroni; Marco Astolfi; Marco Borsetto; Guido Consonni; Roberto Longone; Marco Chiarini; Marco Bianconi; Gian Giuseppe Bentini
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Characteristics of a tapered hollow micro-tube emitting a Bessel light beam
Author(s): Ming-Han Chung; Chun-Yen Chen; Chih-Kung Lee
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Practical implementation of broadband diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Junoh Choi; Alvaro A. Cruz-Cabrera; Anthony Tanbakuchi
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Piezoelectric resonant micromirror with high frequency and large deflection applying mechanical leverage amplification
Author(s): S. Gu-Stoppel; J. Janes; D. Kaden; H. J. Quenzer; U. Hofmann; W. Benecke
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Thermopower of phases and states of Si under high pressure
Author(s): V. V. Shchennikov; Vs. V. Shchennikov; S. V. Streltsov; I. V. Korobeynikov; N. V. Morozova; S. V. Ovsyannikov
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Method of creating microscale rapid prototypes using SLM based holographic lithography
Author(s): Joseph L. Lawson; Nathan Jenness; Scott Wilson; Robert L. Clark
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Super-hydrophobicity of PMMA and PDMS surfaces structured by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Hong-Myeong Jeong; Woon-Young Lee; Jin-Ho Lee; Deok-Cho Yang; Ki-Soo Lim
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