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Optical System Alignment, Tolerancing, and Verification VI
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Volume Number: 8491
Date Published: 2 October 2012
: 18 papers (190) pages
ISBN: 9780819492081

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Front Matter: Volume 8491
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ultra-precision fabrication of high density micro-optical backbone interconnections for data center and mobile application
Author(s): U. Lohmann; J. Jahns; T. Wagner; C. Werner
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Tolerancing considerations for visual systems
Author(s): Jim Schwiegerling
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Practical method of cost-based tolerancing
Author(s): Akira Yabe
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Precise alignment of x-ray mirror components utilizing pneumatic actuators
Author(s): Stephen E. Kendrick; Paul Atcheson; Robert Warden; Jerold Cole; Beth Kelsic; Diane Fear
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Alignment solutions for the optical development system lab for the ATLAS instrument
Author(s): Tyler Evans; John Lehan; Hector Chavez
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Stray light analysis of the Formosat-5 telescope
Author(s): Ting-Ming Huang; Cheng-Fang Ho; Po-Han Huang; Yu-Chuan Lin; Shenq-Tsong Chang
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Optical design and performance testing of an athermal SWIR gas correlation imager
Author(s): A. Tanbakuchi; M. Smith; J. Mercier; S. Vigil; T. Embree; A. Ison
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Rapid spatial characterization measurements of a multi-element focal plane using derived geometrical information
Author(s): James W. Baer; Thomas F. Drouillard
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A support structure for a compliant deformable mirror
Author(s): F. Ernesto Penado; James H. Clark; Joel Dugdale
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Opposed port alignment system (OPAS): a commercial astronomical telescope modified for viewing the interior of the NIF target chamber
Author(s): Anastacia M. Manuel; Tom J. McCarville; Lynn G. Seppala; Jeff L. Klingmann; Daniel H. Kalantar
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Use of a flat panel display for measurement of sine condition violations
Author(s): Sara Lampen; Matthew Dubin; James H. Burge
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Binocular collimation vs conditional alignment
Author(s): William J. Cook
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Practical alignment using an autostigmatic microscope
Author(s): Robert E. Parks
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Computer-aided alignment method using RMS WFE value as an optimization criterion
Author(s): Yunjong Kim; Ho-Soon Yang; Yun-Woo Lee
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Optical design, performance, and tolerancing of an Offner imaging spectrograph
Author(s): Hana Ku; Seo Hyun Kim; Hong Jin Kong; Jun Ho Lee
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The alignment and isostatic mount bonding technique of the aerospace Cassegrain telescope primary mirror
Author(s): Wei Cheng Lin; Shenq-Tsong Chang; Yu-Chuan Lin; Ming-Ying Hsu; Yu-Ting Chang; Sheng-Hsiung Chang; Ting-Ming Huang
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Opt-mechanical and thermal integrated analysis of a new cryogenic refractometer
Author(s): Lei Ni; Qi-feng Ren; Sheng Liao; Ting-wen Xing
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Verification of Fresnel lens in high concentration photovoltaic system
Author(s): An-Chi Wei; Jyh-Rou Sze; Jyh-Long Chern
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