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Laser Communication and Propagation through the Atmosphere and Oceans
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Volume Number: 8517
Date Published: 19 October 2012
Softcover: 36 papers (366) pages
ISBN: 9780819492340

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8517
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Communication system technology for demonstration of BB84 quantum key distribution in optical aircraft downlinks
Author(s): Florian Moll; Sebastian Nauerth; Christian Fuchs; Joachim Horwath; Markus Rau; Harald Weinfurter
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A stereo PTZ tracking and surveillance system with two dynamic cameras operating in a master-slave relationship
Author(s): Mohammed Eslami; John Rzasa; Christopher C. Davis
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A novel prediction methodology for detecting failures and instabilities in directional wireless networks
Author(s): David M. Coleman; Stuart D. Milner; Christopher C. Davis
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Transportable optical ground station for high-speed free-space laser communication
Author(s): Amita Shrestha; Martin Brechtelsbauer
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Measurements and comparison of the probability density and covariance functions of laser beam intensity fluctuations in a hot-air turbulence emulator with the maritime atmospheric environment
Author(s): C. Nelson; S. Avramov-Zamurovic; R. Malek-Madani; O. Korotkova; R. Sova; F. Davidson
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Demonstration of multi-user laser communication using orbital-angular-momentum channels
Author(s): Jaime A. Anguita; Camilo Quezada; Joaquin Herreros
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NLOS UV channel modeling using numerical integration and an approximate closed-form path loss model
Author(s): Ankit Gupta; Mohammad Noshad; Maïté Brandt-Pearce
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Spectral analysis of encrypted chaotic signals using fast Fourier transforms and laboratory spectral analyzers
Author(s): Monish R. Chatterjee; Abhinay Kundur
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Non-line-of-sight ultraviolet communication based on DHT ACO-OFDM
Author(s): Qian Gao; Gang Chen
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High data-rate differential phase shift keying receiver for satellite-to-ground optical communication link
Author(s): Yan'an Zhi; Jianfeng Sun; Enwen Dai; Yu Zhou; Lijuan Wang; Wei Lu; Peipei Hou; Liren Liu
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Long- and short-term scintillation of focused beams and point spread functions in the turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Mikhail Charnotskii; Gary J. Baker
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Turbulence simulation in diverse conditions for FSO Links
Author(s): Heba Yuksel; Hasim Meric
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Study of strong turbulence effects for optical wireless links
Author(s): Heba Yuksel; Hasim Meric; Fulya Kunter
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Estimation of the atmospheric blurring function using blind image quality metrics
Author(s): Jeremy P. Bos; Michael C. Roggemann
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Investigation of seasonal and diurnal cycles on the height dependence of optical turbulence in the lower atmospheric boundary layer
Author(s): Detlev Sprung; Peter Grossmann; Erik Sucher
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Improved vertical refractive-index structure parameter model for the maritime atmosphere based on local bulk meteorological measurements
Author(s): Colin N. Reinhardt; Stephen M. Hammel; Kevin McBryde; Dimitris Tsintikidis
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Reciprocity-enhanced optical communication through atmospheric turbulence - part I: reciprocity proofs and far-field power transfer optimization
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Shapiro; Andrew Puryear
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Reciprocity-enhanced optical communication through atmospheric turbulence - part II: communication architectures and performance
Author(s): Andrew L. Puryear; Jeffrey H. Shapiro; Ronald R. Parenti
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Optical propagation in a turbulent atmosphere using the split step method
Author(s): Heba Yuksel; Fulya C. Kunter
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Propagation of Gaussian beams through a modified von Karman phase screen
Author(s): Erica M Whitfield; Partha P. Banerjee; Joseph W. Haus
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Using a plenoptic camera to measure distortions in wavefronts affected by atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Mohammed Eslami; Chensheng Wu; John Rzasa; Christopher C. Davis
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Analysis of optical communications through the random air-water interface: feasibility for under-water communications
Author(s): Arun K. Majumdar; John Siegenthaler; Phillip Land
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Highly validated atmospheric water vapor vertical profiles using Raman lidar technique
Author(s): Watheq Al-Basheer; Kevin B. Strawbridge
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Modeling off-axis laser scattering: effects from aerosol distributions
Author(s): John S. deGrassie
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Phase discrepancy induced from least squares wavefront reconstruction of wrapped phase measurements with high noise or large localized wavefront gradients
Author(s): Michael J. Steinbock; Milo W. Hyde
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Capacity of adaptive free-space optical channel using bi-directional links
Author(s): Afsana Khatoon; William G. Cowley; Nick Letzepis
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Beacon-defined performance of adaptive optics
Author(s): A. Khizhnyak; V. Markov; Joseph Chavez; Shiang Liu
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Heterogeneous optical networking using orthogonal OAM multimode modulation
Author(s): Ivan B. Djordjevic; Jaime Anguita
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Probability distributions of link durations with n disruptive channels: application to ground-space optical communications
Author(s): Nicolas Perlot; Florian Moll
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Extended Model of the Restricted Beam for FSO links
Author(s): Juraj Poliak; Otakar Wilfert
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Estimation of turbulence characteristic scales in a water cell
Author(s): Victor A. Kulikov; Maria S. Andreeva; Victor I. Shmalhausen
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High-data rate laser communication field experiment in the turbulence channel
Author(s): Jianfeng Sun; Ya'nan Zhi; Wei Lu; Lijuan Wang; Enwen Dai; Liren Liu
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Technological research of differential phase shift keying receiver in the satellite-to-ground laser communication
Author(s): Xiaoping Ma; Jianfeng Sun; Yanan Zhi; Liren Liu
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Polarization phase-shifting cyclic Jamin shearing interferometer
Author(s): Lijuan Wang; Liren Liu; Jianfeng Sun; Yu Zhou; Enwen Dai; Yapeng Wu
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Physical and statistical modeling of attenuation due to atmospheric hydrometeors on free-space optical links at 850 and 1550 nm
Author(s): Martin Grabner; Vaclav Kvicera
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Phase-space analysis of laser beam propagation within atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Wei Lu; Jianfeng Sun; Deyan Xu; Yapeng Wu; Xiaoping Ma; Bing Li; Liren Liu
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