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Optical System Contamination: Effects, Measurements, and Control 2012
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Volume Number: 8492
Date Published: 2 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8492
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Chromate conversion coating: Iridite 14-2 thermal/optical characterization
Author(s): Marcello Rodriguez
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Development and testing of molecular adsorber coatings
Author(s): Nithin S. Abraham; Mark M. Hasegawa; Sharon A. Straka
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Pre-launch testing and evaluation of typical mirror coatings for space optical instruments
Author(s): James B. Heaney; Lonny R. Kauder; Scott C. Freese; Manuel A. Quijada
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Measurement of the accumulation of water ice on optical components in cryogenic vacuum environments
Author(s): Trevor M. Moeller; L. Montgomery Smith; Frank G. Collins; Jesse M. Labello; James P. Rogers; Heard S. Lowry; Dustin H. Crider
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Measurement of cryogenic ice sublimation using quartz crystal microbalances
Author(s): Radford Perry; George Meadows; Lauren Mosier; Michael Woronowicz
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Application of ASTM E-1559 apparatus to study H2O desorption
Author(s): M. Woronowicz; G. Meadows
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Evaluation of bakeout effectiveness by optical measurement of a contaminated surface
Author(s): Hiroshi Yokozawa; Susumu Baba; Eiji Miyazaki; Yugo Kimoto
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Volatile contaminant materials: relationship between condensate, effluent and bulk composition
Author(s): N. J. Ianno; J. Pu; F. Zhou
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VUV modification of surfaces to induce film formation
Author(s): Dianne J. Coleman; Kenneth T. Luey
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On small disturbance ascent vent behavior
Author(s): M. S. Woronowicz
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Assessment of particle deposition inside payload fairing from launch vehicle plume contribution
Author(s): De-Ling Liu; Stephen V. Didziulis; Jesse D. Fowler
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Next generation nano-contamination monitoring
Author(s): Steven Kochevar; Thomas Pietrykowski; Dan Rodier
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Comparison of particle sampling results from tape lifts and solvent rinses
Author(s): Joanne Egges; Genevieve Devaud; Christina M. Rockwell; Bruce A. Matheson
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Micromachined reference samples for particle counting
Author(s): David P. Taylor; William W. Hansen; Lee Steffeney; C.-T. Chu
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Investigation of various clean room gloves for cleanliness
Author(s): Lynette Lobmeyer; Mike Pirkey
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Operations of cleanrooms during a forest fire including protocols and monitoring results
Author(s): Bruce A. Matheson; Joanne Egges; Michael S. Pirkey; Lynette D. Lobmeyer
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Optical throughput model
Author(s): Luke M. Elasky; Steven A. Smallwood; Roy P. Galvin
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