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Novel Optical Systems Design and Optimization XV
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Volume Number: 8487
Date Published: 5 October 2012
Softcover: 33 papers (316) pages
ISBN: 9780819492043

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 8487
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design and implementation of an imaging nephelometer
Author(s): Daniel K. Frayer; Michael Taylor
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An examination of the sensitivity and systematic error of the NASA GEMS Bragg Reflection Polarimeter using Monte-Carlo simulations
Author(s): Ryan Allured; Takashi Okajima; Regina Soufli; Mónica Fernández-Perea; Ryan O. Daly; Hannah Marlowe; Scott T. Griffiths; Michael J. Pivovaroff; Philip Kaaret
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Measurement of optical characteristics in dielectric liquid lens by Shack-Hartmann wave front sensors
Author(s): Y. T. Tung; C. Y. Hsu; J. A. Yeh; P. J. Wang
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Compact motorized circular wheel of polarization optics for ultra-broadband polarization state generation
Author(s): Chun-Jen Weng; Da-Ren Liu; Ken-Yuh Hsu; Yung-Fu Chen
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Optical system designs based on bi-directional sensor devices
Author(s): Constanze Grossmann; Ute Gawronski; Franziska Perske; Gunther Notni; Andreas Tünnermann
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LED illuminator for a microdisplay projector
Author(s): Simon Magarill
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8-views autostereoscopic single projector system
Author(s): YuChang Wang
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Geometrical stereo matching image guidance for ground vehicle on focused image pixel grouping and stacked images statistical operation
Author(s): Akira Akiyama; Nobuaki Kobayashi; Hideo Kumagai; Eiichiro Mutoh; Hiromitsu Ishii
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Non-MacAdam color discrimination ellipses
Author(s): Peter Goldstein
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Asphere design for dummies
Author(s): Keita Oka; Scott Sparrold
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Radially symmetric freeform lens design for extended sources
Author(s): Peter Goldstein
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Approaching direct optimization of as-built lens performance
Author(s): James P. McGuire; Thomas G. Kuper
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Novel approach for merit function optimization in hybrid imaging system through finite impulse response method
Author(s): Chuan-Chung Chang; Yung-Lin Chen; Kuang-Vu Chen; Hsiao-Yue Tsao; Chir-Weei Chang
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Open source data analysis and visualization software for optical engineering
Author(s): Greg A. Smith; Benjamin J. Lewis; Michael Palmer; Dae Wook Kim; Adrian R. Loeff; James H. Burge
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Analysis and compression of plenoptic camera images with Zernike polynomials
Author(s): Jim Schwiegerling; Gabriel C. Birch; J. Scott Tyo
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Photorealistic rendering application to the design of LED flash lens
Author(s): Jyh-Long Chern
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Design of scale distorting imaging devices with tilted object plane
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Lukas Pescoller
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Acquisition errors in micro-satellite synthetic aperture telescopes
Author(s): I. Glaser
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Extended depth of field system for long distance iris acquisition
Author(s): Yuan-Lin Chen; Sheng-Hsun Hsieh; Kuo-En Hung; Shi-Wen Yang; Yung-Hui Li; Chung-Hao Tien
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Development of a numerical framework for studying intrinsic parameter of a micro-lens-based optical detector
Author(s): Steffen Paar; Xiaoming Jiang; Wolfhard Semmler; Jörg Peter
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A novel electro-optical pump-probe system for bioelectromagnetic investigations
Author(s): Annalisa De Angelis; Vincent Couderc; Philippe Leproux; Alexis Labruyère; Alessandro Tonello; Saad El Amari; Delia Arnaud-Cormos; Philippe Leveque
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Design of a confocal fluorescence microscope: space saving and affordable
Author(s): Christin Bechtel; Jens Knobbe; Heinrich Grüger; Hubert Lakner; Fabian Reichert
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Design of an optical probe compatible for multimodal imaging
Author(s): Minseog Choi; Seungwan Lee; Jong-hyeon Chang; Eunsung Lee; Kyu-Dong Jung; Woonbae Kim
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An optimized adaptive optics experimental setup for in vivo retinal imaging
Author(s): S. E. Balderas-Mata; L. G. Valdivieso González; G. Ramírez Zavaleta; E. López Olazagasti; E. Tepichin Rodriguez
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Topics in optics and music
Author(s): Andrew W. Sparks
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The unique sound of the Univibe pedal
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Hendrik Rothe
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Uranium glass in optics: historical review and current research
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Wenjing Zhao; Hendrik Rothe
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An overview of radial supporting ways for large-size movement mirror: a case study of a large-aperture rotating prism
Author(s): Anhu Li; Wei Wang; Ye Ding; Yongcheng Liang; Jianfeng Sun; Yongjian Zhu; Zhizhong Li; Lijuan Wang; Liren Liu
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Hybrid information transmitting system
Author(s): Evgeny Dashkevich
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Two-dimensional Mueller matrix phase tomography of self-similarity birefringence structure of biological tissues
Author(s): V. O. Ushenko
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Correlation processing of polarization inhomogenous images in laser diagnostics of biological tissues
Author(s): L. Trifonyuk
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Optical system for study of temporal dynamics of a change in the complex degree of polarization in liquor laser images
Author(s): D. T. Popovitch
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Stokes polarimetry of biological tissues oncological changes
Author(s): A. O. Karachevtsev; L. Ya. Kushnerick; V. O. Ushenko
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