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Target Diagnostics Physics and Engineering for Inertial Confinement Fusion
Editor(s): Perry Bell; Gary P. Grim
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Volume Number: 8505
Date Published: 27 September 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8505
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Picosecond optical MCPI-based imagers
Author(s): Robert A. Buckles; Robert L. Guyton; Patrick W. Ross
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A compact UV timing fiducial system for use with x-ray streak cameras at NIF
Author(s): Doug Homoelle; Mark Bowers; Don Browning; Scott Burns; Gaylen Erbert; Brad Golick; Jim Haley; Tom McCarville; Yekaterina Opachich; Ernesto Padilla; Nathan Palmer; Brad Perfect; Larry Pelz; Tom Spinka; Alan Throop; J. Nan Wong
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Measuring x-ray burn history with the Streaked Polar Instrumentation for Diagnosing Energetic Radiation (SPIDER) at the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
Author(s): S. F. Khan; P. M. Bell; D. K. Bradley; S. R. Burns; J. R. Celeste; L. S. Dauffy; M. J. Eckart; M. A. Gerhard; C. Hagmann; D. I. Headley; J. P. Holder; N. Izumi; M. C. Jones; J. W. Kellogg; H. Y. Khater; J. R. Kimbrough; A. G. Macphee; Y. P. Opachich; N. E. Palmer; R. B. Petre; J. L. Porter; R. T. Shelton; T. L. Thomas; J. B. Worden
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Performance improvements of PCDs for measuring x-ray bang time
Author(s): Joseph R. Kimbrough; A. G. MacPhee; P. M. Bell; S. R. Burns; J. M. Parker
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Mach-Zehnder modulator performance using the Comet laser facility and implications for use on NIF
Author(s): B. Beeman; A. G. MacPhee; J. R. Kimbrough; G. A. Lacaille; M. A. Barrios; J. Emig; J. R. Hunter; E. K. Miller; W. R. Donaldson
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Calibrating of x-ray detectors in the 8 to 111 keV energy range and their application to diagnostics on the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Joshua J. Lee; Michael J. Haugh; Greg LaCaille; Peter Torres
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An overview of target and diagnostic alignment at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): D. H. Kalantar; P. Di Nicola; N. Shingleton; S. Burkhart; J. Dzenitis; J. Klingmann; J. Lawson; J. Lutz; D. Manha; A. M. Manuel; T. Mccarville; Elizabeth Palma; D. Pigg; K. Widmann; R. Wood
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Alignment of an x-ray imager line of sight in the National Ignition Facility (NIF) target chamber using a Diagnostic Instrument Manipulator (DIM) and Opposed Port Alignment System (OPAS)
Author(s): N. Shingleton; D. Kalantar; R. Wood; T. McCarville; J. Klingmann; A. Manuel
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Beam and target alignment at the National Ignition Facility using the Target Alignment Sensor (TAS)
Author(s): P. Di Nicola; D. Kalantar; T. McCarville; J. Klingmann; S. Alvarez; R. Lowe-Webb; J. Lawson; P. Datte; P. Danforth; M. Schneider; J.-M. Di Nicola; J. Jackson; C. Orth; S. Azevedo; R. Tommasini; A. Manuel; R. Wallace
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Testing of CMOS devices in NIF's harsh neutron environment
Author(s): Alan T. Teruya; Perry M. Bell; Scott Burns; Chris Hagmann; James D. Moody; Mike Richardson
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Design and testing of a mega pixel CMOS charge dump and read camera
Author(s): Joseph R. Kimbrough; J. D. Moody; P. M. Bell
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Performance of a 512 x 512 gated CMOS imager with a 250 ps exposure time
Author(s): Alan T. Teruya; Stephen P. Vernon; James D. Moody; Warren W. Hsing; Christopher G. Brown; Matthew Griffin; Andrew S. Mead; Vu Tran
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High resolution imaging systems for inertial confinement fusion experiments
Author(s): D. Dennetiere; P. Audebert; R. Bahr; S. Bole; J. L. Bourgade; B. Brannon; F. Girard; G. Pien; Ph. Troussel
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Performance measurements of the DIXI (dilation x-ray imager) photocathode using a laser produced x-ray source
Author(s): Sabrina R. Nagel; M. J. Ayers; B. Felker; T. J. Hilsabeck; T. Chung; R. F. Smith; P. M. Bell; D. K. Bradley; G. W. Collins; J. D. Kilkenny; B. Sammuli; J. D. Hares; A. K. L. Dymoke-Bradshaw
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Measurement of cathode luminescence efficiency of phosphors for micro-channel plate based x-ray framing cameras
Author(s): N. Izumi; J. Emig; J. Moody; C. Middeleton; J. Holder; S. Glenn; T. Pond; R. Shellman; M. Cardenas; P. J. Walsh; S. J. Chelli; D. K. Bradley; P. M. Bell
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Design and implementation of high magnification framing camera for NIF "ARIANE Light"
Author(s): Jay Ayers; Brian Felker; Vladimir Smalyuk; Nobuhiko Izumi; Ken Piston; Joe Holder; Gary Power; Fred Allen; Natalia Simanovska; Perry Bell; Dave Bradley; Zachary Lamb
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A new gated x-ray detector for the Orion laser facility
Author(s): David D. Clark; Robert Aragonez; Thomas Archuleta; Valerie Fatherley; Albert Hsu; Justin Jorgenson; Danielle Mares; John Oertel; Kevin Oades; Paul Kemshall; Philip Thomas; Trevor Young; Neal Pederson
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Crystal imager development at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics
Author(s): C. Mileham; C. Stoeckl; W. Theobald; G. Fiksel; D. Guy; R. K. Junquist; P. M. Nilson; T. C. Sangster; M. J. Shoup
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