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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8528

Earth Observing Missions and Sensors: Development, Implementation, and Characterization II
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Volume Number: 8528
Date Published: 5 December 2012
Softcover: 41 papers (366) pages
ISBN: 9780819492678

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8528
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sentinel-1 system overview and performance
Author(s): Dirk Geudtner
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The development status of EarthCARE
Author(s): R. V. Gelsthorpe; A. Héliere; A. Lefebvre; J. Lemanczyk; E. Mateu; A. Pérez-Albinana; K. Wallace
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CMOS sensor for RSI applications
Author(s): Weng Lyang Wang; Shengmin Lin
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Suomi NPP OMPS limb profiler initial sensor performance assessment
Author(s): Glen Jaross; Grace Chen; Mark Kowitt; Jeremy Warner; Philippe Xu; Thomas Kelly; Michael Linda; David Flittner
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OMPS Nadir early on-orbit performance evaluation and calibration
Author(s): C. Pan; F. Weng; X. Wu; M. Kowalewski; G. Jaross; L. Flynn
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Long-term calibration monitoring of medium resolution spectral imager (MERSI) solar bands onboard FY-3
Author(s): Ling Sun; Xiuqing Hu; Lin Chen
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Comparison of MODIS and VIIRS solar diffuser stability monitor performance
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Jon Fulbright; Amit Angal; Junqiang Sun; Zhipeng Wang
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The Ocean and Land Colour Imager (OLCI) for the Sentinel 3 GMES Mission: status and first test results
Author(s): Jens Nieke; Franck Borde; Constantin Mavrocordatos; Bruno Berruti; Yves Delclaud; Jean Bernard Riti; Thierry Garnier
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Suomi NPP VIIRS on-orbit performance, data quality, and new applications
Author(s): Changyong Cao; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Slawomir Blonski; Quanhua Liu; Bruce Guenther; Fuzhong Weng
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CrIS SDR calibration and validation status and NOAA-STAR related activities
Author(s): Denis A. Tremblay; Yong Han; Yong Chen; Xin Jin; Likun Wang; Quanhua Liu
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Improvements to radiometric consistency between AVHRR, MODIS, and VIIRS in SST bands using MICROS online near-real time system
Author(s): Xingming Liang; Alexander Ignatov; Quanhua Liu; Yong Chen; David Groff; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Changyong Cao; Eva Borbas; Simon Hook
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Inter-comparison of NPP/CrIS radiances with VIIRS, AIRS, and IASI: a post-launch calibration assessment
Author(s): Likun Wang; Yong Han; Denis Tremblay; Fuzhong Weng; Mitchell Goldberg
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Using CEOS reference standard targets to assess on-orbit performance of Resourcesat-2 AWiFS in comparison with Terra MODIS-preliminary results
Author(s): A. Angal; A. Senthil Kumar; X. Xiong; A. S. Kiran Kumar; V. K. Dadhwal; T. Choi
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Ocean altimetry and wind applications of a GNSS nanosatellite constellation
Author(s): Randall Rose; Christopher S. Ruf; Haruo Seki
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An overview of MODIS RSB calibration and look-up-table delivery process
Author(s): A. Angal; H. Chen; T. Choi; X. Geng; J. Sun; B. Wenny; X. Xiong
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Calibration of low gain radiance at VIIRS emissive band (M13) and VIIRS image about moon temperature
Author(s): Quanhua Liu; Kwofu Vincent Chiang; Changyong Cao; Jack Xiong; Xi Shao; Slawek Blonski; Fuzhong Weng
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A new approach for spectroradiometric calibration consistency on the ground and in space
Author(s): Donald F. Heath; Georgi Georgiev
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An overview of space applications for environment initiatives
Author(s): S. Sobue; T. Fukuda; Kei Oyoshi; T. Nukui
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Applications of the automatic change detection for disaster monitoring by the knowledge-based framework
Author(s): T. Tadono; S. Hashimoto; M. Onosato; M. Hori
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The assimilation of satellite microwave observation in JMA's meso-scale model
Author(s): Masahiro Kazumori
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Onboard calibration status of the ASTER instrument
Author(s): Fumihiro Sakuma; Masakuni Kikuchi; Hitomi Inada; Shigeki Akagi; Hidehiko Ono
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GOSAT higher level products and the variation of retrieved XCO2 and XCH4
Author(s): Hiroshi Watanabe; Akira Yuki; Fumie Kawazoe; Sayaka Kanekon; Masataka Ajiro; Tsuneo Matsunaga; Tatsuya Yokota
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Characterization and validation of CO2 and CH4 products derived from the GOSAT thermal infrared band
Author(s): Tomoaki Tanaka; Kei Shiomi; Shuji Kawakami; Naoko Saitoh; Ryoichi Imasu; Makoto Inoue; Isamu Morino; Osamu Uchino; Colm Sweeney; Pieter Tans
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Overview of ALOS-2 and ALOS-3
Author(s): Shinichi Suzuki; Yukihiro Kankaku; Hiroko Imai; Yuji Osawa
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ALOS-2 science program and high resolution SAR applications
Author(s): M. Shimada; Yuji Osawa
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The instrument development status of hyper-spectral imager suite (HISUI)
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Itoh; Takahiro Kawashima; Hitomi Inada; Jun Tanii; Akira Iwasaki
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PiSAR-L2 observation of agricultural area damaged by seawater during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011
Author(s): Manabu Watanabe; Noriyuki Kawano; Kazuhiro Naoki; Masanobu Shimada
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Status of AMSR2 instrument on GCOM-W1
Author(s): Keiji Imaoka; Takashi Maeda; Misako Kachi; Marehito Kasahara; Norimasa Ito; Keizo Nakagawa
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Products and science from GCOM-W1
Author(s): Taikan Oki; Keiji Imaoka; Misako Kachi
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Overview of GCOM-C1/SGLI science
Author(s): Yoshiaki Honda; Koji Kajiwara; Ram Sharma; Akiko Ono; Kenji Imaoka; Hiroshi Murakami; Masahiro Hori; Yusaku Ono; Dim Rostand
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Engineering model testing for SGLI IRS especially TIR radiometric data
Author(s): Tamiki Hosokawa; Kazuhiro Tanaka; Yoshihiko Okamura; Takahiro Amano; Masaru Hiramatsu
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An overview of the cryosphere products and validation plans for GCOM-C1/SGLI observations
Author(s): Masahiro Hori; Teruo Aoki; Knut Stamnes; Tomonori Tanikawa; Wei Li; Nan Chen
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Dual-frequency precipitation radar (DPR) development on the global precipitation measurement (GPM) core observatory
Author(s): M. Kojima; T. Miura; K. Furukawa; Y. Hyakusoku; T. Ishikiri; H. Kai; T. Iguchi; H. Hanado; K. Nakagawa
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GPM science status in Japan
Author(s): Kenji Nakamura; Riko Oki; Toshio Iguchi
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An overview of the precipitation retrieval algorithm for the dual-frequency precipitation radar (DPR) on the global precipitation measurement (GPM) mission's core satellite
Author(s): Toshio Iguchi; Shinta Seto; Robert Meneghini; Naofumi Yoshida; Jun Awaka; Takuji Kubota; Toshiaki Kozu; V. Chandra; Minda Le; Liang Liao; Simone Tanelli; Steve Durden
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Conceptual study of the future cloud-precipitation observation mission from space
Author(s): Nobuhiro Takahashi; Misako Kachi; Takuji Kubota; Kinji Furukawa
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Design and analysis of the multispectral remote sensing imager
Author(s): Shenq-Tsong Chang; Cheng-En Ho; Mei-Yi Yang; Heng-Chuan Hung; Ting-Ming Huang; Chia-Ray Chen
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The Extreme Ultraviolet Imagers (EUVIs): Earth-observing telescopes on International Space Station
Author(s): Kentaro Uji; Ichiro Yoshikawa; Kazuo Yoshioka; Go Murakami; Atsushi Yamazaki
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GOES-R AWG product processing system framework
Author(s): S. Sampson; Walter Wolf; A. Li; T. Yu; R. Garcia; G. Martin; X. Liu; W. Straka; M. Fan; E. Schiffer; M. Goldberg
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Monitoring landscape change in Kathmandu metropolitan region using multi-temporal satellite imagery
Author(s): Rajesh Bahadur Thapa
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MODIS reflective solar bands calibration improvements in Collection 6
Author(s): Junqiang Sun; Amit Angal; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Hongda Chen; Xu Geng; Aisheng Wu; Taeyoung Choi; Mike Chu
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