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Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems XV
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Volume Number: 8535
Date Published: 26 November 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8535
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characteristics of long-range scintillation data over maritime coastal areas
Author(s): Arie N de Jong; Piet B. W. Schwering; Willem H. Gunter; George Vrahimis; Faith J. October
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Joint French-German radar measurements for the determination of the refractive index in the maritime boundary layer
Author(s): Helmut Essen; Andreas Danklmayer; Jörg Förster; Mario Behn; Yvonick Hurtaud; Vincent Fabbro; Laurent Castanet
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Measurements of IR propagation in the marine boundary layer during the September 2011 SQUIRREL trial
Author(s): Lars Trygve Heen; Arthur D. van Rheenen; Eirik Glimsdal
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Field deployable TDLAS for long path atmospheric transmission
Author(s): Christopher A. Rice; Glen P. Perram
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Retrieving atmospheric turbulence features from differential laser tracking motion data
Author(s): Darío G. Pérez; Ángel Férnandez; Gustavo Funes; Damián Gulich; Luciano Zunino
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Long-term measurements of refractive index structure constant in atmospheric boundary layer
Author(s): Otakar Jicha; Pavel Pechac; Stanislav Zvanovec; Martin Grabner; Vaclav Kvicera
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GPS derived spatial ionospheric total electron content variation over South-Indian latitudes during intense geomagnetic storms
Author(s): Sampad K. Panda; Shirishkumar S. Gedam
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Application of independent component analysis method in real-time spectral analysis of gaseous mixtures for acousto-optical spectrometers based on differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): A. V. Fadeyev; V. E. Pozhar
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GPU-based simulation of optical propagation through turbulence for active and passive imaging
Author(s): Goulven Monnier; François-Régis Duval; Solène Amram
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The nonlinear OPC technique for laser beam control in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): P. Sprangle; J. R. Penano; Vladimir B. Markov; Anatoliy Khizhnyak; A. Ting; Bahman Hafizi; C. C. Davis; L. DeSandre
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Laser beam propagation through an ensemble of vortex rings in air
Author(s): Fedor V. Shugaev; Evgeni N Terentiev; Ludmila S Shtemenko; Oksana A. Nikolaeva; Oxana A. Solenaya
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Scintillation of pseudo-partially coherent Gaussian beam in atmospheric turbulence: application for free-space optical communications
Author(s): Xianmei Qian; Wenyue Zhu; Ruizhong Rao
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Holographic wavefront sensing with spatial light modulator in context of horizontal light propagation
Author(s): A. Zepp
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New wavefront sensing concepts for adaptive optics instrumentation
Author(s): K. El Hadi; M. Gray; T. Fusco; B. Le Roux
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Simulation of atmospheric turbulence for a qualitative evaluation of image restoration algorithms with motion detection
Author(s): Claudia S. Huebner; Szymon Gladysz
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Image reconstruction of extended objects: demonstration with the Starfire Optical Range 3.5m telescope
Author(s): Szymon Gladysz; Roberto Baena Galle; Robert L. Johnson; Lee Kann
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Multi-frame restoration of turbulence degraded underwater images
Author(s): Andrey V. Kanaev
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