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Optical Coherence Tomography and Coherence Domain Optical Methods in Biomedicine XVII
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Volume Number: 8571
Date Published: 22 March 2013
Softcover: 53 papers (378) pages
ISBN: 9780819493408

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Front Matter: Volume 8571
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dual-wavelength photothermal optical coherence tomography for blood oxygen saturation measurement
Author(s): Biwei Yin; Roman V. Kuranov; Austin B. McElroy; Thomas E. Milner
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Off-axis full-field swept-source optical coherence tomography using holographic refocusing
Author(s): Dierck Hillmann; Gesa Franke; Laura Hinkel; Tim Bonin; Peter Koch; Gereon Hüttmann
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Chromatic visualization of reflectivity variance within hybridized directional OCT images
Author(s): Vikram S. Makhijani; Austin Roorda; Jan Kristine Bayabo; Kevin K. Tong; Carlos A. Rivera-Carpio; Brandon J. Lujan
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Ultrahigh resolution optical coherence tomography using high power fiber laser supercontinuum at 1.7 um wavelength region
Author(s): S. Ishida; H. Kawagoe; M. Aramaki; Y. Sakakibara; E. Omoda; H. Kataura; N. Nishizawa
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Enhancement of the depth range up to 13.8 mm with filtered external k-sampling-clock in an SS-OCT system using a reflective Fabry-Perot tunable laser
Author(s): Hisashi Yamada; Yasuo Niimura; Fumiko Hiwatashi; Dong-Hac Choi; Kohji Ohbayashi
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Ultrahigh speed endoscopic optical coherence tomography using micro-motor imaging catheter and VCSEL technology
Author(s): Tsung-Han Tsai; Yuankai K. Tao; Benjamin M. Potsaid; Vijaysekhar Jayaraman; Martin F. Kraus; Peter J. S. Heim; Joachim Hornegger; Hiroshi Mashimo; Alex E. Cable; James G. Fujimoto
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High speed miniature motorized endoscopic probe for 3D optical frequency domain imaging
Author(s): Jianan Li; Fabio Feroldi; Jianhua Mo; Frank Helderman; Mattijs de Groot; Johannes F. de Boer
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Single-shot interpixel shifting for optical coherence tomography by oblique incidence spectroscopy
Author(s): Hee Yoon Lee; Audrey K. Ellerbee
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Improvement of lateral resolution of optical coherence tomography images based on capon estimation of weighted multi-scatterer contributions
Author(s): Evgenia Bousi; Costas Pitris
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Direct electronic linearization for camera based spectral domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Andrew Payne; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Real time 3D structural and Doppler OCT imaging on graphics processing units
Author(s): Marcin Sylwestrzak; Daniel Szlag; Maciej Szkulmowski; Iwona Gorczyńska; Danuta Bukowska; Maciej Wojtkowski; Piotr Targowski
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GPU accelerated OCT processing at megahertz axial scan rate and high resolution video rate volumetric rendering
Author(s): Yifan Jian; Kevin Wong; Marinko V. Sarunic
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Rotational Dove prism scanning dual angle Doppler OCT
Author(s): Cedric Blatter; Séverine Coquoz; Branislav Grajciar; Amardeep S. G. Singh; René M. Werkmeister; Leopold Schmetterer; Rainer A. Leitgeb
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High sensitive fundus autofluorescence imaging combined with speckle-free optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Patrycjusz Stremplewski; Katarzyna Komar; Maciej Szkulmowski; Marta Motoczyńska; Maciej Wojtkowski
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Label-free imaging of the dynamics of cell-to-cell string-like structure bridging in the free-space by low-coherent quantitative phase microscopy
Author(s): Toyohiko Yamauchi; Hidenao Iwai; Yutaka Yamashita
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Motion-compensated hand-held common-path Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography probe for image-guided intervention
Author(s): Yong Huang; Cheol Song; Xuan Liu; Jin U. Kang
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Towards microscopic resolution in holoscopy
Author(s): Gesa Lilith Franke; Dierck Hillmann; Christian Lührs; Peter Koch; Jörn Wollenzin; Gereon Hüttmann
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Freehand OCT with real-time lateral motion tracking
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Yong Huang; Peter Gehlbach; Jin U. Kang
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Measurement of angle-resolved scattering property of ovarian tissue by use of OCT
Author(s): Yi Yang; Tianheng Wang; Molly Brewer; Quing Zhu
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Ultrahigh-speed ultrahigh-resolution adaptive optics: optical coherence tomography system for in-vivo small animal retinal imaging
Author(s): Yifan Jian; Jing Xu; Robert J. Zawadzki; Marinko V. Sarunic
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Phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography characterization of pulse-induced trabecular meshwork displacement in ex vivo non-human primate eyes
Author(s): Peng Li; Roberto Reif; Zhongwei Zhi; Lin An; Elizabeth Martin; Tueng T. Shen; Murray Johnstone; Ruikang K. Wang
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Dynamic OCE measurement of the biomechanical properties of gelatin phantom and mouse cornea in vivo
Author(s): Jiasong Li; Shang Wang; Ravi Kiran Manapuram; Floredes M. Menodiado; Manmohan Singh; Salavat Aglyamov; Stanislav Emelianov; Michael Twa; Kirill V. Larin
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OCT detection of neural activity in American cockroach nervous system
Author(s): Iwona Gorczyńska; Joanna Wyszkowska; Danuta Bukowska; Daniel Ruminski; Karol Karnowski; Maria Stankiewicz; Maciej Wojtkowski
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Optical coherence tomography and hyperspectral imaging of vascular recovery in a model of peripheral arterial disease
Author(s): Kristin M. Poole; Wesley W. Sit; Jason M. Tucker-Schwartz; Craig L. Duvall; Melissa C. Skala
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Sensing and three-dimensional imaging of cochlea and surrounding temporal bone using swept source high-speed optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Mingtao Zhao; Wade W. Chien; Russ Taylor; Iulian Iordachita; Yong Huang; John Niparko; Jin U. Kang
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Measuring elastic contrast in tissue using OCT needle probes
Author(s): Kelsey M. Kennedy; Brendan F. Kennedy; Robert A. McLaughlin; Chris Ford; Mark B. Bush; David D. Sampson
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Characterization of ovarian tissue using polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Tianheng Wang; Yi Yang; Xiaohong Wang; Melinda Sanders; Molly Brewer; Quing Zhu
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Combining a focused air-puff system with phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography for the detection of soft-tissue tumors based on elasticity measurement
Author(s): Shang Wang; Jiasong Li; Srilatha Vantipalli; Ravi Kiran Manapuram; Davis R. Ingram; Michael D. Twa; Alexander J. Lazar; Dina C. Lev; Raphael E. Pollock; Kirill V. Larin
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In vivo imaging of gold nanorod contrast agents using photothermal optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Jason M. Tucker-Schwartz; Travis A. Meyer; Chetan A. Patil; Craig L. Duvall; Melissa C. Skala
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Quantitative transverse flow assessment using OCT speckle decorrelation analysis
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Yong Huang; Jessica C. Ramella-Roman; Jin U. Kang
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Doppler frequency estimators under additive and multiplicative noise
Author(s): Aaron C. Chan; Edmund Y. Lam; Vivek J. Srinivasan
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High-speed high-sensitivity spectral-domain correlation mapping optical coherence tomography based modified scanning protocol
Author(s): Hrebesh M. Subhash; Martin Leahy
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Polarization sensitive en face optical coherence tomography using multichannel acousto-optic deflectors
Author(s): Mantas Zurauskas; John Rogers; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Improved optical axis determination accuracy for fiber-based polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Zenghai Lu; Stephen J. Matcher
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Investigation of polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography towards the study of microstructure of articular cartilage
Author(s): Deepa Kasaragod; Zenghai Lu; Christine Le Maitre; J. Mark Wilkinson; Stephen Matcher
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Ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography imaging of protein crystals using gel inclusion technique
Author(s): N. Nishizawa; S. Ishida; M. Hirose; S. Sugiyama; T. Inoue; Y. Mori; K. Itoh; H. Matsumura
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Simultaneous measurement of the sweating dynamics of a few tens of eccrine sweat glands by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Masato Ohmi; Yuki Wada
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Temperature dependence of the fluorescence spectrum of ZnCdS nanoparticles
Author(s): Elena K. Volkova; Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Julia G. Konyukhova; Alexander A. Skaptsov; Viktor V. Galushka; Sergey V. German
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Imaging of electro-kinetic responses of tissues with optical coherence tomography
Author(s): V. Demidov; V. Toronov; Y. Xu; B. Vuong; C. Sun; V. X. D. Yang; A. Vitkin
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Fast wavelength sweep in dispersion-tuned fiber laser using a chirped FBG and a reflective SOA for OCT applications
Author(s): Y. Takubo; S. Yamashita
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Combined tunable filters based swept laser source for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Minghui Chen; Zhihua Ding; Cheng Wang; Yimei Huang; Rong Chen; Chengli Song
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High-speed miniaturized swept sources based on resonant MEMS mirrors and diffraction gratings
Author(s): S. Gloor; A. H. Bachmann; M. Epitaux; T. von Niederhäusern; P. Vorreau; N. Matuschek; K. Hsu; M. Duelk; C. Vélez
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FPGA-based non-uniform fast Fourier transform (NUFFT) algorithm for real-time OCT signal processing
Author(s): A. Bossen; S. Remund; D. Ernst; Ch. Meier; T. von Niederhäusern; M. Duelk; K. Vemishetty
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FPGA-based real-time swept-source OCT systems for B-scan live-streaming or volumetric imaging
Author(s): Vinzenz Bandi; Josef Goette; Marcel Jacomet; Tim von Niederhäusern; Adrian H. Bachmann; Marcus Duelk
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Interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy implementation on a floating point multi-core digital signal processer
Author(s): Adeel Ahmad; Murtaza Ali; Fredrick South; Guillermo L. Monroy; Steven G. Adie; Nathan Shemonski; P. Scott Carney; Stephen A. Boppart
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Combining Gabor and Talbot bands techniques to enhance the sensitivity with depth in Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Adrian Bradu; Manuel J. Marques; Petr Bouchal; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Ultrahigh resolution endoscopic spectral domain optical coherence tomography with a tiny rotary probe driven by a hollow ultrasonic motor
Author(s): Ning Zhang; Tianyuan Chen; Tiancheng Huo; Chengming Wang; Jing-gao Zheng; Tieying Zhou; Ping Xue
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Application of full range swept source optical coherence tomography for imaging of the anterior eye segment in patients with type I Boston Keratoprosthesis
Author(s): Raju Poddar; Dennis Cortes; Robert J. Zawadzki; Mark J. Mannis; John S. Werner
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OCT corneal topography within ¼ diopter in the presence of saccadic eye movements
Author(s): Samir I. Sayegh
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Reflective type objective based spectral-domain phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography for high-sensitive structural and functional imaging of cochlear microstructures through intact bone of an excised guinea pig cochlea
Author(s): Hrebesh M. Subhash; Ruikang K. Wang; Fangyi Chen; Alfred L. Nuttall
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History compounding: a novel speckle reduction technique for OCT guided cochleostomy
Author(s): Yaokun Zhang; Tom Pfeiffer; Wolfgang Wieser; Marcel Weller; Robert Huber; Thomas Klenzner; Jörg Raczkowsky; Heinz Wörn
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Design of a swept-source, anatomical OCT system for pediatric bronchoscopy
Author(s): Kushal C. Wijesundara; Nicusor V. Iftimia; Amy L. Oldenburg
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Fingerprint fake detection by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Sven Meissner; Ralph Breithaupt; Edmund Koch
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